The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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10. Chapter 9

~~“Yeah I am- wait what?” I whine looking at him with a frown, when did I get married? My uncle look at me with a pale expression, while the others look like a cartoon with those big eyes.
“No I am not! Who should I be married to?” my uncle asks if it's the captives I should be married to, but before I get a chance to answer Neinor does.
“She is married to the king of hell, Lucifer my king” Neinor looks hateful at all of them clearly hating ever minute he has to breath the same air as them. By Lucifer now he has done it! They are going to ask questions I can't answer, what can I even say to explain that? I think nervously biting my lip, when Nick suddenly say “so you Satanist bro? Cool” with a smile, making me question human insanity. But then again, maybe I am considered a Satanist; I do prefer Lucifer over God.
But was catholic before that, going to church every Sunday with my family, believing in heaven, and good angels. But he do want to kill me, and I am in hell because of that, never did I think that the bible might be wrong, that Lucifer was the good in all this.
Olivia looks at Neinor ignoring his attitude “by the way I love your tattoo!” I look at him confused, tattoo? Oh, by tattoo she probably talks of his scar around his neck.
I did once ask him how he got it as little, but he only said it was proof of his death, I later found out the scar was because of beheading. For some strange reason didn't they kill him the usual way.
I asked Lucifer why he still had the scar, because some of the demons older than him had also died by beheading but didn't have any scars to show it, because it was the norm around their deaths.
Lucifer just told me it was something I needed to ask Neinor about, and I am still too scared to ask why he hasn’t let Lucifer remove the scar under the transition to become a demon.
Neinor rolls his eyes fiddling with his rings looking like he has to stop himself for not just slit her throat. Suddenly I hear a barking and my first instinct is to hide behind Neinor, thinking it was a hellhound; they all look confused at me hiding behind him, when suddenly a dog runs into the garden. “Stay calm, it can probably smell your fear” Neinor say monotone, I look over his shoulder and see the tiniest dog I ever seen in my life standing there wagging its tail up at Olivias leg. “relax Sara, it's my dog” she laugh taking it up, I laugh awkwardly over my overreaction and sit back down, Lucifer always said if I ever hear any barking or howling run as fast as I can and hide, the dog named Emma even allowed me to pet it, I must admit that I was afraid it would bite my hand off, or maybe not my hand, but maybe a finger. But it just wagged its tail, rubbing it's head against my hand.
Until nightfall we sit there talking, until they have to head home, I ignored every attempt Neinor have done trying to get me to pack my things and head home.
But what happened after we had dinner reminded me why no one runs from a deal with the devil.
on my way out of the living room I realize that the whole room have heated up rapidly, and it now feels like I'm back in the garden in hell, when the floor start to rumble so bad it knocks frames off the walls and a mother Maria figure scatter across the floor when it hit the floor, falling from a table. I look confused around to find the reason why the before calm room now was rumbling and heating up like that, my uncle comes in and say it's probably a earthquake, but something tells me it isn't. Suddenly a black hole start to appear in the middle of the room, and I come to realize what is going on. By Lucifer no! He did tell me he would send demons, but never mentioned himself! I think terrified looking at my uncle that stands there with a terror struck face against the wall.
I move towards him when I hear a roar “I am Lucifer! King of-“
“You know what? This is not the time!” I interrupt and push him back into the hole before my uncle get a glimpse of him, I hear Peter scream over the rumbling the Lord’s Prayer.
This is not good I think before feeling something around my leg, I look down and see a arm sticking up from the hole, and fingers around my ankle. Before I get a chance to scream or try to get the hand of me, I get tucked into the hole. I hear Neinor scream something about getting our stuff while falling seeing the red dot that must be his head gets further and further away. I fall for what feels like infinity. This can't be happening I think hysterically grapping out looking for something to slow my fall I know isn't there. “Lucifer you – you- winged rat! What the hell?” I scream out in the pitch blackness, while feeling the heat from below me getting stronger. I know I'm falling towards hell, and out of anger I turn around knowing he won't allow me to catch a glimpse of what is below me.
I have never seen hell outside the castle before, and I know that won't change today.
My eyes fills with tears because of the strong wind of falling while my hair gets in my mouth when I suddenly feel the familiar touch of wings closing around me.
He turns me around and I look straight into his furious face “what the hell were you thinking?! I told you three days and then you had to come home!” he presses me into his chest “the spell doesn’t hold longer than that!” He put his arms around my waist and back, and by instinct I put my arms around him too, waiting for him to open his wings. I close my eyes per reflex when I feel it, and hear the flapping off his wings when he flies us back to the castle. We both don’t say a thing before he have let go of me and the wall have turned into a sky. He's too angry and I'm too scared because I know why he's angry". He folds his wings behind him, and I turn my head towards Sebastian that was standing there, he looks at me with a mad expression too, but the relief shines out of his eyes.
I look down at my hands biting my lips averting Lucifer's glare.
it's rare for Lucifer to be this angry at me, so when he actually is I never know what I shall do with myself “ look at me Sara” he say monotone, I don’t look up “ Sara I said look at me!” the tone in his voice make me quickly look up into his golden eyes that show rage and relief. “We trusted you, I trusted you to hold your end of the deal Sara, clearly I thought too much of you. Only a child would ignore orders that is there to protect them, what do you think I would have felt if something had happened to you while I wasn’t there?” he sigh frustrated pacing around, before looking at me with hard eyes “This is the last time you do this Sara, do I make myself clear?”
I nod feeling my eyes tear up because I know how bad I screwed up, even though I did it on purpose because I wanted to stay longer. Now making Lucifer scared and angry, and probably have given Peter a heart attack. “ then we will not talk about this again, go to your room, I need time to fall down” he say waving me off, I nod and run away trying to hide my teary face from Sebastian, but something tells me he saw it.

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