The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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4. Chapter 3

Lucifer looks at Sariel who was sitting with a small boy on her knee, bandaging his injured arm, after he almost was run over by a camel earlier that day. “Pai you need to take better care of yourself, last week you got injured trying to steal from the baker.” She sighs and cuts the bandage. “One day it will go horribly wrong, right Lucifer?” She looks at him for support and he nods enthusiastically, putting the tools away.
“But Sariel, you always give me food even if it means you do not get any. I just tried to get some bread,” the boy mumbles with tears forming in his eyes. She hugs him tightly, stroking his black hair away from his face. Lucifer looks at the scene, smiling faintly before heading over to the small table in the hood, taking the clay can filled with milk from one of the few cows in the town.
He pours the boy a glass, laughing as he hands it to him. “You should know by now that Sariel is trying not to get fat, so she would have given the food to someone else.” Sariel punches his arm, but joins in on the laughter, shaking her head while smiling. The glove of love and warmth radiates from her blue eyes, making his heart flutter in his chest. Lucifer ruffles Pagi’s  hair, feeling a warm feeling towards the human child. He had started to see why Sariel, as well as most humans, were so caring for them. They were quite interesting creatures. Pagi drinks up the milk gratefully, and Lucifer knows he has to go out and see if he can get some more. Sariel and Lucifer were not the wealthiest people in the small town, but after Lucifer had healed a child’s broken leg, people believed he was a healing saint sent by God to their small town, and often came to him for help.
He could not help but wonder what Sariel would think if she knew of his true origin.
But he had to admit to himself, it was a delight to see how thrilled she became when she was able to help the children and elders living on the street with food and clothing they were given as payment for Lucifer's help. Sariel herself grew up as a street child, as she had been kicked out by her father when she was merely seven years of age.
She had traveled to this small town shortly before recurring Lucifer. Even though she was not poor anymore, she still lived her life as always, giving what she had away, after making sure Lucifer got what he needed. He mostly put the food back, when she was not looking, not needing the nutrition as the humans did. He lived off the grace of his siblings, and his beloved brother Sebastian came with it when it was needed. Lausia suddenly comes running through the door with tearful eyes.
“He is doing it again! Now it is poor old Heratio!” Sariel puts down Pagi and tells her to lead the way. Halfway down one of the narrow streets, they hear the angry voices bouncing and echoing from the small hoods.
“How dare you lay on the side street with your unclean body! Why in God’s name do we have to see your infested body every day?” The butcher lets the whip blows rain down on the old man helplessly trying to shield himself. Before Lucifer gets a chance to react, Sariel leaps between Heratio and the butcher. The whip connects with her chin, drawing blood, but she stood steady on her feet.
“How dare you kick an old man that is already down! Have you no mercy in your ice-cold heart?” Sariel yanks the weapon out of the man’s hand and hurls it aside. Turning to the old man with a sorrowful face, she checks his injuries. The butchers face turns red with rage and embarrassment.
“How dare you, a rat from the filthy streets, come and talk to me like that!” he retrieves his whip, raising his arm to last Sariel, who stands with her back to him, helping Heratio on his feet. Lucifer grabs his arm and pulls it so he falls flat on his behind.
“You are no child of God, letting your self-loathing out on old folks and women! You are one of the Darkness’ children! May God find you unworthy of heaven and cast you into oblivion for all eternity!” The butcher’s expression turns to one of horror, as he feels the power radiating from Lucifer. “You are the reason why it is hard to love humans; you are no better than your relatives the apes if not less! How I wish there was a place for you to be punished for your sins.” Lucifer growls as he walks over to Sariel, and takes the old man up in his arms. With a last glare at the petrified butcher, he carries the man back to their hood. As he lay him in the narrow bed, Sariel starts to examine his injuries under the torn shirt. Lucifer feels infuriated as he sees the multiple cuts covering his fragile body. She orders Lucifer to get a bucket full of water while she comforts Heratio. Washing his body with an old cloth, hatred burns in her eyes.
She gives him some herbs for the pain and lets Lucifer heal him. She orders him to take some rest, and does not leave her side before he is snoring peacefully. Meanwhile, Lucifer had moved himself to the doorway, sitting and looking up at the stars now covering the sky, trying to force his frustration away. In the hundreds of years he has walked the earth, he has seen this before. But it still infuriates him, how humans can be so cruel to one another, how vicious they were to those less fortunate. Their downfall will be themselves for they have no respect for the amazing gift of life or humanity.
“Do not fret Lucifer. God sees all. The butcher will get what he deserves one day because God does not accept cruelty, no matter if it is to humans or animals.”  Sariel smiles sadly, looking at the night sky as she sits down beside him. “Or that is what I believe. If I do not have faith in that, then I will lose all hope.” She rests her head on Lucifer's shoulder.
He lays his head on top of hers and listens to her heartbeat. He has heard music from all across the world, and the choirs of heaven, but her heartbeat speaks to him like no music has done before.
Yes, Father saw this, and if he did not, he would make sure he heard of it. He watches a shooting star pass by and smiles, satisfied, before taking Sariels hand and kissing it, knowing that God will hear about this.


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