The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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3. Chapter 2

Lucifer sat on his office desk doing paperwork, he suddenly heard a piercing scream echo through the castle, he flew over the desk as terrifying ideas of why her Bunny was screaming ran through his head like water through a river.
Papers flew around him as he ran towards the door like his life depended on it. He opened the door as multiple demons with weapons in hand came out the door beside his office and looked at the garden across the corridor thinking the same as Lucifer; Angels have infiltrated the castle.
His wings pushed them aside as he sprinted into the garden confused. Why could he see no angels? He could only see Sebastian looking up into the apple tree, then he suddenly tripped over a wing and lost his balance, only to un-glamorously slide on his stomach towards them.
Sebastian looked at him with surprise. He stood up, ignoring the pain in his wing. Lucifer looked around to spot Sara, but she was nowhere to be seen.
“Where is she? I heard her screaming, is she okay?” He thundered when he realized that there was no angels. Sebastian pointed up and he saw Sara hanging from a branch like a slug with a horrified expression, eyes clenched. She opened her eyes and looked at Lucifer with tears flowing from her eyes.
“Lucifer, get me down! Please help me down!” She screamed, weeping. She clung to the tree as if it was a matter of life or death. Lucifer glanced at Sebastian who just shrugged as if he did not quite know what was actually taking place.
“She wanted an apple, so I helped her up. Then when she was up, she looked down and started screaming.” Lucifer frowned looking up at Sara, who was looking like a cat would look at the firefighters trying to rescue it from a burning building. She must have thought this was the end, even though she couldn’t be more than two feet above the ground.
He sighed, relieved it wasn’t angels that had gotten a hold of her. It was such a small thing she had been scared over. He smiled reassuringly, telling her to jump and promising to catch her. Sara shook her head hysterically, looking at him like he was crazy.
“I can't get up there, Sara. I twisted my wing on the way here because you screamed like that,” he said with a sorrowful expression and lifted his wing up, wincing to show how painful it was.
“This is just excellent. Sara is afraid of heights, and you are the clumsiest angel to be created.” Sebastian groaned, shaking his head. Lucifer stepped on his foot, ignoring the wail coming from him followed by the glare, focusing on getting the child down.
“Come on. I promise I won’t let you fall.” He spread his arms wide and sent her a comforting look. She gulped before closing her eyes and letting go. Sebastian and Lucifer reached for her, but she landed safely Lucifer’s arms. As she slowly opened her eyes she looked into Lucifer's. “I will never let any harm come to you.” He smiled softly as she threw her arms around his neck. Sebastian looked defeated, but Lucifer had known him long enough to see the smile hidden in his eyes. Putting Sara down, he realized his white shirt now was covered in mud as well as his leather jeans.
He slid a hand through his hair. Now that he knows Sara is safe, he decided he should probably take a bath, but when he turned to walk off, a small hand slid in his...Sara's hand. Why did it have to be today that he had decided to water the garden? He was frustrated as now Sara was covered in mud too. Sara giggled looking at Lucifer with a mudded face, making him laugh too as Sebastian helped him off, laughing.
"Before I trip over something else, what do you say we go take a bath and give poor Sebastian a break?” The child smiled up at him and nodded. When they got out of the bath, Lucifer headed towards his office to take care of his work, finding Sebastian sitting on top of his desk with crossed legs and a worried expression.
Drying his hair, he walked towards him and looked at the feathers he was pointing at. At first, he didn't think much of them, until he realised that they didn't have golden tips and were pure white and covered in blood. Angels.
Not wanting Sara to see them, he snatched the five feathers and shoved them into his pocket as she came running into the office.
She placed herself in front of Sebastian with a smile and handed him the brush. He started on her hair while she stood there humming the tunes she always did.
“Sara, stay here with Sebastian. I have some thigs I need to take care of." She looked curiously at Lucifer but nodded.
As Lucifer left the office, he found a demon who lead him to the basement to the room where the three angels were lying dead in the center. Their wings were pulled off and piled on a table. The smell of blood lingered in the air, but he was not affected; the smell was normal in here. As usual, he felt the little sting of sadness when he saw his brothers like that.
Then Lucifer remembered Sariel and all the others that were killed because of them, and pushed the thought  aside. The floor was flooded with torn feathers and blood, which soaked his boots when he walked toward the corpses of the angels he once had considered family. He tried not to look at their faces, afraid he might recognize one of them. The demon standing there had a scroll with his father’s sign; he took it trying to act unfazed as he read what his father had written.
To my lost son.
I know that you have found her, and I know that you may think this is the best. Think again, son. Hand her over and let’s end this fight between us. Come home.
I will give you four days to decide, and I will not send any angels while you consider my offer.  But, if you don’t respond beforehand or hand her over, I will see it as a no on my offer. I will not give you a second chance, trust me on this: I will not rest until she is dead.

Clenching his hands, he tossed the scroll down and it landed on the blood. He felt his wings spreading and shivering over the threat he had just received. Lucifer never thought he would do such a thing. He did not care if he had to fight them for the rest of his life: he will not hand her over. This time they would have to kill him before getting a chance to touch her.
“Take their wings and hang them up next to the others," he barked, leaving the room before he did something he'd later regret. But he was so furious he couldn't help but lash out at some demons that came too close, before taking the stairs up. He found Sara and Sebastian in the garden reading under the same tree Sara had been clinging to before. Sara sat on Sebastians' lap playing casually with a lock of his hair while listening to the story.
Sebastian glanced up when Lucifer came thundering towards them but kept on reading so Sara did not see his mood change. He spread his wings out and dumped himself beside the duo, leaning his head against the tree with a sigh. He listened to Sebastian’s calming voice, while trying to calm himself down.
Sebastian knew him so well that he knew to leave him alone until he calmed down or decided to talk about it. But he had also known him since God created him, five hundred years after he created Lucifer. He was not like any of the other angels Lucifer had met before, and he had taken a liking to him and had taken him under his wing, making him first commander of his army in heaven. But soon, he became the angel that stopped him from doing stupid things or saying the wrong words. Archangel Michael used to say that it was like God had created Sebastian for Lucifer. If angels had moms, that's how Lucifer would describe Sebastian, as for how he had acted at times. He stayed right by his side, defending him in heaven after Sariel’s death.
That was the reason he was cast out of heaven with him.
But Lucifer had to admit, he would've never survived with his sanity intact if Sebastian hadn’t been at his side. Not only was he the one of the highest commanders in hell, but also his dearest friend. At times like these, Sebastian knew he had to ask because Lucifer wouldn't say anything if he did not. “How many?” He asked when Sara had gone far enough to pick flowers. Lucifer answered him as he watched Sara run around the garden.
“Anybody we knew?”
“I didn't look,” Sebastian looked at him with understanding eyes. Worst was it when the demons came with angels they had known. Especially those angels that had been under Lucifer's command in heaven. The smell of sulfur and flowers mixed with the sweet smell of burnt angel flesh, as the demons got rid of the remains, the bones would take their place in the catacomb, but they disposed of the flesh.
Sara looked up sniffing the air, but didn't think much of the weird odor as she was used to the kitchen sometimes making weird food, and continued picking flowers to her flower crowns. Both of the angels felt their stomach churn when they smelt it.
Sara came running towards them with the crowns, putting them on each of their heads and smiling.
"Now you both really look like angels,” she laughed and dumped herself between Lucifer's legs. He brushed his fingers over the dahlias and smiled to himself, knowing that this was the thing he needed to calm down: Sara at his side, just being alive.
”But we are not quite angels.” He remembered that in heaven, angels didn't wear clothes, except when they were near humans, as they don’t look at the other gender with lustful eyes. In hell it was quite the opposite of humans: whoever did not get eaten could look forward to hundreds of demons ripping their soul apart at all times.
In hell there was no dress code, but they mostly wore dark colors, because of where they were. Suddenly, Oka Cook came running across the grass plain with a face that told Lucifer it was obviously not something he was comfortable saying.
 “My king, all that meat, it's such a waste. No one has ever tasted it before and…maybe...when they actually come to us, I can…you know?” He wiped the sweat from his forehead.
”Do you imply we should go into cannibalism? That’s not going to happen! Even I'm not that evil!” Lucifer said disgusted over even the suggestion of such a thing.
Sebastian had been right: when Lucifer had created them, they would be weird creatures, even those that had been humans before. Sometimes Lucifer couldn’t help but despise the demons, full-blooded or not, even though he had created them. ”What is cannibalism?” Sara asked curiously and looked at Oka, who had a horrified look on his face, looking at Lucifer, who was not at all happy. “It is a food that tastes disgusting. If anybody asks you if you want some, say no," Sebastian said and looked intensely at her. She nodded with a determined face.
”I promise!”

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