The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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9. Chapter 8


Neinor didn't come home before I was ready to go to bed, through the window, using my apple tree as a latter. I didn't ask him what he had been doing up until now, because the smirk he had on his lips told me more than enough.
When we wake up I smell it, the fragrance of fresh baked bread, and a fragrance I thought I had long forgotten, but then again. Some smells never really vanish; I still remember my mom’s scent.
I push Neinor that lay sound asleep beside me with an arm around my waist so I don’t fall out of the bed. He grunts and turn around pulling me with him so I am now trapped between him and the wall “Neinor wake up” I slap him gently on the cheek to wake him up, his chiseled jaw stands out in the dim morning light, and the blood red hair looks like flames. When he lay like this and doesn’t come with sarcastic comments, I understand most of the female demons in the castle turn heads when he walks past. His face is symmetrical, but not at all like the guys, Neinor has more of a raw beauty where they are almost too symmetrical. Lucifer has a more raw beauty than Sebastian has with he's pronounced jaw line and always with a smile on his plump lips.
“Neinor wake up!” I slap him once again a little harder this time, the surprise over at be slapped must have been the reason he fall out of bed with a surprised wail, his head pop up over the bed and his eyes are completely black “What the actual hell Sara?!” his jaw clench, I smile innocently at him and tell him I just got a nightmare and that’s must be why. He grunts at me stretching with a yawn, before standing up, I look at his tall figure standing there, how lightly muscled he is compared to Lucifer. I kind of understand why Uncle Peter asked if he was an athletic. He is an excellent swimmer with that slim body of his, it's like he just slide trough the water in the lake in the garden. We used to swim a lot when I was younger because they wanted me to learn to swim, and Neinor was the one teaching me.
“ are you going to stare at me the whole morning or get clothes on yourself?” he smirks buttoning his black shirt, I feel my cheeks get red and push the duvet off me, I take the pants from yesterday from the floor and catch the purple surplice top I bought yesterday midair when he throw it at me.
I wait for him to get the necklaces on and his rings before we walk down to the kitchen.
My mouth starts to water when I see the morning table, juice, fresh bread and croissants and chocopops? We sit down and start to eat like hungry wolves, my breakfast in hell looks a lot like this but chocopops isn’t on the menu so I take a big bowl of it and I see Peter laugh.  “I thought you might still like these” he hand me the milk with a soft expression, before turning his gaze towards Neinor “I didn't hear you come home yesterday”
With his mouth full of bread he says he didn't want to wake him, and Peter accept that explanation.
I sit back in the chair actually happy I found my plush bunny, it's been so long since I talked with someone else but the usual people. Many demons are still afraid to talk to me, they talk to me like they talk to Lucifer and Sebastian when they don’t have a choice. At first I was confused why none of them wanted to talk to me when I asked them something or averting their eyes and run away when seeing me. That was before a demon made Lucifer angry because he had taken a hold of my arm when I tried to sneak into one of the rooms I wasn’t allowed into and it left a bruise.
I tried telling Lucifer I was at fault, because I was the one sneaking around, but when Lucifer is mad he tend not to listen that well. So that probably didn't help on the talking front among the demons wanting to take a chance and maybe gets Lucifer wrath put upon them.
after breakfast we head outside to the garden up front where Peter have put chairs out and just enjoy the sun, there is something about looking up and seeing a real sky and sun than the fake one Sebastian or Lucifer creates.
I look at the people walking by and the kids playing football on the other side of the street with a smile on my lips, by Lucifer I didn't know I had missed this so much.
Just sitting in a garden looking out at people tending their own business, I never thought I would be able to. But luckily for the potion I can at least enjoy for three days.
“ Hey Mr. Blackmore, enjoying the sun?” I look towards the hoarse voice and look straight into a pair of blue eyes, and a warm smile. My gaze fall on the guy and girl behind him, before my uncle say his name and laugh asking if he can't regonize me. and then it hit me why he seem so familiar.
“No way! Lauren is that you?!” I yell surprised standing up with a giant smile, I can't believe it! I see the confusion on their faces before Laurens face lit up with a smile too.
“No freaking way! Sara?” he laugh taking me up and spin me around, I hug him tightly when he put me down laughing with him. Lauren was one of my best friends as a child; we used to hang out all the time. I didn't even think of the possibility of meeting some of my old friends.
“ I can't  believe it's you! damn you grew up fine girl!” he smiles ruffling my thin curly hair so it falls down my eyes, I shove his hand away and pull the hair away from my face.
I can say the same about him, he always had blond hair, but now people would probably call it golden to look at. wouldn't say that, because it isn't as golden as Lucifer's that looks like flowing gold. But by Lucifer he is cute, the two others turn out to be Nick and Olivia, friends I used to hang out with too. We all stand there talking over each other when I feel a arm around me and I get dragged away “ don’t go making friends with them, it will only be harder for you when we leave tonight.” Neinor whisper in my ear when we out of hearing, smirking at Lauren and the others standing there with confusion. For a second I had completely  forgot it was today we had to leave.
Maybe it wouldn't hurt if we go back tomorrow instead of today, I know the potion will only hold me hidden for three days, but does a few hours really make that much of a difference? “ Sara look around, you can't tell me you haven't realized how many demons is lurking around the house the past hour?” he nods his head towards a guy standing against a pole reading the newspaper, when he looks up I see the black eyes that mostly is hidden under the hat. Black eye is the trademark for demons, the first time I found that they weren’t just people with black eyes that was around the house, was actually demons. Is Neinors fault, when I was eleven I had made him so mad that the human façade crackled, and I saw the two giant horns that circled from his head and the black leathery wings flapping behind him furiously. I was so petrified I ran through the castle screaming until I found Lucifer and Sebastian in the library and crawled up on Lucifer lap to hide.
For a week I didn't leave Lucifer's room, to terrified to even let him leave, so Sebastian came with supplies and Lucifer's work, while they tried to convince me that they wouldn't harm me.
I now know Neinor got wiped for that, isn't proud of it though.
in the end I believed them saying it wouldn't happen again and I wasn’t in danger and left the room, but it took some time before I even dared being in the same room as Neinor or any other demon alone. Now I know him enough not to be afraid no matter what mode he is in, yeah the man was a killer. but he would never harm me, and I like to think that the only reason for that isn't just because Lucifer threatened him saying he would fry him over a lava pit if he did.
After him pointing it out I realize there is at least five demons lurking around the house, doesn’t Lucifer trust me? I think frustrated glaring at the demon with the hat, he raise a eyebrow back like to mock me.
I turn around before heading back to the others, ignoring the stares from the demons around us. We talk about their school, and Laurens girlfriend and what every normal teenager would talk about; while I sit there spinning lies about what have happened to me the last couple of years. I can't really say anything that will sound remotely normal by their standards about where I am and what I do, like not even my normal food is normal, and each day I pray I don’t eat something that once was demon or human without realizing. Probably not be the best conversation topic.
Neinor just glare at us, avoiding every question they ask, grunting irritated. “So what about you Sara? Any boyfriend?” Olivia asks wiggling her eyebrows and pushing my arm, I laugh softly. Like I have had the time or the chance to get one.
“She is married” Neinor grunts.

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