The Rise of Darkness

In a world of seemingly undisturbed peace, a dark threat rises. Unknown to the clans, there has never been a more prevalent time for the treaty to be in place, but when the treaty is destroyed, unity falls with it. The job of securing the safety of the clans and the eliminating of evil is left to a small group of young clan members.

Together, Karaka, Samil, Takiar and Theodore must fight to regain the peace that has been lost. This is a tale of companionship, adventure, and most of all, betray. Follow a story as it turns into legend.


6. Chapter 4 - Meeting Place



Night had almost fallen before people started to arrive. The first few spectators stood at the edges, unsure of what to say or do. Not too much later a group of the Eagle clan arrived. Theodore had hoped for their assistance before the rage of the rest of the clans started, but no such luck. He stood up, calling out to them for help, waving for their attention. He had forgotten about his leg for a few seconds, but soon enough he remember when it gave way and started to hurt unbearably once more. Melisa entered the camp slowly, staring around, taking everything in.

“Theodore, how could you? What have you done? How? How? Explain yourself.” shouted Melisa, obviously hurt at the scene. The Eagle Clan leader stormed over to him and stared him down, still shouting.

“I must have been Matieer...leg...Ouchy” gasped Theodore in pain.

“Come on boy, Speak properly, I can’t understand you. Theodore, Matieer attacked you, is that right? Is that what you mean?” She turned to the people next to her, “He belongs to the Otter Clan correct?” she barked, with nods in response,


“Speak properly.”

“Mother.” shouted Menda, Melissa daughter, next in line to be clan leader, a fierceness on her face that could compete with her mother’s “Calm down, He’s badly hurt, we need to help him first before he gets any worse, maybe then he can tell us more about what has happened.”

“No. If he is responsible we have to take action. This will raise an uproar if he isn’t removed immediately.”

“Mother.” The two women stared at each other, glaring each other down.

“No...No, no, no...Ice dragon. Was attacked by Matieer, the leg, bad, not good. Evil…Fuck my leg…Help.” Strained Theodore.

“You are talking rubbish boy, ice dragons? Here? They live in the mountains. Is this another one of your pranks? Tell me boy.”

“Are you being serious right now mother? Bleeding out is a bit far to go for a prank.”

“He probably just tripped over, slicing open his leg in the process. Got himself knocked out and all. He is imagining things, in his confusion managed to, well destroy the camp…” She paused and looked around the camp, surely it wasn’t possible for one injured man to do this. The huts had been pulled down, the wood splintered in half, fragments lying in pieces. “You’ll end the treaty anyone finds out about you destroying the celebration camp.” shouted Melisa, almost screaming. After it went quiet, and everyone started murmuring,

“It wasn’t me. I swear…ice dragon. Listen to me.” Theodore gasped. The pain starting to become too much as he felt himself becoming faint. Just as he finished speaking, other clans gathered around the forest clearing. The newcomers came talking happily and smiling, but now they were set on gasping, whispering and staring at the mess. Eyes darted towards the gathering around Theodore. The stares were angry, confused and startled, their faces falling.

“What is the meaning of this? What does this mean?” Yelled an angry clan leader, “What, do you not want to be a part of this? Our yearly celebration rejuvenates our dedication and support of the treaty for a whole year.”

“Of course we do. This isn’t anything to do with us.” Argued Melisa before she was interrupted by another leader,

“Just what? Huh? What could possibly explain this?”

“Please believe me…it was…my leg was attacked. Matieer. Leg…bad.” Theodore shuddered. A few whispers arose throughout the camp.

“Are you suggesting someone from my own camp attacked you?” Masua ran forward in a protective manner, in front of his clan, enraged. His eyes almost looked like they were burning.


“And why should we believe you?” shouted Takiar, with agreeing replies from the crowd, him, Karaka and Samil had just arrived in a nick of time to watch the whole ordeal. They pushed their way to the front of the crowd, so they had a view of the scene.

“Takiar.” Karaka muttered “Don’t make this worse.”

Karaka continued to walk forward, as he did so the remaining members in front of him parted. As he reached Masua they closed behind him, and he stood next to the clan leader defensively. From here he could oversee the entire area. Every tent, except from the eagle clans, was lying in pieces. You could no longer decipher the difference between broken pieces of tent and the camp fire. Benches that had been so lovingly carved and engraved laid in tatters, the different camps symbols uninterpretable from each other. Theodore was sitting on the ground amidst the carnage, his face pale and sweating, clothing in tatters and covered in blood and dirt. His leg was wrapped in leaves and green stained with red.

“Because...” Theodore tried to answer Takiar’s question,

“Because what Theodore? What.” shouted Masua, his usually calm aura gone, and his face red. Karaka had never seen him so angered.

“Masua, give him a chance, let him explain himself.” Karaka whispered in Masua's ear,

“Leave this.” He said roughly to Karaka,

“Because...” Theodore gasped, and slipped from his seated position, attempting to get back up with his stick with no one would assisting him. “Listen...we together. don't know what...what could be coming next.” Everyone fell silent, and then, more angry mummers started to arise.

Karaka removed himself from Masua's side, realising it was a lost cause. Finding Samil and Takiar, and he pulled them away from the group,

“I think he’s telling the truth, I mean...earlier...the meeting; they said they would turn us against each other, they said that they had set Theodore up in a trap,” Karaka explained

“What’s your plan of action?” whispered Samil.

“What?” asked Karaka,

“Your plan of action? Karaka, come on you always have one?” Samil said,

“Oh...right yeah...” Karaka paused in thought for a moment, before turning, pushing through the crowd again, he passed Masua who tried to hold his hand out to stop him, but Karaka looked into his eyes and said, “Its fine, I’ve got this.” Masua slowly removed his hand, choosing to trust in Karaka. He walked into the centre of the camp, still leaving Theodore in his tent. He started to speak to the crowd loudly, addressing the whole semi-circle of people in front of him,

“I think Theodore is right. We felt a dark force enter the otter camp, so...we hid” before being interrupted by a clan leader.

“You and whom?”

“Erm...Samil and Takiar” as soon as he said their names, the clans all looked around to look at Samil and Takiar, both just smiled, embarrassed,

“I'm going to kill you.” Takiar mouthed to Karaka, who just waved at him, “But anyway, it turned out there was a meeting taking place; they, well this collection of people, were discussing plans to take over, by turning us against each other. They said they had sent a dragon to destroy this place, and how Matieer had set Theodore up in a trap. Who apparently has also been spying on me for this creepy man for goodness knows how long? That was their plan, this was not Theodore's fault, don't blame him, its Matieer who has to answer for himself.” Everyone turned towards Matieer, who was pale and white. His eyes shook from side to side, unsure of what to do or say next,

“Don’t trust him, he lies. He killed Lakefur,” shouted Matieer, “he has betrayed us, him and his friends, they must be declared clanless.” Murmurs of agreements arose, Matieer’s white face changed, and his sickly smile was evil and jeering, for once winning.

“We all know who really killed Lakefur.” Karaka stared at Matieer, who glared back, “Don't try to hide it Matieer, we know now.”

“All in favour in making Karaka, Takiar, Samil and Theodore clanless, and giving them what they deserve?” Matieer quickly said, trying to get himself out of trouble, to his delight some of the groups hands were raised. The majority of the otter clan stayed silent, hands down, all but Matieer’s group were sure of Karaka's true loyalty, and didn’t doubt him. Matieer’s grin still grew however, feeling he had a foothold to be able to say, “Come on then, there’s no way you can avoid getting out of trouble for this one.”

“Wait.” shouted a booming female voice, the foreseer. An agreeably wide woman, who had seen better days. Her skin had shrunken, but her black markings that almost covered her head to toe could still be seen, “I have seen something, something terrible, they are-” she suddenly let out a gasp and fell forward, and they could see clearly an arrow in her back, the clan sign of the scorpion blazed on the wood. Cries arose from all the clans,

“This is an outrage, you are all just as bad as each other, none of you are to be trusted. I will no longer be a part of this anarchy.” shouted the Fox leader, Lewisia, with roars of approval from her clan.

“Same with us.”

“And us.”

“Consider the treaty disbanded.”

“Are you kidding me right now?” Karaka almost screamed, “This is what they want. Don’t you see?” but his plea fell upon deaf ears.

“If any of you come near us than you will suffer.” And with that, clans marched off in different directions.

“You four,” shouted a man from amongst the chaos, with his finger pointed at Karaka, Theodore, Samil and Takiar in turn, “you would be advised to stay out of everyone’s way. Don’t think I don’t doubt that you are all involved in this.” As soon as the last clan disappeared into the forest, their own conversation started.

“Right, great, were now effectively clanless thanks. If we even go near anyone we’ll probably be shot.” Takiar said bluntly from the corner of the camp where he had been left by the other clans.

“Well at least we tried.” replied Karaka.

“Erm...thanks...wasn’t worth though.” Theodore stuttered.
“Shh, Theodore you need to rest.” Samil quietly comforted Theodore, crouched next to him. Samil and Theodore had been close friends since they were young, before Karaka even had joined the otter clan. Without realising it, jealousy struck him.

“Look its fine, but we are stuck together now. We have no choice but to accept that. We need to go onwards, if no one else is going to go up against these people, then that leaves us. With the clans so on edge, it’s not like we can assist in treaty politics. Leave that to the leaders. There’s only four of us now, well if you can really count Theodore. So we need to stick together. So, the next plan of action, if you were an evil force, where would you go?” Karaka questioned,

“You can’t possibly mean that we are actually going after them?” Exclaimed Takiar,

“Yes. Now back to the question. Any answers?” although Karaka already knew the answer, he just hoped someone else would come up with a different idea, but no such luck. “Forbidden islands it is then.” Stated Karaka.





It was already dark, so Karaka, Samil, Theodore and Takiar stayed in the Eagle Clan’s tent. Samil had redone Theodore's cast, so he was a lot more comfortable, but still in a lot of pain. Samil had done her best to reduce his pain, but not enough to keep him content. As it reached morning, a hunting horn was sounded. Possibly stating that their safety was now up, and that they were now outcasts. Well at least they got to keep the coloured stripe in their hair. Perhaps instead it signified the end of the treaty. At least if they were attacked, they would be safer in numbers. As the morning arrived, the group made their silent way through the forest, taking care to make as little noise as possible. If they were heard, they would most likely be hunted and slaughtered. Takiar was at the back, armed with a bow and arrow in order to protect them from any surprise attackers, whilst Samil helped Theodore hobble along by putting her arm around him, supporting him along with his stick. Karaka walked sourly onwards, heading the group. He cut his way through the undergrowth bitterly with a large knife made for cutting large branches which he found back at the meeting point. They were heading towards a small fast river, branching off the river Earl called the river Alang. They would then travel down it, so they would be able to head towards the coast Rica. They would then be able to continue their journey with the least amount of disruption. They had to be careful, as further down the river, the otter camp were rested, between where the river Earl branched out to make the river Alang. Their destination was the old otter camp, where they planned to settle at. The old camp had been abandoned a couple years ago due to a large flood. The huts were drowned and possessions were lost, as well as threatening the wellbeing of the camp members.


Theodore soon noticed Karaka’s jealously at Samil helping him out so much, so took it upon himself to play mind games. Theodore at least found it amusing, even if Karaka didn’t. He would even occasionally giggle to himself, not being able to control himself. Stirring worried looks from Takiar and Samil, who must have thought he was going mad when no one else seemed to get the joke.


When the group finally reached the old camp, they remembered all the stories about the old abandoned town and it was exactly that. It was un-kept and almost looked like it was dead. The once lively huts were ruins and surrounded in shrapnel, most of the huts still looked waterlogged, but some were still habitable. A few were covered in rotting plants that had been picked up from the flood and had got caught on the hut. In most of the huts, the straw from the top of most huts had been swept away, as well as part of the walls. The huts were meant to be on stilts to protect it from the water, even when it was higher. Some huts had had their stilts completely blown away and were nestling on the ground, whilst some others were standing preciously on two or three legs. The forest surrounding it had started to grow into the camp, taking over the boundary and the tree line. Sometimes it had even crept into a few of the outermost huts. Weeds had started to build up on the sand, and vines crept down from trees onto roofs, creating swirls of green on the straw colour huts. It was almost pitch black as they had been travelling for so long. They had finally settled in the least damaged hut, but they were they were thirsty, hungry and tired. Karaka and Theodore especially, whose feet were sore and blistering,

“So, anyone wanting to come fishing?” asked Karaka, hoping Samil might finally leave Theodore’s side.

“Sure” replied Takiar

“Erm, I’ll stay with Theodore then” smiled Samil, before turning around and starting to make anti-sceptic for Theodore’s leg, much to Karaka's dismay. He was still unsure about how Samil even knew how to do these things. Whilst Samil's back was turned, Theodore winked and grinned at Karaka, lying on his back on the bed that Samil had set up for him, but Karaka just scowled in response and turned away. He felt better when he was walking away and heard Theodore crying out as a cream was applied to his leg, with Samil shouting sorry at him.


As Karaka and Takiar entered the icy water, it cooled their feet and released the pressure that had slowly built up during their journey. Karaka was carrying a stick with a sharp, chiselled rock at the end. It had been made years ago, and not in the greatest condition. Karaka had found it leaning against the side of the hut Takiar too had found his own. They slowly gathered quite a collection of fish, which they just simply threw on the side to collect later. It was fairly quiet until halfway through, when Takiar started to question Karaka,

“Are you ok?” He asked, a simple question to start off with,

“Yeah, course, why shouldn’t I be?” answered Karaka quickly,

“Well, it’s just, you’ve not been acting normal, ever since Theodore and Samil got back together.”

“Oh, well, would you really say back together?”

“Well, yes”

“And when were they ‘together’?” the thought hit Karaka, he hadn’t heard this before,

“Not too long ago...a couple of months maybe? They were real close if you know what I mean.” Karaka couldn’t help wondering how he didn’t know that, he thought he knew her pretty well. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she got back together with him, I mean, he’s a real catch. From a girl’s point of view of course. I’ve heard about him a lot from the others in the camp. I mean even I’m slightly jealous of him, and I mean, come on, look at me.” Takiar made a big deal at pointing to himself, Karaka laughed along with him and his joke, he looked at Theodore from the river, into the hut where he could see Theodore’s pain stricken, yet still amazingly rugged, handsome face, little drops of sweat gathered on his brow, he shuddered slightly at the weird thought, “Everyone loves him; you should hear the other girls in camp...”

“So who, you know, who broke up with who?” asked Karaka, trying to sound casual and disinterested,

“I’m not definitely sure...but I think it was her. Although all the other girls thought she was mad for breaking up with him, they were all so jealous, but I suppose it gave them a shot of him.”

“Did she say why?” questioned Karaka, a bit more interested this time,

“Well it was just sort of weird for her I guess...them being such good friends, plus the distance. I mean it’s kind of a big trek from the camp to the mountain. But if you ask me I think she was more interested about this other guy”

“Do you know who it was?”

“I’m not sure...she’s only really mentioned it in passing, but I did catch things about what others have heard like, something about dark hair and quite tall, at least that’s what I think I was told. A lot like you really, but not you of course...I mean why would it be you? Especially when I'm around.” Karaka tried to hide his blushing face, he was actually quite glad about having this talk with Takiar now he knew all this, “Still...they might be back together now”

“Nah, I don’t think so, they’re just good friends”

“Well, ok then but they’ve been spending a lot of time together.”

“Nah, like I said, friends, Samil's just been looking after him, that’s all. They’ve been friends for years haven’t they? It’s just a bit of friendly help.”

“Oh...ok then.” said Takiar, unsure, “Well, but are you ok though?”

“Yeah, yeah fine.” And with that, Takiar waddled off in search of more fish. Karaka took a deep breath, and sunk beneath the icy water, clutching his spear in one hand. When Karaka and Takiar finally retired from fishing that day, they were laden with fish. Learning to fish so well from their time in the Otter camp back home really helped out in this situation. Karaka suddenly came to the realisation of just how much he missed camp, and the good times they all had had together. Karaka knew those moments were gone now, and would most likely would never happen again. He wished they could though, the Otter Camp was a place where he could really enjoy himself, where he felt safe and secure. At least compared to out here, where the risk of flooding could happen at any time. As he saw Samil, Takiar and Theodore sitting by the fire, with the smell of Samil’s wondrous fish stew, he saw that even now, in the worst of times, they were laughing, happy and joyful.


As Karaka sat and ate his meal, he found his mind reaching dark places. He struggled with the realisation that it was his fault, his fault only. He had brought them in to this mess, him and his history, not them. They shouldn’t have to be here, they didn’t do anything, and they shouldn’t have to go through this. Maybe if he left, things would be better for them. They hadn’t done anything wrong, maybe they could go on without him, it would probably be better, it would be safer. One less mouth to feed. To Karaka, they could probably go on in life without him. Maybe they could go back to their clans, no fuss. It wasn’t them, it was him. He must be the root cause in this, everything circled around him. He would get up early in the morning the next day, and he would leave knowing there would be no awkward goodbyes, no arguments, just him, gone. His thoughts were interrupted by his friend’s laughter. He joined in, although unsure of the joke, and put on a brave face, he would make this the best night he could.

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