The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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8. Chapter 7

~~“let’s meet up in about an hour, I have to sign you up on school” uncle Peter says hugging me tightly like he is afraid I will vanish if he let go, I wave after him seeing him walk away before turning to Neinor excited. “I haven't been in a mall in ages! And he gave us some money” I show him the cash with a grin “what shall we do?” he shrug his shoulders looking around with a bored face and his hands in his pockets. Well, that’s great help I think ironic and look around to see if something catches my eyes. at first I was really uncomfortable with being around this many people when we stepped inside, but after some time it didn't bother me as much, now it's only the different smells of perfumes, deodorant and body odor that mix with the hundreds of different restaurants that irritates my nose I see a group of girls around my age giggling walking into one of the hundreds of clothing stores and take a hold of Neinor, he grunts irritated when he realize where I am headed.
“Seriously? Clothes? Adaline can get you any clothe item you want” he pull his arm out of my grip “ so why do we need to go in here?” he is right on that front, Adaline is the demon that goes to earth and get me clothes. But I never actually get a chance to choose myself what I want, that’s something she does. So why miss a chance of actually trying to do a normal human thing while I'm here? I start to look around while Neinor sits himself in one of the chairs looking at me mumbling only Lucifer knows what. I take a bunch of different clothes and move towards the changing room when I bump into someone stepping out “oh gosh! I'm sorry!” she start to help me pick up the clothes that now lay shattered on the floor, I tell her it's fine and it was me that didn't look where I was going. She hand me a blue dress with butterflies sleeves and smile at me.
“I haven't seen you around, new?” she tilt her head so the dark brown hair slides into her face, she remove it automatically, I shake my head and tell her that I am here for a visit.
Not once do her amber eyes move from me, and I can't help but feel like she is studying me, trying to see something. “Nadia! Are you coming or what?” I hear one of the girl I saw before yelling from the counter, she shake her head like she is snapping out of it, and wave quickly running towards the other girls. I go through all the clothes and when I'm done I go over to Neinor that sits talking with a woman around her early twenties, I can see that he is interested in her, because he makes that face he call a smolder.
“Neinor” he looks up at me, and smirks before standing up, the woman put a paper in his hands before winking at us when she leave. I look questionably at him.
“None of your business” I quickly follow him not wanting to be left by myself. He walks so fast I almost can't follow, and I fear I maybe have made him angry, until he start to slow down and I can keep up. I follow Neinor while looking around the mall, I can't believe it. I never thought I would actually get in a mall ever again.
Lucifer and Sebastian doesn’t like me on earth, they are afraid that God will try something again.
Once again I feel the questions come up, why did he send angels after us, what had me and my family done? Somehow I get away from Neinor in the crowd, and I feel a slight panic while looking around trying to see his blood red messy hair in the crowd.
I feel a bump on my leg, when I look down this little boy with black hair is clinging to my leg with tearful Eyes. I look around confused to see his parents, but none of the other people seem to notice the little boy now almost wailing, confused I put a hand on his head “are you okay sweetie?" Where the hell did he come from? Is he lost too? He looks up at me with those big blue eyes “mommy is gone" he sniff letting go of my leg, I take him up and put him on my hip "can you see her somewhere?" He looks around now when he is on higher ground but shake his head; I look around to find Neinor and my uncle to ask what I am supposed to do.
Great, now I'm lost with a little boy.
“Sara!” I almost squeal surprised when I hear the roar from somewhere in front of me, and like the water did from mosses the crowd split and I see Neinor standing there with completely black eyes and the dark aura completely out of control, scaring the people around him so much they almost run away. I wave hysterically to get his attention, and when he sees me he quickly stomps my way, and I get Goosebumps when I feel how bad is aura is out of control.
He takes a hold of the arm the little kid isn't on, almost hurting me while growling “Have I not said you should keep close to me?” almost whimpering from his tight grip I nod my head, muttering a sorry. I hear a pip from the guy on my arm, and Neinors attention lay on him “Who the hell is the brat?” he let go of my arm, and I feel his aura like pull back into him, and the terror struck people that before didn't dare come close and looked at us with fear from away, now slowly start to go back to their own doing. I feel the boys grip tightness around my neck, and I can imagine how scared he is, Neinor like that scared the living hell out of me when I was younger.
And I was older than he must be.
“ I don't know, he came up to me out of the blue, his mom is gone” the boy start to sniffle again with the mention of his mom, and I feel myself almost getting teary eyes too, this poor little boy.
A feeling of protectiveness overshadows my rational thinking and I look at Neinor pleading with my teary eyes for help. Neinor looks around clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation" maybe we should walk around until they show up?" He at least say taking my hand that isn't holding the kid and start to walk around with my bags in the other hand.
“It only said one kid in the job description” I hear him mumble for himself while dragging us around, he tells the kid to keep a look out, when we suddenly hear hysteric voices.
“Caine? Sweetie?! Where are you?” I look towards the yelling and see a woman and a man run around with frightened faces, I look down at the boy and see his face light up when he also sees them. “Mommy! daddy!” the couple stop up and they look towards us, the woman wail loudly sprinting towards us, the boy reach out towards him and she crying take him into a big hug.
She looks at me with tears running down her face, while what must be his dad take him in for a big hug “thank you so much! For finding my boy!” she shakes our hands violently, ignoring Neinors un-amused expression. I smile back taking my hand with me before she ends up ripping it off.
“It’s alright miss, we just happy that Caine found his parents” I smile at the boy that now just sits there on his dads arm smiling from ear to ear.
he reach towards me and before I know it, he hugs me tightly like to say thank you, I pat him awkwardly on the back, not used to affection from other than the guys.
We wave at them when we walk towards the place we decided to meet with Peter, I can't wait to tell Lucifer and Sebastian about all of this I think excited sitting down on the bench beside Neinor.
I look at Neinor that sits there resting his head against the wall with a drained expression.
“Holy crap it's tiring to be on earth” I can't do anything but agree with him, it's defiantly more eventful than hell is. I feel an uneasy feeling in my stomach and realize that I miss home, and Sebastian and Lucifer. I'm not used to be away from them this long, and not having them here with me, is weird. but I will be back home tomorrow so I need to enjoy the time I have with Peter, and find a way to tell him I am leaving. When Peter arrives, Neinor stands up and hand me the bags, I look at him confused. “I have some business to take care of” he nods at Peter; I stand up abruptly confused over he decides to leave, what is so important? “With who? That woman?” the grin he sends me before taking off answer all my questions.

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