It was there and always be there

Two childhood friend (Mei and Rei) going through life together and finding out their feelings for each other. They will go through many problem together will that be enough to keep them apart or will they fight through.


1. Us

My name is Mei a normal high school student, every morning it the same thing in a same place. *door open* and this is Rei my best friend since childhood. 

"Mei, how many time do I have to tell you to get ready"? he stood in the door way like the statue not moving for a few minutes. I am not sure if it his handsome face, dark black hair, and his tall strong body or the aura that he give out but he seem to be super popular in school.

'Yeaah yeah" cover my self with blanket to give the signal that I didn't want to get up  "I don't want to get up yet, it cold" but he doesn't seem to get the message because I felt warm body on top of me after a few second later.

"Should I warm you up"?

"R-R-R-REI" try to push him away "you're heavy"

"than you are going to get up and have breakfast with me right"? he ask in such a sweet voice that I couldn't resist. Rei have always been my weakness when it come to things, he seem to get what ever he wants from me. 

"Alright, alright" he pulled the blanket away and start folding it while I curl my self into a ball "where is mom and dad"?

"They went out to do some shopping and ask me to take care of you for the morning" he slowly put the folded blanket down on my pillow "I will wait for you down stair" like that he left the room with a smile. I really don't get him sometime, acting like my mom and than I protect him in return. After a few minutes I walk down the stair and find Rei sitting in the chair patiently I wonder if he ever get bored of doing the same thing with me over and over again.

"Are you not feeling well today"? he ask as I sit down beside him

"I just don't get how your so popular with people when you have no interest in doing so" I couldn't keep quite than unexpectedly, Rei burst out a laugh.

"So that it? I thought you got mad at me, well that a relief" he lean his head on his hand and looked at me with the most happiest smile "are you jealous"? I quickly look away to avoid eye contact with him but I could feel warmth across my whole body, I wonder if I am really sick. 

"Of course not" I begin to eat and ignoring him. "This is great" I smile at him causing him to turn red.


A hour later we walked to school as always Rei got his hooey on like he is hiding from everything, I honestly don't know why but it was his choice so I couldn't do anything about it.

As usually everyone greet me with a smile and Rei walking behind me "Morning Mei" i reply with "Good morning to you too" but I never seem to remember their name. When we get to our locker, Rei locker would be full of letters and gifts as usual but he never bother to read it, he would put it in a bag, bring it home and than it was left in the closet. 

when we arrive at the class room everyone will greet us but the girls and I aren't really in a good term since the beginning. 

"Morning Mei and Rei" Taka greeted us with a smile "Mei looking beautiful as ever" he pat my head and squeeze both of my cheek.

"Thank you very much sir Taka" we laugh it off and went to our seat, but Rei got up to Taka and whisper something to him.

"Mei, I'll be back in a moment" like that Rei left mysteriously.

"Taka, what did Rei say to you"? I ask Taka but he also got up, smile and walk out after Rei.

After minutes later I was sitting in my seat impatiently, just when I was going to go after them Rei came in the room and Taka came in after.

"What happen"? I asked but Rei just went to his seat beside me and said nothing. "Rei"? I couldn't see his expression with his hooey hiding it.

"It nothing to worry about, nothing really happen" he took out his book "take a seat before the teacher come"

Like that I did what I was told, something was off but I couldn't point to it and when I look at Taka all he goes is smile back. But than Taka secretly hand me a little note:

                                                                                      "I think I know why every guy give up on you"   


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