The Potter Quads

Harry Hermione Draco and Alaina are quads with their younger twin sisters Olivia and Ally. Set off for their life at the dursleys but an unexpected surprise changes everything


1. chapter 1

Harry Hermione Draco Alaina were quads with their younger twin sisters Olivia and Ally the Potters lived with there parents Lily and James potter

Until one night when you know who came to kill Harry and Draco because of the prophecy that stated a boy born at the end of July would rise up and defeat him

That night when you know who came to kill Harry and Draco something unexpected happened instead of Harry and Draco dying James and Lily sacrificed themselves so all of their children would live

After Lily and James died you know who tried to kill them but the curses rebounder and hit him killing himself instead of Harry and Draco

After a few hours Hagrid came to collect them and take them to the Dursleys there only living relatives

Dumbledore left them on the doorsteps of number 4 privet drive

They woke up to Petunia Dursleys high pitched scream

Vernon she screeched there are six children on the porch come read this note that was left with them

After Vernon read the note he said no way are we keeping them

Vernon the note said we had no choice we have to take them in


after about a year all the potters could walk but only Harry and Draco could talk

Children said aunt petunias high shrill voice get up get up get up she screeched at the children in the cupboard under the stairs

As the potters got up Vernon started giving them jobs boys you are on weeding and watering duty older girls you are in charge of breakfast and you two are Dudleys toys

As they got to work they started to feel exhausted from lack of food and water they hadn't had anything in over a week

Harry and Draco hated weeding the garden they always got told they missed some and got beaten even when they got all of the weeds

Hermione and Alaina didn't mind cooking but the Dursleys always criticized there food and then beat them

Ally and Olivia had the worst jobs they had to do whatever Dudley wanted whether it was clip his toenails or clean the bathroom or even be dartboards for him to do it if they said anything about it they were beaten

They got to work but like always something went wrong so they got beaten

Vernon laid them on the floor and then he kicked them in the ribs until they all started to cough up blood and when they were done cleaning up the blood Vernon started carving words all over there bodies

He carved everywhere there wasn't an inch on their bodies that wasn't covered in Vernons carving well besides there face that is

Then he made them try to clean the bathroom in less than two minutes while they were still bleeding so they failed and got beat again

They got kicked in the ribs for over an hour and when they were done coughing up blood they had to clean up the blood

Later they had to be dartboards so Dudley could practice he hit them every time

And on top of all that they had to make dinner that they didn't get any of the day finally ended and they were exhausted

But they didn't know that tomorrow would be the best day of their lives since they arrived at the Dursleys

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