The fight

Grace goes to a concert for Shawn falls in love with Charlie but secretly has feelings for Shawn. Who will she end up with? How will it all end?


7. Just A Dream

Once we arrived at the airport we went through security pretty quickly. Then sat and waited by our gate. We finally boarded the plane I sat in the middle Shawn to my left. Are you excited?! Shawn asked. Kind of. I really hope your family likes me. They'll love you don't worry. I kissed Shawn then fell asleep. I woke up and we had 30 minutes til landing. Tired are we? Well I didn't sleep for two weeks waiting for you to wake up. Two weeks?! Yep. I thought it was one day. Well it wasn't. I held his hand his mom and sister were waiting at the gate. Once we landed Shawn texted them and we got our stuff and got off. I'm so excited I held both bags so Shawn could hug his mom and sister. They all started crying and I started to tear up. I sat the bags down and hugged his mom. Well she is more beautiful then I thought. Thank you. Oh and you must be Aaliyah. She hugged me tightly and said we are gonna get along just fine I think. Yeah you seem very fun. I hope you like me I was told I'm the first girl he's brought home. Have you kissed Shawn yet? Yeah. How much do you love him? Well more than life. I mouth out to Shawn I love her. Me and your brother got you a present. I pulled out a gift bag and a small box the bag is from Shawn and the box is from me. Shawn got her key chains from every place he went and a picture of me and him. Shawn took pictures of me and Aaliyah. Then she opened the box it was a diamond ring that had something engraved on it. I hope you like it. I love it!! She said hugging me. Once we arrived at Shawn's house. His mom started showing me around. Then she said she was going to let me and Shawn explore. Aaliyah showed me her room. Then she went to help her mom make lunch. I made it to the last room. And I'm assuming this is your room. Yes. He said with a nervous chuckle. I looked at the old pictures. You look exactly the same. Just taller. And you don't have earrings anymore. He got embarrassed cause he hates all the pictures from back then. I sat on his bed. This is where it all started? Wow. I feel like a fangirl right now. Ha he sat next to me. This is where all the magic happened where I made all my videos. Where I grew up. No kidding I said sarcastically. I laid back. It's so weird to be here? Why?Shawn asked. Well not that long ago I was a fan watching your vibes and youtube videos. And now I'm your girlfriend in a room I thought I would never see in person. With a guy I didn't know would ever like me more than just a fan or a person. Well you can believe it cause it's happening. I'll be right back I said to Shawn. I got up and walked to the kitchen. Hey Mrs.Mendes do you need help with anything? No dear it's your vacation and I don't wanna ask a lot of you. Well to be honest I've been pretty much alone all my life and I don't want anyone to go through what I did. Please let me help? I heard the laundry stop and Shawn walked in the room I grabbed the laundry basket put the clothes in there then walked to the couch. Grace I can help Aaliyah said. Come to my room so I can help you. Okay. Shawn stood in the doorway and just watched us I folded a lot of clothes then walked over to Shawn. Your family is amazing. I can tell they love you Grace. None of the guys get along with my mom or sister this well. Hard to believe. I smiled. I kissed him then walked back over to Aaliyah. I saw you kiss Shawn. Oh did you now? You guys are great together I hope you get married. She whispered me too. We started to joke around. Then Shawn went missing. And came back with a water gun. He shot me in the back. Then Aaliyah ran off and I got soaked she brought back two. And I got Shawn right in the face. Sorry I laughed somehow we made it outside and I took off my cardigan leaving me in a black long sleeves top with white pants. It was kinda cold but it was so much fun. After we were done we went inside and changed his mom recorded us and laughed. We all came back and ate dinner. Did u guys have fun? Yeah. I sat in between Shawn and Aaliyah. So how do you like Canada so far. It's beautiful I've always wanted to come here. Now that I'm here somewhere that Shawn loves. He acted like a kid when we first got here his eyes lit up. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Well tomorrow I was thinking we go to some fun places and just hang? We would love that. What do u think of Shawn's family so far? Aaliyah asked. You guys are amazing. Once Aaliyah finished she went to her room to do homework. Me and Shawn's mom talked while Shawn cleaned the dishes. Once we were both done I picked up her plate and told her I would clean for her. Do u guys wanna watch a movie after Aaliyah finishes her work? Yeah. Okay. See u in a minute. I walked over to Shawn and handed him the plates I cleaned the rest of the table. Then went up behind Shawn and wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his back. They really love you. I'm glad. I knew they would. I brought the luggage to our room then put Shawn's medicine on his cuts from his accident. We changed into pjs I put on my black sweat pants and my socks with a black long sleeved cropped Shawn Mendes top. Shawn put on his matching black sweatpants and his hockey sweater from a game he went to before tour. I hugged Shawn I'm glad we came I was really sad when I thought I couldn't meet your family. They really are amazing. Shawn pushed me down on the bed and kissed me with his hands around my waist. Can't wait for tomorrow. I posted the picture of me Aaliyah Shawn and his mom and captioned it: @shawnmendes and @Aaliyahmendes you guys are amazing I'm having so much fun in Ontario glad I finally get to spend time at a place I've always wanted to come to and spend time with people I love. I don't want this trip to end. Grace? Yes Shawn? I hope this isn't to soon but I have an apartment in Toronto and I was wondering if you would like to move in? Omg Shawn of course!! I jumped in his arms. Grace?! Aaliyah called. Coming! Yes Aaliyah. Can u help me with my math homework. Of course I love math. Shawn stood in the doorway again and watched us. Once we finished I high fived her cause she did all of them but one and got them right. What kind of math are they teaching you children these days. Grace? Yeah? I really want you and Shawn to have a baby. Oh do you now? I want a niece or nephew to hang with. Nobody in my family that I'm close to wants one. When the time comes you'll be the first person I tell. Shawn's eyes got wide. Ready to go watch a movie? We all sat on the couch Aaliyah sat by me on my right and we cuddled cause the heat stopped working. Shawn brought us blankets and he sat to my left. Who's picking the movie? Grace who picks the movie? Aaliyah can. Really thanks Grace. She picked a scary movie. But fell asleep on me. I laid my head on Shawn's shoulder and stroked Aaliyah's hair. Once the movie was over I picked her up and put her in bed. Goodnight. I kissed her forehead. Then was about to close the door. Grace? Shawn? Yeah. I love you guys. We love you too. Shawn hugged her then closed the door. Shawn his mom and I watched one of Shawn's favorite movies Harry Potter of course. I fell asleep then woke up when Shawn picked me up and put in the bedroom. He laid next to me. Then he knew I was awake cause I'm a light sleeper ever since my parents passed. I took a picture of Shawn kissing my cheek. I captioned it: @shawnmendes is the love of my life couldn't ask for anyone better. Then I saw where he posted a picture of me and Aaliyah. With me tagged that read @aaliyahmendes I love you both so much so glad you guys love each other. Aaliyah's always wanted a sister but now she has Grace she told me she's better than a sister she's like a second mom to her. I started to tear up and smile. Aaliyah also tagged me in a post that read I know that we just met but I love you like crazy you're amazing in every way and I'm glad you're with Shawn you're like my second mom and I hope you guys stay together forever. I put my phone down. Then me and Shawn just stayed up talking til we fell asleep we both woke up at 10 in the morning we took a shower and I dried my hair. Aaliyah asked me to help her pick an outfit and let's just say I felt like a mom. I choose her black jeans and let her borrow my white top that ties all the way down with white high top converse. I put on my black skinny jeans with my grey beanie maroon vans and grey cropped long sleeved shirt with one of Shawn's flannels tied around my waist. Shawn put on his black and red flannel with black skinny jeans his vans. Then we headed to some aquarium. Apparently it was Shawn's and Aaliyah's idea. We went in got our wristbands and explored. Grace guess what?? What Shawn? We get to swim with dolphins. Omg I've always wanted to do that. As we headed to the dressing room to put on the wet suit. Me and Aaliyah were so excited. I went last. Once I did it was so fun. We got changed then explored the rest of the place. Once we were done we got some lunch. We didn't eat much cause Shawn said not to. Then we went to a karaoke place Shawn found. I sang with Shawn and Aaliyah. It was so exciting. After a few other things. We finally headed to dinner. It was apparently Shawn's favorite place. But all of his family was there I got to meet his grandma and his family was so nice. We headed home. Once we got there me Shawn and Aaliyah played twister. Right foot red I was bending over Shawn and then I lost. Let's play truth or dare? Okay Shawn. Grace truth or dare? Aaliyah asked. Dare. I dare you to get a tattoo that represents Shawn. I'll take you to the place I got mine done. Okay. Is this your first tattoo? Yep. What are you getting? You'll see. Once he was finished I got the same tattoo Shawn did with the date that we first met. We went back to the house then I got ready for bed.

I can't believe we leave tomorrow. I'm sad I pout. We will see them again. Christmas is soon. It's in a month that's to long. I hug Liyah I'm going to miss you. I go on Shawn's phone and take a bunch of snapchat pictures. It's time for bed A. Shawn no. She goes back to school tomorrow. She needs to sleep. Fine. Goodnight Liyah. Night Grace. I hug her tightly. Shawn tucks her in. Goodnight I'll be back soon I promise. Am I getting I the way of you and Grace? No why would you say that? I heard you fighting last night about how she was spending to much time with me and hardly talking to mom. Sometimes people get in fights because they love each other I love you okay don't worry. Love you too. Now get some sleep I'll text you when we get home. Okay.

Next day.

I hug Liyah goodbye. Shawn's mom went to work. Tell your mom I said bye. This is for you. I handed her a picture frame with Shawn me and her in it. So you can remember when we first met. One of the best moments of my life. Bye. I hugged her one last time. Then she runs to her room handing me a letter. She runs to her bus and waves goodbye. Me and Shawn get in the car. And head to his apartment my soon to be home. Anastasia sent my stuff to Shawn's house. Since we lived together. She was going to move to Toronto cause we can't live without each other. She got the apartment Shawn!! Cool. Babe what's wrong. No I just kinda wanted to be away from everyone but you when I asked you to move in. I just wanted it to be us. Shawn it's not like me and her are going to hang out everyday. Once we finally get there I run up the stairs like a child. He opens the door and I walk in. He had a 2 bedroom two bath apartment. The other bedroom was empty I sat my bag in his room well our room. This place is empty you hardly have any pictures or decorations. A tv and somer furniture and one picture frame. Actually two he said placing one down of me and him. And another one with me and Aaliyah. Well luckily my stuff will be here soon so maybe we can bring this place to life. Hey!! Well if I'm going to live here I wanna see color. I hear a knock on the door. Anastasia!! Omg I missed u so much. Your bags and boxes are in the truck. Shawn where you going I'm going to get your bags. I helped Ana with her bags and boxes she was right across from us. Once we got everything in we set on the couch can u keep a secret? I haven't told Shawn yet or his sister but I'm pregnant. Omg Grace!! When are you going to tell him? We are going on a date tonight. How far along are you? Four months. I said pulling up my shirt. How much longer til u find out I literally just fount out yesterday. I fount a test in my purse and remembered how long ago to think it would've happened which was that long ago. We kinda went to a party one might before I met Charlie not together of course it was in LA and we hit it off but I never got his number and I never really thought about it. Grace all your stuff is up in here. Okay Shawn. Later A text me later and tell me it how it goes. I'll record it. I closed the door behind me and started opening my boxes. It's almost time for our reservation. Okay Shawn was all ready. I did my make up and curled my hair I put on black tights a red dress and a cropped black leather jacket. Grace c'mon!! Coming. Wow you look amazing I grabbed my black wedge boots. And walked to the car. We got in the car then I took a picture posted and said: Date night with @shawnmendes. Then I texted Liyah and told her the big news. She was so excited I explained how Shawn didn't know but I was going to video his reaction. We enter the rester- aunt. It was very fancy. Name? Um Mendes. Right this way. Shawn took my hand and pulled out my chair I took off my jacket. And said wow Shawn this is amazing. I did it for you. Once we ordered and finished our food I pulled out my phone and started to record so Shawn couldn't see. Shawn? Hm? I have something to tell you. What? I'm pregnant. Omg baby this is amazing. Wait it's my kid right? Of course I giggle. How far along are you? Four months and in one more day it will be five and we get to find out what the gender is. I'm so excited!! I posted the video. And sent it to Liyah his mom and Anastasia. I tagged the video with: @shawnmendes hope you're surprised. Grace so you get a surprise tonight as well all the lights go of. Then all the people turn on there flash lights Shawn gets on one knee. Is this what I think it is? Well you get to find out. I never thought I would ever find a girl that loves me for who I am and would stick through all the drama. You make me so happy and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. So will you do me the honors of becoming Mrs.Mendes and marry me?? Yes of course Shawn!! He slips the ring in my finger and stands up and kisses me. We get applauds. I take a picture of my ring in front of Shawn. I posted it and tagged it saying @aaliyahmendes I guess we both get two surprises tonight. I'll have to change my username to Grace Mendes for real this time. Aaliyah called me and was excited me and Shawn headed to the car. So when's the wedding? Aaliyah asked. I don't know here I'll ask Shawn. Next month last day before she gives birth. She gives birth in 5 months. I want to be married way before then. Did u find out the gender yet? Tomorrow we do!! Yay I'm so excited. Shawn where are we having this wedding. Here in Toronto. But it's so cold. It's in a church then a big mansion that my mom already rented. Really? I texted all my friends including Ana Cameron Taylor Matt Aaron Kelly Mahogany my other best friend and a few other of my close friends from high school. I texted my grandma and she can come. I'm so excited Shawn this is beyond the greatest night of my life. Once we get home I go to bed cause we have to wake up early tomorrow for the appointment.

Next day.

Grace wake up today's the day we get to find out if it's a boy or a girl!! Get ready!! Okay dang Shawn you're more excited than I am. Why would you say that? Are u even ready to be father? Of course. You're going to be busy a lot I want our kid to be able to say her dad was around. Not my dad and I aren't close cause he always leaves for a long time. After I finished getting ready all I did was my hair and put a very tiny amount of make up on. I put leggings on and my flannel with a grey beanie. Once we arrived we got taken up to the room. Are you ready Miss K it's actually Mrs.Mendes now well soon it will be. Okay dear lean back for me. Are you ready to know the gender? Shawn? Grace? Yes. I grab Shawn's hand and he records the baby on the monitor and he waits for my reaction. It's a girl!!! Omg Shawn I've always wanted a girl!! I'm so happy!! I text Ana Liyah and Shawn's mom that it's a girl and Liyah gets so excited. When r u going to have a baby shower Shawn's mom and Ana asks .when I'm 8 months a long. Well we will throw you one. I would love that. Once we leave we head to the apartment Shawn sits on the couch and watches some hockey game and I start to unpack. Shawn I ordered stuff on Amazon for the baby's room. Okay babe. Once I finish I take the shelf that I had and put it the other room where our baby girl will be. Ana-Grace let's go try on wedding dresses Aaliyah and Shawn's mom are here. Bye Shawn I'm going to try on dresses for our wedding in two weeks. I knock on Ana's door. And Aaliyah opens it I hug her and Karen Shawn's mom. I missed you guys so much. You ready to choose your dress? Of course Aaliyah. Once we get there I try on like 100 dresses til I found the one it was long sleeved with lace and some embellishments. I got it then we got some accessories I got a long veil a necklace and earrings and some shoes with a garder. Shawn said he already had my wedding band. I got his rings wrapped with diamonds. He's had his best man and suit and grooms picked out for awhile Anastasia is my maid of honor Liyah is my junior bridesmaid my niece is my flower girl and my other friends are my bridesmaids. They have there dresses which are red wit gold accessories. We have the flowers and cake everything is chosen.

.Wedding day.

Are you excited? Karen asks. I'm kinda nervous. We'll I have a surprise for you I got a makeup and hair team for you. Omg thank you so much. All my bridesmaids are done Aaliyah is just putting on her shoes and Anastasia is....... Right here!!! Wow Ana and Liyah you guys look beautiful once they finish my makeup they do my hair. I put in my dress can someone zip me up? I got you. Thanks Liyah. I put on my veil than my accessories and shoes I got my other dress for our last dance. Let's go. Ana thank you for walking me down the aisle. Once the music plays and the doors swing open my flower girl goes then everyone stands up. You ready? Yes. Liyah holds up the back of my dress so I don't fall. The doors open my music plays and I see Shawn I start to tear up. So does he. I hand Ana my flowers and face Shawn holding his hands. We are gathered here today in celebration of Shawn Mendes and Gracie K. Before I continue does anyone object to this marriage and if so speak now or forever hold your peace. Very well then. I look back at Liyah and smile. She smiles back. Do you Shawn Peter Raul Mendes take Grace to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health? For richer or poorer? Til death do you part? I do. Do u Gracie take Shawn to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and In health? For richer or poorer? Til death do you part? Absolutely. You may now kiss the bride. As we kiss a million cheers go off. We head to the mansion and once we get there it made my jaw drop to the floor. Time for the first dance. Of the bride and the groom. I walk over to the dance floor. Shawn did surprisingly well. Once we finished I went and talked to everyone. Time for father daughter dance. I got pushed to the dance floor then Ana came and danced with me. Thank you Ana. Now time for Shawn and Karen. I smiled at Shawn and Karen smiled at me she whispered to Shawn. Then he smiled and said something back while looking at me. Me and Shawn danced again and we had so much fun. Time for cake!! Me and Shawn walked over to the cake we started cutting it then I put some on my hand and hit his mouth. I kissed him then he got me back. Boys get ready Shawn is taking Graces garder off. Once he finally got it off he shot it in the air and Cameron caught it. He put it on Taylor cause they came together to be stupid. Girls get in line Grace is throwing the flowers. 3..2..1 I threw them and Anastasia caught them. I went and changed into my other dress. Time for speeches!!!! Who wants to go?? I'll got Aaliyah said. I didn't think that my brother would find love so soon I didn't think I would like her. But I love her shes like a mom to me. You guys were meant for each other. I love you guys. Who's next? Me!!! Hey I'm Anastasia Grace's best friend. My favorite thing about these two is how they met. She actually went to a concert as a normal teen fan and now we're here. We've been friend since we were four. I love her so much and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Here's to a lifetime full of love and happiness and a baby Mendes on the way. Who's next?? We have time for two more. I'll go. Woo Cameron!! Me and Shawn cheer. Shawn has been my buddy for a long time. Grace is like my little sister and I love her I'm so glad that you're finally happy hope you guys stay together forever. Love you. Last one?? I'll go. I say. Hey I'm Grace. To be honest this is like a dream. I remember waking up next to Shawn one day and thinking I'm with Shawn Mendes I kinda fan girled. Some people think I only like him cause he's cute or famous or cause he has money. I could care less about that stuff. Shawn is the one person that stuck with me through so much drama and always believed in me he is so amazing and I couldn't ask for anyone better. When I first came to meet Shawn's family I was scared that they wouldn't like me. But we got along so well. I promised myself I wouldn't cry you guys mean everything to me and I love you even though I lost my family very young I'm glad to have you all in my life. Alright!! Time for the last dance. I stand up with Shawn as we dance I felt like it was just us. It all ended with a kiss. He carried me bridal style up to the apartment he opened the door and we went inside after that I can't remember much.

.4 months later.

The baby shower is today are you coming? Of course Shawn said putting his hand on our 8 month baby. Let's go. Okay dang. Once we arrive I see the theme is Disney I see all my friends and Shawn's and I's family. After we eat it's time I open gifts. I got a bunch of clothes that I actually liked and I'm very picky with girl baby clothes I got a lifetime supply of diapers and wipes I got a stroller basically everything for a baby. After the party we went to Target cause I needed to get stuff for the baby's room. I got picture frames, curtains, toys, a baby book, a camera just for our mini Shawn and me. And a few little other things. Shawn and I put up the pictures and finally finished the room after three hours. Shawn cooked dinner and then we fell asleep.

.due date.

Today's the day I stand up and Shawn is on the couch with the bag ready. I walk to the sink. Karen Shawn Aaliyah my water just broke!! I'm feeling contractions!! Breathe sweet heart. Ana was already loading the car. Do u have the car seat for the baby. Yes. Shawn hurry Shawn sits in the back with me in the middle as well as Ana. We arrive at the hospital. I get sent up to the room. Who do you want in here when you hive birth? I don't care just get the kid out of me!! Ahh I squeeze Shawn's hand. Push. Ugh!! Good girl. Just a few more. Ahh!! One more!! Ahhhh!! You did it. I can finally breathe. She's. Beautiful. She has your eyes Shawn. The only person that stayed in here was Shawn. You all can come in. Let's see her. What's her name? Carol Joan Mendes. Beautiful name. Thanks. Shawn do you wanna hold her?? Of course. Don't be nervous. Shawn is it weird that your a dad now? Aaliyah asked. No it feels right. Awe. I take a picture of Shawn and Carol. Caption: @shawnmendes is now a dad Carol has a great dad to look up to but I'll secretly be her favorite. My angels I love you both so much. A few days later we go home. I finally shower while Shawn changes her. She's crying I don't think she likes me. She loves you she's probably hungry I say taking her out of his arms. The pictures came out great. Our family photos. I love them. We made a beautiful kid. Because she has her mom's looks. Right now she looks like you kind of.

.A few months later.

Say it come on. Dada. Shawn she just said her first word. I'm so proud. I hear a knock on the door I'll get it I say picking up Carol. It's your uncle Cameron and Taylor. I wanna hold her. Be careful. I'm not gonna throw her. Cam says while taking her and walking in. Do u wanna feed her? Sure. Here I said hanging him the bottle. Shes done. She needs to be changed. Number 1 or 2? Both. Shawn!! Yeah. Come change her diaper. Coming he said. He came out with no shirt. Hey baby. Come here. He was right I get like zero time with my kid. By the way we're having a boy!! What Shawn is going to be excited!! Does he know? No. Do I know what? We're having a boy!! Omg!!! Omg!! I've always wanted a son!! I know I was waiting to see what it was before I tell you. I'm 7 months. The first few months I didn't know.

.due date.

I honestly can't believe you're leaving for tour when your son is going to be born at any point today!! I don't have a choice!! There shouldn't be a choice it's your son!! It's my career!! It's your family,your life!! Everyone will hate me if I don't do this tour!! I will never forgive you if you choose fame over your kid!! Why are you making this a big deal?!! Cause it is a big deal it's our son!!!! I love you but you're over exaggerating!! It's the birth of your kid!! If it wasn't for you neither of the kids would be here or on there way!! If it wasn't for you and who you are I would've killed myself!! Put that in your brain!! Get it together Grace or I'm leaving!! That's what you were doing in the first place!!!! I'm done Shawn there's no point in carrying on with this!! Have fun on your tour you'll regret not being here!! This will be a great story to tell our kids or our family!! I can't believe this!! I can't believe you!! I say picking up two bags and Carol. Later Mendes!! I say slamming the door Ana can u drive me to the hospital? Yeah. What about Shawn why didn't he take you? He's leaving for tour today. Oh.


Shawn: I'm sorry

Me: I'm sure.

Shawn: wow I try to apologize and you don't even take it!!


Shawn: why are you being like this!?

Me: What getting upset over the fact you won't be here when you're son is born.

Shawn: I was there when Carol was born

Me: you should be here for every birth even if we have like 100 kids.

Shawn: I'm done

Me: then why are you still talking to me? What happened to the old Shawn that I first met? The Shawn that I married? Let me know when you find him.

Shawn: it's still me.

Me: really cause it doesn't feel like it.

I end the call.

.Shawn's POV.

I hit the car door. What is wrong with me? What's happened to the old me?? I have to find him I don't wanna loose Grace if I do I'll never forgive myself. I'll never love anybody else ever again. I start crying and hit the steering-wheel.

Graces POV

The baby is dead. What!! No!! I cry. Calm down. Calm down?! Calm down?! Are you serious i just lost my son probably my husband Shawn Mendes!! And you tell me to calm down! They did the surgery to get the baby out. I texted Shawn I told him what happened then I went home. I see glass on the floor a hole in the wall. Why can't things be like they used to?

Shawn's POV

Grace told me about the baby. Why can't things be like they used to be?

Graces POV

Ah!! Shawn!! What's wrong? I had a nightmare. I stutter. Wait where are we. My apartment. Did we have a kid? Nope. Did we get married? Yeah. Was I pregnant? No? It was all a dream. Did I ever date Charlie? Yeah. Are you okay? I think so. I hold onto Shawn's bare chest and snuggle closer to him. It felt so real. I think to myself.

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