The ghost town

Im sorry if the grammar is bad but I am not that good at writing in English ��
Jack has bought a Uija board and starts playing it with his four friends, some scary stuff happens and one day a guy shows up and gets friends with them too. One day the group of now five friends decides to go to a ghost town that the new boy has heard of. After just a few minutes some scary stuffs happens but they choose to stay, but not after long a member is found dead.


2. 2. Mark

2. Mark

They met in the old barn near Mary's house, they didn't think that anyone would come as it was abandoned. They started playing the game and got contact with a good spirit, they asked all the typical questions like what's you're name, how old are you, how did you die, when did you die and do you want to harm us. It was a good conversation, they learned that the spirit was a 15 year old girl that died 37 years ago, she was placing the hay bales when a big stack fell down on her and killed her before anyone came to her rescue, and she died on the exact spot that the group was sitting on.

Suddenly they heard footsteps from outside, all of them was a little scared but they decided to see what made the noise, they walked outside but couldn't see anything, it was sunset when they arrived at the barn and now it was all darkness, the only light came from the moon and the stars. They turned on the flashlight on they're phones and walked around the barn, they saw a human like figure on the backside and said "is anybody there?" Oliver's voice shaked a little and was low when he asked the question, they got no response and Oliver decided to ask again but this time it was louder, "is anybody there?" A man voice responded "yes, I am here on the backside, who are you?" They group walked to the backside of the barn and saw a boy on their own age standing there, he had black hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin and was muscular, "my name is Jack, and this is Peter, Oliver and Mary, where we're playing with a Uija board. Who are you?" The boy answered "my name is Mark and i was here to explore" "alone?" Mary asked, "yes i dont have any friends" then Peter said "you can be friends with us if you want" "I'd love to, can i join you and play Uija with you?" Mark said, "sure, come on lets get in and continue the game" Jack said.

They got conected with a new spirit, but this one wasn't good, it was the same as when Peter and Jack played the first time, they didn't tell the others that they had spoken to the spirit before but they both new that it couldn't be good that it was back, and how could it be back, it had said that it wouldn't haunt them. Mary asked the spirit "what is youre name?" And the manchet typed DEVIL they all git a little freaked out but then asked "can we find you somewhere" and the manchet typed ROCK WOOD, Mark then said "i now where that is, it's an old ghost town, i have been there exploring" Peter said "well then, what are we waiting for, lets go and see if we can find something" Mark then said "go home and pack, well leave tomorrow, Jack take the Uija board with you, it might become useful, I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7 am you can text me you're address." They all agreed and went home pacinkg the most needed things, they had planed to stay there for a week so they would need some food and water, clothes, tents and some other stuff, it was Peter and Mary who was going to take tents with them as they were the only ones who owned some. That night all of them couldn't wait to leave in the morning.

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