The fight

Grace goes to a concert for Shawn falls in love with Charlie but secretly has feelings for Shawn. Who will she end up with? How will it all end?


1. the beginning

Today is the day!!! Your best friend Anastasia exclaimed. I know I'm so excited to see Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes!!! And meet them. Happy Birthday by the way I got you a little something!!

You didn't have to get me anything. Yes I did you'll love it.

I open it and my jaw drops. I do love it!!! Thank you I hug her. Go put it on. She got me a concert outfit. Skinny leather jeans.brown boots ankle length wedges. And a crop top that was blue. With a bunch of accessories. She does my hair and makeup. Charlie and Shawn will die. I don't think either of them would date a normal 19 year old like me. If I were them I would. Yeah okay I laugh. Let's go and thank you again. Your welcome now get your cute butt in the car. Were sitting in front row and meeting them today wow. We go to our seats. Then go to meet them. There isn't that many girls yet. Then my Best Friend Anastasia is next she smiles and waits for me. Then I'm next I see Shawn and he gives me a piece of paper and tells me to come back after the show. Then I see Charlie he does the same and says I'm beautiful then I smile and he kisses my cheek and wraps his strong arms around my waist in a hug. I giggle a little and kiss his cheek back. How old are you?? I'm Grace and I'm 19 going on 20 today. Well happy birthday!!! Thanks. No problem beautiful. Then I tell him how I think his scar is hot. And he looks like a bad boy. Then he let's me wear his varsity jacket and doesn't take it back. I try to give it back and say it's your favorite jacket. He says to keep it til the show is over. Where r u sitting? Front row. Oh so I'll see you. Great. Yeah that's wonderful he winks. Later Charlie. I open both the papers and they say there numbers and there names. Hey wait Grace would you like to come sing on stage with me? Shawn asks eagerly. Of course!! Did u read the paper?? Yes Shawn I already put it in. Great wait where r u sitting?? Front row. So I'll see u then. Yup. Hey Grace wait!! Charlie yells. Yes Charlie?? Do u know my new song attention?? Yes by heart!! Why do u ask?? Would u maybe wanna come up on stage with me?? Shawn already asked me and I don't wanna rub it in fans faces. Oh who cares they might think it's a part of the show. I can't say no to the Charlie Puth I think to myself. Fine then he kisses my cheek and says see u soon sexy. Later I blush. As soon as I make it back to my seats I tell Anastasia what happened then I text Shawn and Charlie and they send me a video saying hey. Then me and Anastasia freak out. When Charlie came on the first thing he did was scan the front row then we made eye contact and he started to smile into the mic and say this first song is called one call away and there is a very special girl I wanna dedicate this song to it's her birthday today and her name is Grace. Happy Birthday Grace!! Just remember I'm only one call away he smirks. He points to me and the camera goes on me and I start to smile so big my face hurts. He starts to sing "I'm only one call away I'll be there to save the day". He still looks at me the entire song. Then three songs later. This song is called "Attention". There's one girl I want you to go nuts for Grace come on up here. The crowd goes crazy. Then the security guards help me up. I hug Charlie and he whispered don't be nervous there's not much competition over here. I laugh and whisper back I'm not the one who should be nervous. He puts his hands on his neck and says Grace u start. He hands me an ear piece and it starts to play the song. I start to sing "you've been running round running round running round throwing that dirt on all my name cause you knew that I knew that knew that I'd call you up". He looks shocked and the song stops and then he goes I have a great time. Then everyone screams when we sing together. After that he asked what I'm doing after the show. I'm going to come backstage to see you and Shawn one last time. I might be going to a club after as well. Can Shawn and I join? Yes!! That would be awesome. I hug Charlie and he kisses my cheek and says your hot funny and you have a great voice. Thanks. Then he asks me to sing a duet with him. Would you all mind if I sang a duet with Grace. He tells me to run backstage and put the dress on. I do exactly that and there is like nothing to the dress. I walk back out on stage and Anastasia throws his jacket on stage I pick it up and hand it to him. Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on. I whisper. He smirks and says you ready? Yep. Charlie starts " let's Marvin Gaye and get it on you got the healing that I want just like they say it in the song until the dawn let's Marvin Gaye and get it on". He's playing the piano and I walk over and sit on top and start singing"and when you leave me all alone. I'm like a stray without a home". I'm like a dog without a bone I just want you for my own as I sing I look at Charlie". Then he stands up and helps me down. At the last line he pulls me in and kisses me. Then I kiss back and remove my lips from his. He gives me his jacket and walks backstage I follow behind. I run and jump into his arms I wrap my legs around his waist and he spins me around. We did it you were amazing Charlie!! So were you doll. He then puts me down and I go change back into my clothes I came in then it rips. I walk out with Charlie jacket on and tell him what happened he throws me over his shoulders then takes me to a dressing room I see Shawn and say Hey he says it back and starts to smile. Charlie throws a shirt at me an I walk into the corner so I was covered I put it on and it was actually so cute. I put his jacket on over it. Then walk out Charlie smiles and Shawn gawks at me. Hey Charlie do u think u could take me to my seat?? I can do it Shawn says. You may have muscles but you would get attacked out there. Hey!! What?? I'm strong. I bet noodle arms. He gets up and walks over to me and wrestles me and we fall on the couch. I start to laugh cause he is holding me down like a little kid. Who's strong now loser?? Not you. I push him off me and he says you were great out there by the way. Thanks. Wait I have something for you. It's a bracelet I got in Japan. It's my name in Japanese. Shawn this is amazing. I hug him and say good luck. Thanks then I kiss his cheek and grab Charlie's hand. Let's go!! Okay jeez you have a very strong grip. I also have a tendency to be where I need to be. Haha oh by the way Shawn is down for the club. I feel bad. Why all those other girls don't get to experience what it's like to kiss u and hold your hand. Or see your messy hair. Wow. What?? Nothing you just are so different from all the fans. Well unlike most I'm not crazy just because I love your music and you guys as people. I have a question that you probably hate hearing. Anything. What happened I ask running my finger over his eyebrow. He turns his head and smiles when I was two I got bit by a dog and almost died of head trauma. Oh my gosh Charlie I hug him and say well I'm glad you lived cause I never would've had my first kiss. First?? Well with someone I actually like. Oh? Can we go to my seat now?? Yes you big baby. He motions for me to hop on his back as I do that he runs to the corner where my seat is and throws himself over then picks me up. Hey there's a seat free right next to you. Can I join?? Yeah of course Charlie. He smiles and we walk hand in hand to my friend Anastasia her jaw drops and she sits down. Charlie and I do the same. Anastasia are you okay?? Is Charlie Puth really sitting next to you?? Hey Anastasia I'm Charlie. She hugs me and shuts her eyes and smiles. Charlie puts his arm around me and then pulls me closer I smile and tell him the show is about to start. I run my fingers through his hair and tell him how amazing the show was. He kissed my cheek and Shawn popped out of the stage he walked up and me and Shawn made eye contact. Charlie stayed seated while me and Anastasia started cheering on Shawn. I told Charlie to dance with me he stood up and said I don't dance. I don't fly but trust me I've tried. Everyone can dance Charlie you can do it. Fine he groaned. Shawn started singing there's nothing holding me back I sang along and so did Charlie he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my forehead. After about 10 songs went by Shawn held his hand out to me and pulled on stage I winked at Charlie and hugged Shawn. Grace is back to sing a song with me called Never be alone. Give it up for her if you like her. Everyone went nuts even Charlie cheered for me I spoke into the mic to be honest this was not planned I literally just came as a fan and got there numbers. I don't know why or how but I got them. This song is called never be alone. I want to dedicate this to ever fan of Shawn's and to my best friend Anastasia. Me and Shawn sang it was perfect he grabbed my hand and sand the last line looking in my eyes as he sang "you'll never be alone". And he held that note with so much passion and emotion that I shed a tear. He hugged me I ran my finger through his sweaty cute curls. He helped me off the stage and handed me his water. He was my new best friend so I took a small sip and gave it back to him. Charlie looked kind of jealous so I ran and hugged him and said this night is literally the best night. Why?? Because of me of Shawn?? Both but mostly you cause you were my first kiss. Don't be jealous you big baby. I'm not. Then why are you still pouting. Shawn gave me and Anastasia guitar picks and he gave me his phone I took a picture of myself and some with Charlie and ones of Anastasia and I and a few of me with Shawn in the background. I gave him his phone back and he saw the pictures and changed his background to a picture of me. Charlie changed his to a picture of me and him I changed my lock screen to a picture of me Anastasia Charlie and Shawn and my home screen of a picture of me and Charlie. He smiled at me. Then asked me a question that changed my life. Grace will u be my girlfriend?? Yes!! Omg of course Charlie!! I squeal he stands up and kisses me. Shawn sees us and runs off stage. I follow him and Charlie follows me. I hear Shawn crying and walk in by myself I sit next to Shawn. Get out Charlie you have all you want now!! Hey it's me Grace what are you talking about?? Grace I'm in love with you and Charlie new that but he asked you out. He starts crying harder I pull him closer and run my fingers up and down would've been my first real girlfriend. I would've brought you on my tours and took you to meet my folks I was in love with you from the start and now I can't have that!! I start to shed a few tears Shawn I didn't know you felt the same. But I'm with Charlie and I can't turn him down. He's gonna hurt you and when he does I wanna be here with you. Shawn I'm coming on tour with you and Charlie I talked with the manager and he said I could. Shawn hugs me and I say now go finish your show. Shawn walks passed Charlie and Charlie starts to yell at me. What was that about!? Charlie it's nothing that big. He's telling you fake things about me so you'll leave me!! Shawn would never do that!! How would you know!! This isn't the first time this has happened. What are you talking about?! I was in Magcon with him and he asked me out but I wasn't allowed to date at the time. Why do you have to be so nosy all of the time around Shawn?? Why can't u just except the fact that I don't wanna lose you?! I love you Grace. I love you too but you don't have to know everything. I'm sorry I just don't want you to leave me without actually knowing me first. Why would you ever think I would leave you? The last girl I dated Shawn made hate me! I don't want that to be you too then he dated her. I love you and I really don't want to lose you your the best thing I've ever had. I shed a tear and kiss Charlie's lips I love you too and guess what? What?! He says in a soft cry. I could never fall for Shawn and another thing your my first real boyfriend that has actually said you love me and just for me as a person and I love you not just because you're cute and you can sing but because you make me happy you always make me laugh and you're an amazing person Charlie and I truly love you. I love you too as we both were sobbing he kissed me and we both smiled. Then I went and laid on the couch Charlie got on top of me and started tickling me I started to scream and gasp for from so much laughter. Stop please!! I finally wrestle him and roll on top I'm much stronger I say pinning his arms behind his head. He takes his flannel off then runs his fingers up and down my spine. We start talking and get to know each other more then I start falling deeper into love. I'm starting to love you dangerously Charlie. That's some type of love babe. He kisses me and I sit up straight pulling him up as well I sit on his lap facing the tv then turn sideways and ask if he can give me a tour of the bus. Of course love. I have my own personal room in the back so you can sleep with me in here if u want. There's no other beds in the wall so. I would love that. We could be a cute tumblr couple and stay up and talk about anything. Did u just say tumblr couple? Yeah why? Nothing. We can be a cute tumblr couple. Yay! Me and Charlie stay in his room. What about your clothes. I brought 3 outfits and my credit cards. Oh cause I would've have bought you stuff. No look I brought my cards I open my purse showing him. There's only one card. Crap this only has $50 on it. I can get you a few things. But I feel bad. You shouldn't I'm your boyfriend so it isn't a big deal. Thank you Charlie. But what am I supposed to sleep in? Here he throws me a shirt that says his name and tour dates on the back it was a new shirt not out yet. Actually wear this he gave me a jersey that said Puth on the back. It was way above my knees but covered up my underwear. He pulled the covers over me and pulled his shirt off I started to laugh cause he was a little burnt. He threw his shirt at me. Then took his pants off. Really you wear Calvin Klein underwear. It's comfortable. Yeah but there so expensive for something so little clothing wise. Then he put on grey joggers and left his shirt off. You need to put some aloe or something on that bad boy. I'll help put it on you cause man your so burnt babe. I squeezed some out on my hand and rubbed his back in circles. He laid on me and smiled. I laid my head on his and ran my other hand through his hair. I run my aloe covered hand up and down his spine and he started to fall asleep. I pulled out his phone and went on his snapchat and took a pic of him I posted it then took a video without thinking I say I love my boyfriend best one I'll ever have love you babe. Then I actually posted it and a lot of people shares it on instagram I start to freak out and wake Charlie up I tell him the. He takes a picture of me. Then he starts to type yes I have a girlfriend and I love her he tags me and finishes by saying and If you can't accept that then I guess you don't really love me she's amazing and loves me for me and I might marry this girl one day. I started to get a bunch of followers and I kissed Charlie cause I saw what he wrote. He said i love you so much and what I put was true I would love to marry you and maybe have kids in the future.

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