The Rise of Darkness

In a world of seemingly undisturbed peace, a dark threat rises. Unknown to the clans, there has never been a more prevalent time for the treaty to be in place, but when the treaty is destroyed, unity falls with it. The job of securing the safety of the clans and the eliminating of evil is left to a small group of young clan members.

Together, Karaka, Samil, Takiar and Theodore must fight to regain the peace that has been lost. This is a tale of companionship, adventure, and most of all, betray. Follow a story as it turns into legend.


1. Foreword


Hello Movellians, 

This is in fact a re-upload of a very old movella I was writing a while back. It's been a couple years since then, and I feel like I have developed as both a person and a writer, and since my writing has improved over the years. Although I will say the plot is very similar before, the writing style (in my humble opinion) is far improved and so vastly more enjoyable. 

Although I have been working on this for years, since I find myself continuously adding to it and rewriting parts as my writing improves, this is still an unfinished project. However, at 80,000 words and counting, I'm happy to say I am nearing the end of this little adventure and shall be releasing chapters regularly.

I was waiting for another competition (perhaps a new novel of the year contest to come out) but since nothing has been coming up of any relevance to the novel, I figured I may as well just publish it now and get some feedback whilst it's still in draft form.

Would love any comments of advice you can give, the more constructive criticism the better.


Much love,

Rumble :3

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