The Potter Quads

Harry Hermione Draco and Alaina are quads with their younger twin sisters Olivia and Ally. Set off for their life at the dursleys but an unexpected surprise changes everything


2. chapter 2

Harry Hermione Draco Alaina Ally and Olivia were all stuffed in the small cupboard under the stairs

Kids said aunt petunia hurry and get out here

Once Sirius Black and Remus Lupin arrived at the cupboard they came out and Sirius and Remus asked the kids if they wanted to live with them

The potters immediately said yes

After all the paperwork was filed out they headed for Hogwarts

When they arrived they saw a huge castle and thought it was the biggest building they'ed every seen well the only building they had ever seen but it was big just the same

After a few steps Harry Draco Alaina and Hermione all collapsed with Ally and Olivia close behind

Sirius and Remus both took off with them in their arms and as soon as they got to the hospital wing they started shouting for madam Pomfrey

Madam Pomfrey got to work right away and Sirius and Remus had to leave the room while she worked


Hi guys thanks for reading my story I hope you like it and if you enjoy it please like it means a lot to me and comment about it if you want more or anything else

Thanks Harry_Potter_Fan_11 out

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