The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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13. chapter 12

I sigh relaxed as I step out of the bathroom after my bath, but my determination has just grown, I want to talk to Lucifer and sort this out, whatever it is that is between us.
I give the towel to a demon and decide to look for him, but can't find him the usual places, like the garden, library or the living room area he got created for me, where there is a television and play station and everything that would keep a kid and a teen entertained.
He is clearly avoiding me, Sebastian catches me running towards the rooftop where he sometimes sits.
There is a tower I think was used as a lookout place before I came, but since the entire sky is an illusion so I can't see anything, it isn't used anymore. But sometimes Lucifer sits up there on the terrace or crawls out the window and sits on the roof. I start to walk towards the stairs leading up, when I bump into Neinor he catches me right before I fall to the floor, and then drop me.
 “Sorry didn't mean to catch you, what are you doing running around the castle like some lunatic?” I rub my bottom getting real tired of him making me hurt it and say I'm looking for Lucifer while getting up. “Yeah… no, he doesn’t want to see you right now” he steps in front of me when I try to walk past him; I look up at him with a raised brow.
“Would you please move out of the way?” I try again but once again he goes in front of me and cross his arms and raise an eyebrow to dare me to try again. “ Neinor please, I'm not in the mood, I need to go and apologize to him” I look at him pleading, but he doesn’t move away from my path, and I know I can't like trick my way past him, tried that once, ended with me getting literally hanker up in the neck and carried down to my room.  I am much older now, but pretty sure he can still do it, one of the worst things by not being small, and only like go to Neinor's shoulders and the other's chest, Lucifer, and Sebastian is almost two meters, and Neinor isn't long from that, me I can barely reach the top shelves in my closet.
“I said he doesn’t want to be bothered, I know you isn't the smartest, but even you should understand that” sometimes it's hard to ignore he's mean comments like that “ come with me” he starts to drag me  towards the living room, I know better than trying to resist so I decide to look for Lucifer later. When we step inside he pulls me towards the television area and pushes me into a bean bag, I catch the console before it hit me in the face and look at the television.
 “I feel like beating someone, but since I'm on babysitter duty and isn't allowed to kick your ass, I have to do it this way” some boxing games name show up on the television screen and I know that this can take hours before we are done. Neinor is very competitive, and sadly so am I, or at least when it comes to things like this, where I actually have a chance of beating him in something.
I don't know how long we sat there screaming at the television before Sebastian told us there was dinner, but my body was stiff when I got up ignoring Neinor's triumph smile, he won again.
He brags about it all the way down to the dining hall about how he kicked my bottom, but I do the same when I for a chance win so I only roll my eyes, letting him gloat.
He opens the door for me clearly in a good mood, I look around but don’t see Lucifer as his usual spot on the end of the table, I sit down over from Sebastian with Neinor left side with a sigh. Had hoped I could catch him after dinner so he couldn’t run away, but seem like he is really trying to avoid me. Sebastian as usual get is angel grace and fruits and nuts while Neinor and I get a steak, which was promised, was eatable for humans.
Frustrated I head towards my room after Neinor and I have played a little more and he, of course, won again. It's clear that they both don’t want me to bother Lucifer so when I head up the grand staircase to the bedroom chambers, I didn't think I would bump into him, or more like fall. Going in my own thoughts, I don’t realize the stairs have just been cleaned, and when I hear someone behind me I turn around to see who it is, but slip on the wet step instead of making me fall into the person behind me head first. We stumble down the stairs with me landing on top. I rub my head while opening my eyes, seeing it no other than Lucifer that is beneath me. I sit up with a surprised squeal ready to apologize while feeling my head heat up, great.
Now I am as clumsy as he is. Lucifer looks at me for a second and then suddenly smirks, taking a hold of my hips. “ This is a very good position” I look down at him surprised, not really sure what I should say to that, does he mean that he was glad I fell on top of him? Before I can ask his eyes widen and he frantically sits up almost making me fall off him “ Sara are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Does it hurt?” he touches my forehead with soft fingers, I shake my head while letting him help me up. Sebastian and Neinor come running probably from hearing the crash with worried expressions, Neinor sees my red face and start to laugh when Lucifer tell them what happened, while Sebastian checking me for injuries. Sebastian copes my head with his hands looking me deep in the eye, frowning. Before concluding I am alright and let go. “Since when did you become the clumsy one?” Sebastian laughs softly looking at Lucifer that stands there with his mouth curved into a smile. Well at least he didn't run away I think smiling back.
I look at Neinor that stands there smirking and I know this won't be the last time I hear of this, because normally is Lucifer the reason for stuff like this, not me.
After the cleaning demons are done apologizing and Lucifer keep saying its fine, we should have been more careful. He takes my hand and led me carefully up the stairs while asking Sebastian to go to his chambers and get my pajamas.  I can't help but feel relieved over that I finally am allowed back in Lucifer's bed. I sleep great with Sebastian or Neinor, but I sleep best when I am with Lucifer because he will always make sure I only dream pleasant dreams.
And I feel safe when I am around him, even after today seeing him covered in blood like that.
When I get my pajamas I quickly change into the shorts and the top, while Lucifer gets off his shirt and lay down on the bed. I quickly jump into bed with him and cuddle up to him, I feel the warmth of his wing when he put it over me as a blanket. I can't remember a time I feel my safe than when he does that. He put an arm around me and pulls me closer to him, and I can't help but beam with happiness against his chest, while tangling my legs with his.
Lucifer always say we are tangled together like garn in the morning when he wakes up, but then again, I don’t think Lucifer like to sleep alone either, so we both kind of cling to each other through the night. “ goodnight Bunny” he whispers kissing my hair, I feel the warm sensation of Lucifer entering my mind and let him sweep me away in a dream about a summer day on the beach.



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