The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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7. Chapter 6

Peter tells me about what he has been up to while I have been gone, how he became a teacher at the school I should have attended too, and why he had moved into my parents house.
The police told him that I hadn’t been in the house when they had found my parents corpses, and that I maybe was out there with the kidnappers. So he decided to move in, if I ever escaped or was found I still had my home. What about the corpses of the angels? Where did they go? I can't help but wonder over it, had other angels come and cleaned up their corpses? I look at Neinor because he hasn’t said a word since Peter started to talk, and realize he is sitting there nodding off, I push him hard with my elbow, making his head snap up with a grunt.
When Peter goes into the kitchen to get some tea I look at him with annoyed expression.
“Can you be more uninterested? By Lucifer I wish it was Sebastian that had come with me” I roll my eyes and cross my arms. I know this isn't his ideal Friday night, he would probably rather want to be in hell torturing some poor soul. But that doesn’t mean I want him to sit there snoring while I finally see my uncle, and get some of my the answers I have wanted to get answered for so long.
“So you want me to be interested? Fine, I will give you interested” He sits up and gives Peter such a sugar smile that I feel chills down my spine, when he enters the room.
 Maybe I should just have kept my mouth shut I think scared out of my skin, taking the cup of tea Peter gives me. “Mr. Blackmore, we haven't actually not quite told the whole truth” I look at him petrified, he is not going to tell him about hell and Lucifer right? He can't be that stupid! I take a sip of my tea, trying to find a excuse to hit him when he says “your niece and I, is actually dating” I almost choke on the tea and coughs loudly, Peter send me a surprised smile, while Neinor bangs my back so I don’t die. With flushed cheeks I look at Neinor trying to grasp what the hell he is trying to accomplish by saying such a thing. I knew he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box, but right now he isn't even near the box! “Oh my, Sara you really have grown up” Peter laughs strained looking at Neinor with a frown.  Even though you can't see if someone is a demon, can humans clearly feel something is off about demons when they venture earth, making them trying their best not to cross their paths. Just like me can their feel the bad aura that surrounds them, I used to be scared of that aura when I was younger, but now I don’t really notice it.
I laugh strained with him shaking my head “Neinor is just joking uncle, we are not dating” Neinor looks at me with a surprised expression like its news to him “we are just… friends”
Neinor just looks at me with dejected eyes, before he smiles at me, his smile scare me more than when he smirks. May Lucifer be with us, let not Neinor decide to kill my uncle out of boredom, or make any more jokes like that I pray silently in my head smiling terrified back. Neinor isn't one that smiles just to smile, and mostly his reason to smile is a lot different from my reason to do so. Suddenly the big clock on the wall indicates it's twelve and Peter looks at it with a frown before turning his attention on us. “It’s getting late, I think we shall finish this talk tomorrow and get some rest” He starts to push us towards up the stairs and into what had once been my room.
Looking at the pink walls, memories that to come back, my bed and stuff is gone, but I can still see it clearly as it once was in my head. I wouldn't like either to have a room full of stuff you never knew if the owner would come home too. I sit on one of the beds in the room, remembering.
How the walls was filled with drawings, how the floor was littered with toys and teddies, and how the now empty bookshelves was full of books my mom always read for me.
How it once had been a little girls room.
you can say a lot about Neinor, but he has always been great at reading my mood and when it change, so I'm not surprised when I feel a hand on my shoulder and he ask if I am okay.
Even though he can be really scare and a pain in the ass, can he also be one of the gentlest persons I have meet. I nod wiping tears away from my eyes, he push me back on the bed telling me I need some rest, he crawl up to me and put his arms around me, even though there is another bed.
Not that it is abnormal, I can't sleep alone without getting nightmares, so I am used to sleep with him, when Lucifer and Sebastian wasn’t there. I haven't slept alone once since my parents death, and just because I'm not anymore, is that not going to change. I put my arms around his waist, and rest my head in the crook of his neck, breathing in the familiar scent of sulfur and the faint smell of sea on a stormy night, with a sigh. He smells just like home.
As always am I soon asleep in his arms.
Lucifer's pov

Lucifer looks at the woman while holding the spoon over the pit, her green eyes widens of fear, while she fight to get out of the chair. Whimpering she fight against the leather straps holding her down, while Lucifer softly shushes her; put his hand on her forehead.
He forces it back, hearing the bones in her neck creak from the force, and the muffled screams from under the cloth, he remove it so it isn't in the way. He put the spoon under her eyes socket and with a swift hand gesture takes it out. The screams of pain fill the otherwise silent air while he looks uninterested on the eye, before throwing it down the pit and begin with the other one.
Why did she feel the need to venture to earth? Isn’t she happy down here with me? Lucifer think frustrated taking a butcher knife from the little table and start to cut deep wounds all over the woman exposed body. And why would she not allow him to come with her? he make one cut deeper than the others over the stomach, so the blood splash up on his shirt while the woman scream is so pitched now that it rings for his ears. “For hells sake! Shut up” He screams cutting the vocal cords to silent the screams. He had decided to torture some souls while Sara was gone, because it was harder to fulfill his duties now when she had become so old, without her knowing.
Lucifer was plenty frustrated to do a proper job, so he keeps up the work, while the woman keeps screaming under him, even though no sounds now interrupt his work.
 The woman’s soul is fresh, and it would take a long time before she would turn into a proper demon, but the worse torture the better demon would be born from it.
It would take hundreds of years or maybe thousands of breaking the soul to rebuild it before it would happen, but Lucifer was pleased with just now getting his frustration out on her.
He doesn’t know how long he was in there, but when he steps out is he covered in blood, so his before golden curls now is crimson red. After a quick bath he enters the garden and sits himself under the apple tree with Sara’s bunny, missing her more than he likes too, he should be used to be without her by now, but this time around, he doesn’t know, but it was harder for him. “Lucifer, brother. it is only three days, it cannot be true you are like this after such a short time, when you have so much do to” Sebastian says looking down at Lucifer helplessly.
Lucifer tries to ignore him, even though he knows he is right. He had lived years without her, to lose her again; three days shouldn’t be so hard on him. He takes the outreached hand Sebastian offers and follows him down to the throne hall to discuss the suicide bombers in Iraq.

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