The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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6. Chapter 5

We don’t talk as we arrive to my old house. Sebastian had sent demons out searching for my uncle and found out he had moved into my old house. I look at the white picket fence, the large apple tree my mother used to create her apple pies from; it's like all the memories that were buried come out to the surface when I look at my old home.
I feel a tightness in my chest and try to hold back the tears when we walk up to the door.
Taking a deep breath, trying not to shiver, I haven't really thought this through: what will he say when he sees me? I'm supposed to be dead, like his sister and my dad. And then suddenly I'm standing outside his door after eleven years. Will he even acknowledge me? Fear harbors inside me and the idea of just leaving takes hold of me. Suddenly, I hear the doorbell go off and look at Neinor.
“I don’t want to stand here the next three days, waiting for you to get the nerve to push that damn button,” he grunts and turns towards the door. A minute goes by and no one open. He tries again, but still no answer. “I don’t think he's home, let’s go." I turn around, feeling a little relieved. This was a stupid idea; we should never have come. I hear a bang from behind me and see Neinor kick the door with a frustrated look on his face, before turning around to look at me.
“Hell no. You haven't dragged me the entire way here just to leave. We will wait for him." He sits down on the porch and leans against the pillar, quickly falling asleep.
What a guardian, I think and sit down beside him. Leaning against Neinor, I soon fall asleep myself. “Who in God’s name are you people?” I hear a voice say; I open my eyes and abruptly sit up, looking right into a pair of blue eyes like my own.
I quickly stand up brushing the dust off my dress with an apologetic smile. “I’m so sorry, it wasn’t our intention to fall asleep, but we have traveled for quite some time.” I try not to just burst out saying who I am, but seeing my uncle again, he's just like I remember. The blue eyes and the brown hair with faint streaks of white. He smiles softly as he at me from head to toe like he's trying to figure something out, before asking if we have met each other before, coming closer to me.
Quick as a snake, Neinor stands between us, protectively growling, making Uncle Peter take a step back surprised. Pushing Neinor to the side, I step closer to him with a nervous smile.
“I'm sorry for his bad behavior. He's just very protective after all that has happened to us." I already have come up with a lie with Lucifer explaining why I haven't come back before now. “Yeah, we have met before, a long time ago. It’s me, Uncle Peter." First, he looks at me, confused, like he doesn’t know who I am and why I call him Uncle, but then his face lights up like a lantern and he drops his bags. He pulls me closer to him and cups my face in his hands, examining me.
His eyes fill with tears and he pulls me in for a hug. I wave Neinor away when he's about to step in to save me from getting crushed to death. I put my arms around my uncle shortly before pulling away with a smile, trying to hold back my tears of relief. “It’s really you! Where have you been all this time? Are you okay? Let’s go inside and talk” Before I can answer him, he starts to push us towards the door, telling us to go inside. Walking inside, I try not to look around too much. Remembering how it was to live here is harder than I imagined it could have been.
“I can't believe you back! After all of these years,” he mumbles happily as he pushes us down the hallway towards the living room; it almost looks the same except some new furnitures and some personal stuff I remember from his old home.
Pictures of my family and me hang on the walls. They were taken before the evil angels came to our house. I remember how mad Lucifer was when he had found me hiding under his desk after a meeting about the angels; I wasn’t supposed to know anything. I learned that the angels, for some reason, want me dead, and he will protect me no matter what. Lucifer promised me that because I was really scared, and until now, he has kept that promise.
What would Mom and Dad have thought if they had known that angels were bad before they got killed? Or that the devil himself has taken care of me until now? They would probably get a heart attack; Catholic belief isn't something you mess around with. This kind of thing would rip that apart if they had known the truth. That’s why we have decided to lie to Peter: what would he think if he found out his niece lives with the devil, and the guy currently sitting in the black couch in his living room was a demon? Yeah, I think I will just follow the lie. Uncle Peter asks me where I have been this entire time, and instead of telling him about how I have been in hell, I tell him the fake story about me being kidnapped by the people that killed my parents, and I have been with them until we broke free from captivity. “I can't believe it. I have searched for you all this time, but nothing worked. And here you are. You came home by yourself,” he sobs and smiles at me. I smile back and can't help but feel a little guilty knowing that soon, I will have to leave him again. Uncle Peter turns his attention to Neinor with a frown and asks me where he comes into the picture. Neinor snorts shortly but doesn’t say anything, fidgeting with one of his many rings.
“Neinor was captured like me. He was the one that got us out, but don’t mind him: he's kind of a jerk.” The demon turns his head and looks at me with his famous cold stare. I smile at him before putting my attention on Peter who looks at Neinor.
“Don’t talk like that, Sara. If it's true he saved my little niece, he is a friend of this family.” He sends Neinor a grateful smile, but Neinor completely ignores him. Sure, a friend.
He's been a pain in my ass since the day Lucifer dragged him over from the other side of the wall and made him my so-called babysitter. Seventeen years old and still have no clue how to get rid of him yet, but you can't blame me for trying. He has been a pain the last seven years, even though he knows Lucifer will kill him if anything happens to me. Doesn’t mean he's that nice to me. He has his moments, but mostly, he's just an ass. So not only do I have an overprotective babysitter, that babysitter was a serial killer before he even turned twenty-five. Lucifer doesn’t know that I know about Neinor's past. But I have my ways to make the demons talk when I really want to know something.
He had lived in Ireland, where he killed twelve people before he got captured and killed himself.
I don’t think Uncle Peter would call him a friend of the family if he knew about that.
 Seven years ago.
Lucifer looked at the two demons coming into the throne room, carrying a human soul between them who had a soft smile on his lips. The soul looked like it had just taken a bath in one of the lava pits before the demons had found him. Lucifer rested his chin on his hand, looking at the soul with a cold expression.
Sam Neria, the so-called serial killer from Ireland.
Lucifer had to admit he was a little impressed in the way he had killed them; it showed how cruel humans really could be. Before the age of twenty-one, the human had earned himself a place in hell, even though Lucifer could see why he had done what he had done.
Lucifer knew this Sam Neria was perfect: he would not think twice about killing to protect Sara. Even if he or Sebastian wasn't around, this soul would protect her at all cost.
“I hope you have liked your time in the pit. I have an offer for you: instead of spending hundreds of years tortured by demons, until you one day turn yourself, I will make you a demon now.” The soul looked up at Lucifer with dead eyes, but Lucifer knew he was listening. “If you become a girl named Sara's protector, I'm sure you can keep her safe. And if you don’t, well, we are in hell, are we not?” Neria looked at me with blue eyes that shone with fear, anger, and defiance,
“I’d rather be dead than take care of some girl,” he snorts, trying to break loose from the demons' grip. They push him down with their boots on his back. Lucifer laughed, spreading out his arms and wings, looking at the sorry excuse of a soul. “My stupid little human, where do you think you are? You are already dead.” Lucifer's eyes turn cold. “I can easily make sure you never turn and will be tortured for eternity! Or you can become a demon now, and I grant you a side beside me, your king, as one of my men. You will make sure no harm shall befall her. She is a lovely child; she can't be that much of a problem for a young man like you.” The soul rolled his eyes from the floor.
“If I take care of her, will you, one day, let me go?” Lucifer couldn’t help but feel slightly amused by the question, but still wondered if he had chosen right. But if he hadn't, he could always throw the soul back to the other side of the wall.
“You will get your freedom if I see you fit to do so, but maybe one day perhaps you will be granted your wish." Standing up, Lucifer walked toward Sam Neria when he saw the answer in his eyes.

Thank you for following this story guys! i really appreciate it, if any questions pop up or you just wanna talk I am here. Would love to hear from you guys <3

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