The Teacher's Pet


1. The Call

Miss Amalie Koyu was a Teacher at Isaiah's Highschool. She taught Sex Ed. Ever since she first saw him she started keeping an eye on him. She eventually found out that he lived alone because his parents had moved away a while ago. For a while now she was trying to find someone way to get him and use him, without him causing a problem. After about 5 weeks into school, she had a very devious idea. Because she was technically a nurse when she wasn't teaching the class she'd give his parents a call saying she was worried and thought he might not be okay. When she did call she asked to examine Isaiah's body after school because it was the last class of the day. They gave her permission and sent a letter of a Fax machine for proof. She smirked to herself and thanked them, now all she had to do was wait for tomorrow. She slept rather happily tonight. The next morning she got into a rather revealing outfit because the school had no dress code for teachers or students. She smiled as class begins, and before she knew it, the class had ended rather quickly. She let all the kids go except for Isaiah. "Isaiah, can you come here please?" Isaiah got a little worried thinking he was in trouble. She patted her desk right where she'd normally sit in her chair, so he got up and sat on her desk. She smirked finally being able to do this.

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