A Tribute's Fallen Story

This is a poem in the eyes of a tribute who didn't have the odds ever in their favor.


1. Mama Forgive Me

Mama, we knew this day would come

That you'd be standing there

and I would be gone 

a thought we could not bear


Mama, we knew this day for a while

we just couldn't face the facts,

for I weeped and said 

Ma, I'll come back


I ran so swiftly

I tried so hard

I put every muscle in 

but it simply was not fit to card. 


I tried to make allies

tried to play my cards right

But no one took me 

for I was the scrawny and couldn't fight. 


When they put me in the tunnel

and set me flying up 

I thought only in my head

I will do this for you, I will win the cup.


The counter started going, you see

And I was shaking in my boots

I was standing on my platform 

The youngest one in the group.


The mystic voice said zero 

and I sprinted far away

I didn't dare go near the supplies

I want to see another day.


So, I ran ma and I ran

I did what you said.

I went straight forward

and I went, I fled.


The day passed

and it turned dark

everything was cold 

nothing to eat but bark. 


The sky illuminated with faces 

and I saw ten who I knew

I turned my head away 

trying not to turn blue.  


I somehow slept 

and woke the next day 

"I wifted the flowers."

Like you always would say. 


I kept on walking ma

Until I saw a creek

I realized my throat burned 

and I scooped down to take a drink.


That was my mistake ma

As I did not know

that the snakes wouldn't get me

But a bow and arrow. 


I didn't feel the pain

Not at first 

When I heard a yell of laughter 

I thought my head was going to burst.


So, here I sit ma

I think it's getting worse

I can't see the sun

My voice is going horse. 


I tried to stay alive for you
I really did 

But it was my foolish mistake 

That made me say my bids.


So, here I sit 

I can hear the birds sing

They sound so beautiful mom 

I wish you could see.


The blood keeps coming

I can't make it stop

I've got to say bye mom 

I'm sorry if I was over the top

I know you had four other

kids just like me 

my sister, my brothers, my family.


I ode you all farewell 

I will see you soon

Life isn't forever 

I'll see you the next full moon. 

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