The ghost town

Im sorry if the grammar is bad but I am not that good at writing in English ��
Jack has bought a Uija board and starts playing it with his four friends, some scary stuff happens and one day a guy shows up and gets friends with them too. One day the group of now five friends decides to go to a ghost town that the new boy has heard of. After just a few minutes some scary stuffs happens but they choose to stay, but not after long a member is found dead.


1. 1. The begining

1. The begining

It all started 3 months ago, Jack had just bought a Uija board and wanted to try it out, so he invited his friend Peter over so they could try it together.

They started out by searching for the rules and stumbled over a lot of sites wich warned against the game, there was one specific site called it showed pictures and videos of what might happen when playing the game. Peter got a little freaked out and said "damn dude, thats some scary shit, maybe we shouldn't play that game" and Jack responded "stop being such a baby, what could possibly happen with a board of wood and a little manchet to move around the board, im sure that the content on that side is fake" and so they started packing out the game.

They each placed a finger on the manchet at said "is there anybody here?" They waited for about 30 seconds but got no response, then they said "is there anybody here?" again, this time it was a little louder and with a more confident tone. The manchet moved, it stopped on the YES. Peter looked schoked and said "Jack stop, it isn't funny" "I didn't do anything" Jack replied. Peter looked at Jack in the way you only do if you don't believe someone. "Seriously bro, I barely touched that thing, it cant be me" Jack said, "okay then, lest try to ask the "thing" moving the manchet something". Jack nodded to Peter, and he asked "are you a good spirit?" The manchet quickly moved to NO, this time it was Jack who freaked out.

Peter took the lead and asked "do you want to harm us?" The manchet moved again, it stopped in the middle of the board on the top, right between YES and NO. "Does that mean maybe?" Peter asked and and Jack replied "I suppose it does." They decided to ask the spirit one more question before saying goodbye. "Will you haunt us" Jack asked and the manchet moved to NO, they both took a breath of relief and said goodbye to the spirit. None of them slept well that night, they had nightmares of dead, distructure and evil spirits.

A few weeks had passed on and Jack was cleaning the atic to get some old stuff up there, he found a dusty box in the corner at the end if the atic, he took it downstairs to see what was in it, he didn't remember placing a box there and was really quious.

What he found in the box made him jump a meter back with his hard pounding in a fast speed, he took his phone and called Peter "yo dude whats up?" Peter said " "do you remember where we put that Uija board after we stopped last time?" Jack said "didnt we trough it in the trash?" Peter said, and Jack replied "i cant remember, but i just found it in a box in the atic and I don't know what to do" "maybe its a sign, maybe we should invite Mary and Oliver over to play it with us, and then we can see what they thonk of it" Peter said, "im not sure about it" Jack said and Peter responded "who is now a baby" and grinded "if you make the game ready for tomorrow, then i will make them come, deal?" "Deal" Jack said and ended the call.

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