Luna, Solis, Aqua, Terra

Originally a piano composition I wrote, this short poem's characters: the moon, sun, ocean, and earth, represent types of people with hidden talents and desires, who do their best for those around us but are never recognized for their value.

Can you guess the personality and intended dilemma of each one? Which of the four are you?


1. Aug. 20th, 2017


Nobody knows the song of the moon,
Even though it's been calling,
But if you'd take a listen, my dear,
I promise that you'd start sobbing.


No one reminds the sun that it's great.
Day after day it's been trying,
To catch your glance, so that you might ask,
"Oh, how do you do this morning?"


Whispers and cries the ocean does make,
Crawling along on its belly.
And how do we treat its magnificent blue?
With hollow cares and promise.


Numerous are the worries of earth,
Quick to carry a burden.
Not one to complain, for life must maintain,
Our wanderlust and hunger.


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