The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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5. Chapter 4

Eleven years later.

I look at the people walking by on the train station with a smile, breathing the fresh air into my lungs, as the smell of different perfumes and food keep hitting my sensitive nose, too many earthly smells. The air is filled with noises, which almost makes me want to put my hands over my ears; it's insane how much humans make noises. I turn my head to ask Neinor when our train comes, and he simply sits there with the grumpiest face I have ever seen. “Come on, don’t be like that. Think of it as a field trip." I smile at him, but he just glares back. “You can't say you haven't missed Earth, just a little bit." I nudge his arm, and he moves out of reach with a low growl.
“That’s easy for you to say, Sara. It’s because of you, we are here, not me." He turns his head towards me and looks at me with cold black eyes. “Why the hell would you even want to see your uncle? You haven't seen the guy in over eleven years." He hisses and rolls his eyes, as though wanting to see one's family is weird. I roll mine back and ignore him until our train comes. Trying not to get pulled away from Neinor, I take hold of his coat sleeve and pull him with me into the cabinets. He places himself with his back to the other passengers and flips his black collar up.
Rolling my eyes, I place myself in front of him, crossing my legs, and smooth out the gray skater dress wrinkles. If it hadn’t been for Sebastian, I would never have thought of this. Lucifer had been at a meeting in the throne room, while Sebastian and I were hanging out in my room and looking through some of my boxes in my closet. We found my old bunny, the one I have had since I stepped into Hell, and I started to remember who I had received it from, so the image of my uncle popped inside my head. I started to think about what he must have been going through since I left. Lucifer wasn’t exactly pleased when I asked if I could visit him. After some begging he allowed me back on earth on the condition I took Neinor with me and was back before three days, or he would send hell after me. literally.
Luckily, we got a window seat so I look at the different scenes flashing by while we make our way out to the countryside. There are no gates near the city I lived in, so we had to travel from the nearest gate. I must admit, I enjoyed it, seeing the different cities we go through. When you have been locked up in the same castle for eleven years, you've pretty much seen the same thing.
And it was so rare that either Lucifer or Sebastian went to earth so I could come with them.
Almost jumping out of my seat when I see horses grazing on a field, I look joyfully at Neinor to see If he shared my excitement. “Humans,” he snorts and looks away.
I look at him with disbelief. Did he just use ‘humans’ as an insult? “What did you just call me?”
He looks at me and tells me that last time he checked, that’s what I am.
“And last time I checked, you have actually been a human too! You’re not a full-blooded demon,” I snarl.
“And you've never been one; you're just a puny human that can't even take care of herself,” he growls and looks at me like I'm a cockroach he found in his soup. Wait, he's disgusting enough to probably love if that happened. Why could Sebastian not have been the one that came with me? I think, frustrated over not only having to be with Neinor alone for three days straight but at him also ruining the first visit to earth I have had in half a year.
And for a change, I don’t have the entire guard system with the guys and me.
Nevertheless, he's not going to ruin this for me. I love the demons, but they still treat me like I'm a six-year-old that needs them all hours of the day. And I sure as hell don’t need that anymore.
I'm a young woman now that just turned seventeen; I can do things on my own without somebody holding my hand.
But one thing I haven't missed about earth is the smell. Cheap perfume, body aromas, and all kind of food odors irritate my nose. I take a lily up I stole from the garden from my back, and breathe in the familiar aroma of sulfur and lily. I hand it to Neinor questioningly; he shrugs and takes the flower. You can immediately see his entire body start to relax and his previously tense expression starts to fall into a peaceful smile while he leans back in the seat.
Everyone sometimes needs a reminder of home, even a bad half-blood demon like Neinor.
That’s why I need this: I can't remember much about my parents anymore. It's like they’re fading from my memories, and I don’t like it. They were my mom and dad, I loved them, so I have to gain the memories back if I can. And what better way is that than with my blood-related family?
My uncle can help me, so no matter how much Neinor huffs and puffs, I will not let it stop me from seeing him. I just hope I don’t scare him half to death.
It's not every day your niece that is supposed to be dead for eleven years, suddenly shows up on your doorstep. “Can I see your ticket?” I look up at the train conductor that looks at us with a smile. I smile back, handing him my ticket. He turns towards Neinor, who ignores him completely. “Sir, may I see your ticket, or you will have to exit the train on the next station,” he says with a strained voice, ready to handle everything Neinor throws at him. Or maybe not everything.
“For Lucifer's sake! I am a demon! I don’t need a damn ticket, I have wings! I could fly faster than this tin bucket!” he growls and looks at the train conductor, who takes a step back when he sees Neinor's black eyes. I quickly take the ticket from his coat pocket and hand it to the conductor with an apologetic smile. “Sorry. I know he looks scary, but he's mentally ill and has an eye sickness.”
The conductor nods, handing over our tickets, and quickly walks away to the other passengers.
“You need to be nicer to the humans, Neinor. You look scary as hell when you're acting like that,” I whisper and send him my best glare. I actually have learned from Neinor after all the times he has sent me one throughout the years. But as usual, it doesn’t affect him and he just looks out the window.
I lean back in my seat, sighing. Seriously, at this point, even a full-blooded demon wouldn't get as much attention as I have gotten with Neinor. He keeps yelling about Lucifer, and why we can't just fly to my uncle, making us get quite a lot attention from the other humans. Even now people look our way and whisper amongst themselves.
An older lady accidentally makes eye contact with me, and I try smiling at her. But somehow I must have made her scared because she turns pale and looks away. Could it be that I have been in hell for so long, I actually have gotten the same aura as the demons? Or is it that I am actually sitting with a demon that is boiling right now, so his aura is out of control and making even me uncomfortable?
I know that saying anything to Neinor will just make it worse; he doesn’t like to be on earth. He says it's too crowded, and compared to the castle, it’s. There maybe is a hundred demons in the castle working, but it’s so big that you can walk around only meeting four on your way from your room to the dining room. But that didn't give Neinor any right to treat humans like this. Not even an hour after we come up today, was he trying to punch some dude in a trench coat that walked into him.
If it wasn’t for his two friends and me, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have ended very well, because the guy didn't take it very nicely to suddenly getting yanked by the neck.
Not that anyone would.
I close my eyes, praying to Lucifer that Neinor will at least behave while being with my uncle.
But even while I'm praying, I want to laugh. Neinor behave when neither Sebastian nor Lucifer is around? What a joke.

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