The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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2. Chapter 1

Lucifer looked at the girl lying soundly asleep beside him on the round bed, clutching her bunny tightly to her chest, grasping his feathers in the other hand.
He smiled as he touched her little chin, not believing she had been with him for fourteen days. He was surprised over how easy she had started to relax in his company, as well as thinking of Hell as her home. The first week she had woken up each night screaming for her dead parents, as she remembered that dreadful night.
Lucifer knew that Sara missed her parents, even though she acted brave, pretending she didn't. His brave little Bunny.
But as she started to sleep with him, he had been able to enter her dreams and erase the nightmares. She now seemed at ease.
He showed her only pleasant dreams, as the one she dreamt of as she lay beside him.
Lucifer's smile widened when she took her dad's hand as they skated over the frozen lake. She giggled happily in her dream. He saw a faint smile on her lips in the dim light from the oil lamp hanging on the wall, and he smiled softly, happy that she did not cling to him anymore and had begun to explore the castle with Sebastian by her side. Lucifer could not allow her to leave the castle, so he trusted the demons inside the barrier to protect and prevent her from seeing a room she was not supposed to, or leave.
Sara still spent most of her time by Lucifer's side. When he checked the paperwork she would sit on the carpet in front of his old Victorian mahogany desk, playing with feathers or drawing while humming some unknown melody.
He could not remember anything being more calming than listening to her soft voice.
Lucifer knew that the demons thought the castle had been turned upside down after her arrival, as they now had to hide their demonic traits, and look like ordinary humans with black eyes. But Lucifer did not want to bring any more attention to where she was than she already was aware of.
At first, he had been concerned that she may be afraid of him, knowing who he was, but he soon realized she saw him as her savior, the hero that had saved her from the ‘bad men’ that had murdered her parents.
Lucifer could not help but wonder what she would think if she knew those ‘bad men’ had been angels sent by God to assassinate her.
Her eyelids fluttered open as she looked at him drowsily with that small smile on her lips.
“Shouldn’t you be sleeping? Mom always says that even the devil needs rest.” Lucifer could not help but chuckle softly at her words and brushed a dark chocolate-colored curl out of piercing blue eyes that looked at him with no fear.
“I don’t sleep, my mind has the scary capability of being dark and tormented” Lucifer quickly realized by her frown she did not understand what he meant. It was easy to forget that she still was a mere child.
“Are you scared of your dreams?” she asked tilting her head.
“Yes, I am.” Sara suddenly put her tiny hand on his chin, as she leaned up and kissed his forehead, he looked at her baffled as she smiled at him.
“There, now all the bad dreams are gone. Mom did that to me when I had a scary dream." Before he got a chance to answer, as she cuddled up to him, and her breathing slowed down, indicating she was asleep. He shook his head, quietly laughing as he pulled her closer, still afraid to close his eyes, scared to wake only to find her gone.
Snatched from under his nose as so many times before, he could not handle watching her die once more. Sliding a finger across her chin, reassuring himself that she was still there, safe. She had been so brave, even as she had been standing there with tearful eyes clutching her bunny, asking where she was. Her eyes had not left his as she moved away from his reach, how it had pained him when he realized she must have been terrified of him standing there covered in blood.
He had tried to reassure her, telling her she was safe as she looked around the garden, promising her he willed her no harm. He had crouched down to be in eyesight with her as he folded his wings behind him, and it had seemed to help as she had asked who he was with a trembling voice.
He had told her he was the devil to some, and an angel to others, but his name was Lucifer. He knew as her eyes widened that she knew who he was, especially when she had put a hand on his forehead, he chuckled lightly remembering her look when she did not find any horns. And how she had wrinkled her little nose, as she smelled sulfur under the aroma of flowers.
But when Sebastian, his beloved friend that had fallen alongside him, entered the garden and came their way, she had sought protection from him. Sebastian hardly believed his eyes as he had seen the small girl covered in blood standing close up at him, but he quickly did as Lucifer had crouched down and reassured her that he would not harm her, asking for her name. Sebastian had always had a way with humans, and Sara was no different. His silvery voice allured her closer, the same voice that had savored and attracted many humans to their death.
But Lucifer knew that Sebastian would never hurt her, and as she shook his hand after telling him her name was Sara Blackmore, did Lucifer not even flinch when Sebastian took her up in his arms. Sebastian's purple eyes had beamed with happiness on Lucifer's behalf as he took Sara to the bathroom to get cleaned.
Lucifer could not remember a happier moment for hundreds of years as he realized he finally had her.

“Lucifer, we have so many deals and wars going on after we got more resources because you have found... you know...” Kraleus, the blond demon pointed his head towards Sara, who was sitting beside the desk, drawing a house. “We should get more marching hordes upon earth to create chaos. We have just received the information that the you know who-guy is considering to try out one day to become president in the next twelve years. We have removed the demon possessing him 6 months ago, but it appears that some demonic traits were left behind.” Lucifer took the file Kraleus handed him as he asked him if they should put the demon back, or if Lucifer thinks he will do fine on his own. As Lucifer read through the file he could not help but be slightly impressed, this man was just as sadistic and cruel as if the demon was still possessing him.
“There seems to be no need, this guy does plenty without us having to involve ourselves, instead send some demons to Korea, it has been quite some time since we have created havoc down there. If this guy does end up getting elected I think we might be lucky. He might start world war 3.” Lucifer smiled, handing Abbadon, who was standing beside Kraleus with a smirk, the file. Lucifer turned his attention towards Sara that sat there with paint all over her face, and as usual hummed that song that Lucifer was not familiar with, but nonetheless calmed him down. Kraleus and Abaddon shared a glare as they realized that the meeting was over for today, and headed towards the door to leave. Sara realized Lucifer was looking at her and sent him a sweet smile, he felt his own lips curl up into one, wondering how long it had been since he had smiled this much. Lucifer smacked his feet up on the desk and leaned back in the chair listening with closed eyes, listening to her humming, when he heard hasty footsteps belonging to Sebastian coming down the corridor, headed for his office.
Even before Sebastian's head peeked in was Lucifer heading towards the door knowing it was urgent if Sebastian was there. He told Sara to wait for him to come back before heading after Sebastian, worried.
As Lucifer got up on Sebastian's side, he was told angels were spotted by one of the gatekeepers; they were trying to find a way into hell. He knew what that meant.
They were coming for her.
He felt anger boil inside of him like a scorching fire, clenching his hands as he tried not to punch any walls. His wings shivered with frustration. He had to hold his anger at bay. Even when he finally had her, they would not leave him alone. As he entered the long, dimly lit throne room, only lighted up by the chandeliers created of bones above, he found a horde of demons awaiting him. As he approached they moved out of the way, letting him march up to his throne with Sebastian by his side, as the demon's eyes laid nervously on the throne created from bones of the demons who disobeyed or disappointed Lucifer through the eras.
As he sat down he spread his wings, and leaned back crossing his legs, he slide a nail over the armrest skull making an eerie sound that made the demons cringe in fear.
“I have heard rumors about angels in my kingdom, and I will not tolerate it.” Nervous mumbles were spread through the crowd. “From now one there will be guards on every gate, and each angel will be killed or handed over to me, do I make myself clear?” He growled, looking at the many demons in the room before ordering to leave. He turned his gaze towards Sebastian, standing beside the throne, telling him that he would like him to help Abbadon get the best demons situated on the main gates to close the castle.
Sebastian nodded before heading down the throne room, putting his long purple hair into a ponytail, using the braid Sara had made to tie it.
As Sebastian closed the door, Lucifer sighed loudly, putting his fingers on his bunny lines to remove an upcoming migraine. He didn't hear the door opening and the small footsteps coming towards the throne, before a sweet voice pulled him out of his thoughts.
“What is wrong Lucifer, does your head hurt?” He looked up only to see Sara stand there, with her bunny in her arms looking worried at him. He shook his head and opened his arms. She quickly jumped onto his lap as he ruffled her hair.
“There is no need to worry about me, Bunny. There are just some problems outside of the castle I have to deal with” he smiled at her reassuringly.
She rested her head on his shoulder, and listen to her steady heartbeat as it calmed him down.
She is with me, no one can reach her, and this heart will keep on beating many years from now, he thought, forcing himself to calm completely down before standing up with Sara in his arms, walking out of the throne room.
Demons ran bewildered around the corridors as they headed towards the door leading down to the kitchen. He shortly glanced at the paintings as they walked past them, only just realizing how many new ones have been added.
The castles' corridors were all decorated with paintings. Sebastian had painted portraits of Sara and him, as well as some others.
So many littered the sides that Lucifer could barely see the stone walls. They finally reached the heavy wooden door leading down to the kitchen, and walked down the stairs, as both of their stomachs growled loudly. He opened the door at the end and stepped into the giant room filled with running demons.
A sweet aroma lingered in the air as they stepped inside; every demon in the kitchen stopped and looked at the king, with confusion, never seeing him down here before. He would normally order some demon to fetch him what he needed.
“We are hungry, fetch us something to eat.” He shouted out into the kitchen, unsure of who was in charge, when a plumb demon with the name of Oka whom Lucifer had met several times, rushed towards them.
“You heard the king! Find them something to eat!” Oka’s tail swiped furiously through the air before vanishing. He wiped his forehead nervously as he bowed. “King Lucifer, I am your humble servant, Oka the cook, I run this kitchen,” he muttered, looking at Sara with interest. Lucifer knows that Sara had been the biggest gossip in hell ever since she arrived. This was the mysterious girl the king had searched for so long, and the reason the castle had new rules.
“Hello mister Oka, my name is Sara.” She smiled, reaching her hand towards him politely. Nervously, he shook her hand looking at Lucifer to make sure it was okay.
Sara doesn’t seem to have realized how the entire room had silenced as they walked in, as they were all highly strung about the fact the king was in their presence.
A young demon came running over to them with a bottle of Grace and a soup for Sara, putting them on the big table Lucifer had sat her on.
“This is the best soup in all Hell” Oka smiled proudly. “It has it all: Batwings, wolf heart-“ Sara looked horrified at the green soup in front of her, while Oka chanted up what was in the soup.
“He is joking Bunny, it is cow.” Lucifer smiled, trying to reassure her, she took the spoon with a skeptical expression before putting it back, as Oka started talking about how it isn't cow. Lucifer sent him a glare to shut him up. “It is beef, nothing weird. Try and taste it.” She looked at it suspiciously,  and quickly put the spoon in her mouth. It was clear to them all she had swallowed it.
He tried to tell her that he won't feed her anything that isn't edible for humans, looking at Oka to tell him that he is also talking to him, before drinking his own meal.
 “I’m not hungry anymore, you can eat the soup,” she said as she gave him a strained smile, and pushed the bowl away. Lucifer pulled her up from the chair and told her was past her bedtime, as she yawned loudly. Lucifer asked her if she would sleep with him again tonight, and couldn’t help but smile as she nodded her head, putting a hand on his back to take a hold of his feathers.
Lucifer had quickly realized that Sara was fascinated by his wings. As they head up to the chambers, she almost fell asleep in his arms. When he entered his chamber and put her down, she curled into a ball. He suddenly remembered the first time she saw his bed and she asked him why it was so big and round, and he had to explain to her that with a wingspan as big as his, you had to have enough space around you to not pull a wing because you accidentally slept on it.
The whole castle was built for one with wings; the door frame was big and the floors always cleaned, so his wings wouldn't get dirty. Everything that could be knocked over was removed from wing height.
After the first hundreds of years with broken feathers and dirty wings, Lucifer had learnt things.
When you had a wingspan as big as a human eagle, there had to be room to move, both for the sake of Lucifer as well as others.
Lucifer slowly laid down beside her putting a wing protectively over Sara, and she quickly took a hold of some feathers, as she always does when she felt his wings.
He created a dream of Sara with her parents in the woods making flower crowns, before closing his own eyes.

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