Adventures of Bailey

Summary: Bailey isn’t a normal dog in fact she is a special service dog. Not all superheroes wears a caps or some tacky costume, but this superhero has four paws; a wagging tail and one happy smile when it comes to having adventures with her favorite human. Her best friend Maddie is a human who is chronically sick with many invisible chronic illnesses and disabilities but they don't stop her as long as she has Bailey by her side. Together they have a special bond that doesn’t stop them with their adventures between hospital stays, doctor appointments, school and anything in between. Wherever Maddie goes, Bailey is there on her side protecting and helping her become her own superhero on top of fighting for her life. Together they raise awareness for a service dogs, illnesses and disabilities, in fact without each other they won’t be team.

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1. Prodigy: All About Me

Hi, my name is Bailey but sometimes I go as Bay, I have four paws which sometimes my human little sister likes to paint my nails time to time, but I don’t mind it ; one happy wagging tail, which sometimes gets me into trouble when I accidentally knocked things over or whack people, two floppy ears that are a little too big for my head but I will grow into them but bows do help make me feel comfortable in my own ears and light pink belly which loves rubbing and even scratch time to time. I do have a heart-shaped birthmark on my tongue; my fur is the color of orange, golden color which is pretty to look at under sunlight and I have the most beautiful color eyes which are light blue and green. Some of my favorite things to do are protect my human from evil squirrels, taking long naps with my girl when she isn’t feeling so good and I also love having Netflix marathons and blogging on YouTube with my girl. I do enjoy going on adventures with her such as school, shopping at the mall with her friends, going to them the main hospital in the city that has all her doctors in place which I love because everyone there loves me.

When my girl is in the hospital doing a test, treatment or in a surgery, I stay with her little sister Morgan, who is also my little human which more like my mini buddy. My girl Maddie trusts her sister with me, besides I am important just like a superhero well more like a super dog. My girl trained me to listen to Morgan and protect her if something bad happens like if someone was trying to kidnap her, I stand my ground by barking so loud that the sound can get some attention for help. When I am with Morgan, she reads me some books or even plays fetch even though she hasn’t really gotten the idea of the game which she ends up throwing the ball and then run after it just like I do. Morgan likes to help Maddie take care of me which also is helpful because sometimes I can get a handful when it comes to bathing and grooming, I sometimes I like to play a game called chase me if you can just for fun. Morgan likes to explore the hospital with me, which sometimes she gets us lost, but with my trusty nose, I find the way back to where we should belong so we don’t get into serious trouble or worse grounded.

Most people who see me are like “oh look a puppy, I am going to go pet it because it looks so cute” but really they don’t see my Tardis blue service dog harness and leash that says things like “service dog; please do not pet me I am working; do not distract me; and other important patches. I do hate the fact that people try to pet and distract me when I am on duty protecting and alerting my girl when I am off duty then sure I am just a regular dog. I just don’t come up to people and start to sniff them also pet them with my paw, which doesn't get me wrong it’s a pretty funny idea and wrong too. My human loves Doctor Who and has a major crush on David Tennant which why I have Tardis blue color service dog harness and leash, and oh yeah don’t tell her I said that which we should just keep it a paw secret between us. You see, if you distract me, I can put my human in danger when it comes to not alerting or helping her and it’s my job to protect her and not fail her when it comes to her safety. Sometimes when people ask my human to pet, she either say yes or no and she also teaches people why our service dogs are so important to someone like my human.

It’s not always easy being a service dog, it takes a lot of training and lots of work to take care of me. I do get off duty breaks, but I always keep my eyes and stay close to my girl when she needs me. You know that saying that every superhero has a sidekick, well the superhero is Maddie and I’m her sidekick, but a dog, without me she would have died when she was about thirteen years old. I came from a special dog program called Paws of America, which is on the best programs in the country. I started to train to become a service dog when I was about six months old, back then when my trainer was training me, I was most interested in being a puppy and didn’t care to learn how to do tricks or learning to behavior while working. I graduated from the program and was introduced to Maddie when I was a one-year old, when is the first time I saw her is when I knew she is going to be my human best friend. Even since I was paired up with her, we have been unsupported just like a superhero and a sidekick.

I love going on adventures with my human, especially when we go to fun places like a park so I can get some exercise by chasing evil squirrels away from Maddie, like one time I chased one so good that I caught one and brought it back to my human that her human best friend Emily screamed like a little girl on a roller coaster at a haunted house theme park, I guess she didn’t like my squirrel hunting skills unlike Maddie. Sometimes going on adventures, my girl Maddie has some sort of health issues that make us end up in the hospital, which she doesn’t like being alone so I do my best to confront her by snuggling with her until our family comes. The hospital staff doesn't mind that I am with her, in fact, they love me so much that everytime I come I get tasty treats if it's okay with my girl which she always lets me get treats from the hospital staff. I do love it when I get lots of pets from the hospital staff and when I am with Morgan she tends to make sure I get lots of kisses and belly rubs.

I bet you are thinking how can I write this with no fingers after all I am just a dog, well I got the help of my little human Morgan who happens to know Maddie and myself good. Don’t worry, I promise not to make this like one of these stories that are so boring that will put you to sleep. I will let you know ahead of time it’s my part of the story so you won't get confused. Also, I hope you will learn a lot of about chronic invisible illnesses and disabilities also about service dogs. This story is not to make fun of anyone who has an illness or a disability or anyone who has a service dog, in fact, this story is to raise awareness. I really hope you can help some who is chronically sick or even have a disability, and not to judge someone who is dealing with a life-changing thing in life. Well, I guess you are getting tired reading this, so let's get started and begin our stories of adventures with my superhero Maddie and me.

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