The King abandons his newly born son and is left to die. Little does the King know though, that the boy will play a integral role in the grand scheme of things to come.


1. Predestination

A long time ago, there existed a kingdom by the name of Whiteflower. The royal family of Whiteflower was headed by King Julius and was known to be a just man. On one particular stormy night, the king was anxious, pacing back and forth as he heard the screams of his wife, Queen Ash, in the next room who was giving birth. Some women were holding the Queen, while some were consoling her as she screamed in agony. The queen gripped the hands of the women consoling her with all her might as she pushed and after a while out came a beautiful baby boy. After the women dealt with the boy and pulled him out, they noticed that she was still in agony, continuing to push. After a few minutes of struggling with the woman, out came another baby boy to which every woman in the room was surprised. The initial thought of everybody present in the room was that twins had been born but after careful examination of the second child, they noticed the boy had a defect. They noticed that the boy was quite fragile, lower in weight than the other boy, and he was blind in one eye. If that wasn’t enough, after the second boy had been dealt with, the women noticed that the bleeding wouldn’t stop and after a while struggling with the Queen, there was so much blood that the entire bed sheets were dripping with blood, resulting in the Queen’s death a short while after.

One of the women who were handling the Queen went to the King to inform him of both the good news and bad news. The king went into the room, the sheets drenched with blood and the crying of two baby boys. The king approached the queen and looked upon her with sadness. The king placed his hand on her face and shut her eyes one last time, kissing her on the forehead. The king then diverted his attention to the boys and approached them. At one hand, he saw a beautiful baby boy, perfectly healthy and was glad. On the other hand, he saw a weak baby, blind in one eye and was very disappointed and blamed the child for the Queen’s death. The King considered the defected child a bad omen and so he took the baby with him, sat in his carriage heading to the Skeleton Crypt. Within society, specifically the royal family and other well reputed families, believed that if a boy is born with a defect, it could be a bad omen and so the child is taken to the Skeleton Crypt where he is left there to die. In this case, King Julius does the same, leaving his child in the Skeleton Crypt, alone, completely naked and not even washed. King Julius leaves the crypt, leaving his child alone in the middle of the night, in a storm that seemed to never end and his cries being silenced by the thunder. As soon as the King had left in his carriage, a cloaked man riding a black horse appeared from within the shadows and approached the child who was crying. The man got off from his horse and picked up the baby in his arms, covering the baby within his cloak to protect him from the rain. The man got back on the horse with the baby and rode off into the darkness.

It was now day time and the storm had passed. The man had been riding his horse for many hours, a long distance away from the kingdom, in the middle of the woods. He continued riding through the woods and in a very secluded location there was a large, old fortress covered with trees in the middle of the jungle. He came upon the gates where there were hooded men standing, and upon showing his face, they allowed him entry. After he had entered the fortress, he got off from his horse with the baby and approached the main doors of the fortress. He swung the doors open and entered, rushing up to the spiral of stairs leading to the throne room. He opened the door to the throne room and entered. In the middle of the room, a stocky, middle aged man with a long beard is seated. The man quickly kneels in front of him, raising the child and says, “Master, the child”, to which the master nods. “Bring him to me”, said the master in a deep, heavy voice, to which the man passes the baby over to the master. The master holds the baby in his arms and carefully examines him. The master notices the baby is blind in one eye, and seems rather weak. The master smiles and says, “You may not be strong, but I will make you strong, child, for you will play a grand role in things yet to come.” The master, kissing the boy on his forehead, then hands the boy over to the man, “Take him, Raegon” to which the man, Raegon, grabs the child in his arms. “He is your responsibility now. It is your duty to look after him, and when he comes of age, train him and teach him the Order’s ways” to which Raegon agrees. Raegon then asks the master, “What shall we name the child?” to which the master replies, “Name him whatever you want, he is your responsibility” and as Raegon looks at the child, contemplating what he should keep his name, then finally says, “I will name you Odin, after the one-eyed Nordic king and bringer of death”.

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