The Teacher's Pet


2. The "Examination"

She sat in her chair and rolled up to him. He blushed lightly as she pressed her snout to Isaiah's Crotch. His ears flatten and he blushed even more. Then she started to undress him. "M-Miss are you allowed to do this??". She looked up and smirked, then she pulled out the official paper and gave it to him to read. His eyes widen "M-My............M-Mother is letting you do this? Wh-Why??" She rolled her eyes "Because you don't look like you're doing well, besides that you don't react like the other males do to the Educational videos I show you all." She took the paper back and placed it in her desk "W-well if you say so m-miss" Isaiah wasn't quite sure, but if his mother allowed it he'd have to. She got his shirt all the way off and started to undo his pants. "I-Is this really necessary?" He was looking away as she continued to expose his body. She pulled off his pants and tossed it aside. There was a rather large bulge, which was the outline of his sheath. She slowly pulled down his boxers, as soon as she saw it her heart almost exploded. "G-god you're so big.....". She'd take a hand and gently grope his balls, Isaiah Gasped and let out a soft moan as a little red started to come out of his sheath. She nuzzled it with her wet nose making it come out even more. "M-Miss please don't do th-that~" He moaned at the very end of his sentence as she gave his half-aroused cock a lick. This made him moan a little louder. She paused her actions for just a second "Don't be too loud darling~" She opened her mouth and took his full length into her mouth starting to slowly bob her head up and down. She moaned at the taste. The pleasure making him moan louder, So Isaiah bit down on his shirt to muffle his moans. The pleasure made him rock hard as she sucked harder and bobbed her head even faster. He moaned more, right now she was just trying to get him lubed up for the main event. After about 10 Seconds of that, she pulled off. She was wearing a skirt with a matching top. She slid her panties off and tossed them aside as well. She leaned Isaiah flat on his back and slowly crawled on top of him. She started to kiss him deep and heatedly. She rubbed her wet and throbbing pussy against his warm and hard cock. She then slid the tip inside of herself causing herself to moan very loudly. She slid down to his base and felt his knot. She raised herself making Isaiah moan louder than ever, his facial expression made her knew he would not last any longer. She took a few deep breaths before she slammed down on his cock forcing his knot into her and hit tip into her womb just a little bit. He came hard and enough to fill her up. She gasped breaking the kiss feeling his shoot his warm and thick load into her. She started panting and laid on him now out of breath and a little tired. "'re.........alright.........for now" She got up forcing his knot out of her. She Tossed Isaiah back his clothes and he got dressed. "See you in class tomorrow~" She smiled giving him another kiss and let him go. After he left she mumbled "I hope i dont get pregnant.......". Then she got dressed and went home with a new idea in her head.

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