Samantha Morgan is 16 years old. The year is 2237. She lives underground on the fifth and final floor. It's all she knows, she's never seen the sun or the stars. She's never been in rain, or snow. She was only four when they had to move underground. She was apart of the first generation of children to move there. The indoor base they had before wasn't safe enough. From what she didn't know, she just knew it was bad. Her life is simple. She get's up, deals with children, cooks, cleans and the cycle repeats it's self. Not until one day. The day she meets...him. But you'll find out who that is later.

I'm bad at descriptions, I'm sorry but I promise this will be good!
Note: I update at very random. I could be gone from a month to maybe a year, but please enjoy. XD


2. Chapter-1

The sky was blue again. I could feel the clean breeze sweep my black hair back. The sun was out. It was warm. It hadn’t been warm in a long time. I was sitting in grass? It’s real? The books are right it is green. A beautiful shade of green, and so soft. I laid back to feel it and I saw the clouds. I turned my head to see wild flowers. Yellow, Pink, Blue, I was in a pastel universe. If only the world was like this now. Something flew by my face. I looked up to see a butterfly. A real butterfly. I got up and began to chase it. My pink dress flowing with the wind, and my bare feet carrying me. Am I dreaming? Did I die? Where am I exactly? I stopped. I looked around and saw the sky begin to crumble. The ground began to shake. The strong wind blew me to the ground. I looked up and the white clouds were now grey. They began to rain down on me. Then the ground cracked. Lava spewed everywhere. I tried to run but it was faster than I was. I turned back to see it coming for me then-


I shot up in my bed. Another nightmare. Another dream of what lies above us. I laid back in my bed, and stared at the ceiling. I pulled out the small purple book and began to write.


“I’ve tried to tell people about my dreams. Everyone just assumes that I’m crazy. No one remembers what the land above looks like. We’ve been down here so long, the last time we sent a team to see if anything has changed no one came back. To think this is what we’ve gone to. Living underground to afraid to go back. I wonder what it’s like up there. Is it just like my dreams? Are flowers blooming, is grass growing, is there a breeze going over a mountain top? What does the ocean look like? People say that it reflects the sky. What does the sun look like? Does the sky really change color when it sets? What does the moon look like. How cold does it get at night? What is rain and snow? How is it different from hail? I just have so many questions with no answers. I could ask the ones who were there, but they’ve all died off. And all the ones who were there when we were above ground had to stay inside due to radiation. Even if they could go outside, everything was destroyed.


I guess it’s nice down here. It’s all I know. I live on the fifth floor. Right under what used to be New Jersey. Some people say that the war knocked Europe right off the map. I think it’s crazy. To think that one bomb can destroy that much? But that’s what the books say. If only they came with pictures. It’s surprising how people made it so that we could live down here so far away from the sun. Artificial light. We get water from the chemical rooms. We grow food in there too, but I’m on the fifth floor so we don’t get luxuries like meat and cheese. We do get tea though. That’s what Mrs. Daisy lives off of. It’s almost always on the shopping list.


I’m sixteen. I’m the eldest of all the kids here. That means that I have more chores. I don’t mind. I can’t exactly go outside. Ever since they found us Hunters have been everywhere. Us red bloods I mean. Yes us “deformed” people are being hunted. In fear of infecting our poor blue bloods. They’ve put locks on almost every door that need black or blue blood to open them. I don’t know how it is on the other floors, but there have been stories about some red bloods being banished to the land above. But Ms. Daisy says it’s just a load of rubbish. And that King Martin would never allow such a thing. But everyone has a feeling that Queen Caroline would. Well, I think that's enough for one day.



I closed my book and went to go wake the other children. Thankfully today I was only taking care of the little ones. Only about two to five. I exited my room, and went down the three hallways. I walked up to the door with the blue trim and pink butterflies. I walked in quietly. I went to the first row of beds and tapped the first one on the shoulder. She stirred in her sleep, and rolled over. I shook her a little and whispered, “Angie, Angie.” she pulled the covers up more and blocked her ears. I sighed went over to the wall of cabinets and grabbed what I needed. I counted down from three and pulled the trigger on the air horn. She with most of the others around her sat up right away.


“What the heck Sam!” Angie yelled, “I was asleep.”


“And you needed to wake up, would you rather me poor water on you instead?” I asked walking out of the room. I turned and said, “Wake up everyone else, breakfast will be ready soon.” I then exited the room and went to prepare breakfast.


“Good Morning Deary! Watch your step.” I looked to the right to see Ms. Hannah coming through with the laundry.


“Good Morning Ms. Hannah!” I said and continued my way. I had to see Mrs. Daisy first. Up and down the halls of the orphanage were lined with photographs and hand drawn pictures from over the years. I soon came across one of me. I was four years old. It was the from the first day I came here. The day I got my name. I have no memories before that. Mrs.Daisy said I was just there one day. I didn’t have a name or parents. When I first showed up we were still above ground. I continued on my way and soon found Mrs. Daisy’s office. I knocked three times, and heard a, “Come in,”

I opened the door, and saw Mrs. Daisy sitting in her chair reading, “Undertale.” She looked up from her book and smiled when she saw me.


“Good morning, my Samantha.” she said offering me some tea.


“Morning Mrs. Daisy.” I took the china from her and sat in the beanbag next to her, “You wanted to see me?”


“Yes dear, I need to talk to you about something.” She closed her book, and turned to me. Her expression was serious. There was confusion behind her eyes. She took a deep breath, and handed me a big orange envelope.


A big orange envelope that would change my life.


“What is this?” I asked taking it from her. I opened it and there were papers. Dozens of them, and some of them written in different languages. At the very bottom there was a necklace. It was a blue pendant wrapped in gold lining with a gold chain. I was confused, “Ms. Daisy, what does this mean? Who is this from?” I asked


“I haven’t the slightest clue. I found it in front of the elevators this morning. It had your name on it, so here we are.” She got up from her chair, and went to her closet. She pulled out a small box. She handed it to me and there were fake fingerprints inside, “Go get some good air from the fancy ducts outside. Clear your head and look these over. I’ll cover your work today.”


She shooed me out of her office and I went to get ready. Whenever I go outside I have to go around unnoticed. So I had to blend in with normal people. I picked out average blue jeans with a turquoise top and my five year old sneakers. I then grabbed a black jacket, and got twenty dollars from my money sock. The only thing left was to get the print right.


About six years ago Ms. Daisy made a deal with a guy on the third floor to get some fake prints. They have black blood in them so I can get through the doors, but I only have about fifty left. I can only use them for emergencies. The last time I was allowed to use them was because a kid was sick and needed medicine.


I lined the print up with my finger and carefully placed it on. I was good to go. I went down the confusing corridors lined with pictures of terrible children's drawings, and up to the big metal doors that would take me out. I pressed my finger on the button and was greeted by the nice artificially fresh air.


That’s when things got exciting.




A/N: Hello readers! I'm sorry this is late, but honestly this is the fastest I've updated something. I wanted to take this chapter to explain Samantha's life, and give you some insight on the world she lives in. Don't worry shit goes down next chapter. Thank you for reading, and smile. The world may be shit, but that doesn't mean you have to be! XD 


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