The fight

Grace goes to a concert for Shawn falls in love with Charlie but secretly has feelings for Shawn. Who will she end up with? How will it all end?


2. Florida Incident

After Charlie said that I kissed him. Can we go shopping tomorrow? Just you and me? Of course my love. The next day I took a shower and curled my hair I put on my leggings borrowed some of Charlie's socks and his shirt and a jacket with black wedge boots. After we hit up a few stores we got lunch. Shawn saw us and came and sat with us. What do you want? Charlie scoffed. I just wanted to hang with you guys rather than having to be screamed at by fans. I put my hand on Shawn's and ran my thumb over it. Shawn it's okay Charlie just wanted to get away from everything? Next we went to a store for the boys then Charlie got hit on by a really pretty blonde chick. I started to tear up then rushed out the door. Grace?! Shawn yelled. I sat down and thought to myself should I be with Charlie? A random man came up to me and threw me over his shoulder I couldn't get out of his grip. I yelled for Charlie and Shawn. Nothing. He started to kiss my face. And I yelled for Shawn. He came running there you are babe thanks for finding her buddy he kissed my lips and I pushed him away I saw Charlie and he ran off. Thanks shawn I might've just lost the love of my life. I ran to Charlie and sat next to him. Why did you do it? He said crying. Shawn was trying to save me. But you didn't push him away! I was shocked. You know I would never hurt you like that. I was just afraid of loosing you to Shawn. Would you want Shawn to kiss me and save me or for you to come and it be to late?! Tears fell one by one I lifted his chin and kissed him. Hey guys let's go get dinner? Okay Shawn be there in a minute. We followed Shawn hand in hand. Charlie wrapped his arm around me and Shawn looked upset. Grace? Yes Shawn? Can we talk alone? Yeah sure. I kissed Charlie and ruffled his hair. We went up to Shawn's room and we both sat on the couch. After a few minutes of silence I asked what's wrong Shawn? Grace you're probably not going to believe me when I tell you but I have proof. What is it? Charlie cheated on you!! He yelled he showed me a video and Charlie looked right at Shawn and kept kissing the same blonde girl from earlier. I started to cry I grabbed Shawn's phone and went to the door. He grabbed my arm what are you doing? What's right. Don't do anything you'll regret. I already have. Shawn we need to talk after I talk to Charlie. I run out and start crying harder. Charlie!! Yes Grace baby what's wrong? Oh don't baby me I'm not stupid. Shawn told me everything you cheated on me people started to record us. You lied to her?! He yelled at Shawn he stood ten feet from me. Don't bring Shawn into this and he didn't lie! I say showing him the video I gave Shawn back his phone Charlie whispered something to the guard and he held me back. Charlie punched Shawn and pushed him to the ground. Shawn!! Charlie laid punch after punch then Shawn punched Charlie and pushed him down to the ground. Once I got free I ran to Shawn he was on his knees his lip was busted and his nose was bleeding. Are you okay?! I saw putting my hands up to his face. I pull him forward and kiss him. Charlie we are over! Shawn you'll pay for this!! Charlie yelled. You won't lay a hand on him. I helped Shawn up and walked him to his room. I sat him on the couch and grabbed a wet cloth. I wiped away the blood and took his shirt off since it was covered in blood he had scratches on his back. That were bloody. I guess Charlie attacked you like a cat? I walked him over to his bed and changed into my sweatpants and a black crop top I rest my head on Shawn's bare chest and he watches one of the Harry potter movies. He recited almost every line. He's such a nerd but I love him. Does this make us a thing? I ask. Is my last name Mendes? Yes. Then there's your answer. I laugh at Shawn. Can we do something just you and me and tomorrow night. How about a haunted house and maze. Can I post a picture of you and tag you and announce our relationship yes since people posted the video of what happened. As he did he posted a picture of me lying in bed next to him. He tagged me and said Yes this is now my girlfriend and I've loved her forever please don't give her a hard time if you can't love her than you really don't love me. All I want is for her to be happy. People started to follow me and comment on my pictures I hate Charlie for what he did to a beautiful girl like you basically just things along those lines. I kissed Shawn and fell asleep on his chest. Before I did I traced his tattoo and smiled I love you Shawn. Love you too princess. We woke up at 5 in the afternoon. Shawn took a shower I brushed my teeth did my hair and make up got dressed in my black leggings. A maroon long sleeved top. Shawn insisted that I wore his distressed jean jacket. And he got us matching shoes and yes we are that couple. They were maroon vans. I took a picture and tagged Shawn. Can't wait for our date in the big easy can't wait to get scared with you at New Orleans best haunted houses and maze. We walked in and I squeezed Shawn's hand just know I hate clowns I see one and I'm out. He smirks and kisses me I kiss him back but for a little longer. We enter and Shawn gets our tickets they put on our wristbands and point to the entrance. Shawn and I are up front they film us and we didn't even know. I was behind Shawn then we walked in and Shawn scares me he jumped out from a corner than I see a clown and run the clown chases me with a chainsaw Shawn caught up with me and I hug him. I said I hated clowns. I didn't know you were serious. I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true one room down a bunch more to go and other haunted houses and a huge maze. Yay can't wait!! I say sarcastically. A fan run up to Shawn and I and asked to get a picture with both of us. She tagged us in it and I liked it. Next house!! Shawn yells. He looks at the map then says you're going to freak out. It's the clown house. As long as you're up front and I hold your hand I'm fine. Get on my back. Why? Just do it. As I do he walks.right in I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his chest. A clown walks up to me and I bury my head in his neck. He kisses me and smiles. I look up and the American horror story clown is right next to me I scream and yell please go way I hate clowns. He just follows us I get off Shawn's back and run out he follows me and I scream when he is chasing me with a chainsaw I fall on the ground and scream. Tears come down my face cause I got stabbed by a barbed fence. Shawn picks me up and we sit down he sees blood come down the back of neck. And he flips out are you okay!!!? Yeah it hurts. One more house then the maze. Boo! Oh come on at least you're here with me right? That definitely makes it better I kiss him and smile into the kiss some people take pictures. I love you!! I love you too!! He says picking me up and spinning me around. Put me down you dork. We walk to the next house hand in hand I smile and he kisses my hand looking at me. We enter and the door slams behind us. The group is still in the back Shawn holds me hand and we walk forward someone pushed me down I laughed and Shawn pulled me up I'm still cold here let's trade coats really I give him the jean jacket and he gives me his vans sweatshirt I put it in and it's soft Shawn you look hot in that. Thanks babe. Shawn snakes one arm around my waist and I feel tingles inside me. Then I scream Michael Myers jumps out and says I love you guys such a cute couple!! Thanks. I love you too! He stands up and follows us and Scares the crap out of Shawn I laugh and Shawn squeezes my hand tighter. I giggle then I see Evan Peters the real one I squeal and run and jump into his arms he spins around and says you are more beautiful in person. So are you. Why are you here?? I'm apart of this for a few days. Exciting! Shawn walks over to me then pulls me closer to his chest my back is touching him. This is Evan Peters one of my favorite actors ever. I know we watch AHS together. We love that show Evan. You guys are the cutest couple I've ever seen. Thanks. This may be a weird question but can we take a picture with you? Of course. One of his guards took the picture and I posted it with the caption this has been the best night ever with my BAE @shawnmendes can't believe we met @booboodaddy aka Evan peters loved talking to you. Then me and Shawn exited the haunted house and I hugged him and breathe with relief. Now the scary maze. Babe are you trying to give me a heart attack? No just trying to have fun. This isn't a good idea of fun. Where are we headed for the tour tomorrow?? Florida for a week two shows then 5 days off. We have to be back in 3 hours so when we get back we can pack then go on the tour bus we can watch a movie it's an hour drive back and we have to über to the hotel. Let's get back to our date. Okay we enter the maze and Shawn throws me on his back he finds the way out in less than 20 minutes. Dang babe you're smart. Thanks. We get an uber and sit in the back I fall asleep on Shawn's chest. Than when we get to the hotel I finish packing and Shawn takes a shower I packed Shawn's stuff as well and we head to the bus and I put our stuff next to each other. It turns out to be 130 am and Shawn has a show so we decide to head to bed we sleep in the same bunk I put one of Shawn's shirts on after I take a shower then lay next to Shawn he's still awake and as soon as my head hit Shawn's chest I fall asleep. At 12 in the afternoon Shawn and I wake up we start to get ready Shawn puts on black skinny jeans and a flannel rolling up the sleeves so you can see his tattoo. I put on ripped black skinny jeans a maroon off the shoulder long sleeved top and Shawn and I's matching shoes. We go eat lunch and the head to the venue for sound check. I sit in the front row I watch Shawn and sing along once he's done he jumps off the stage and runs to me he kisses me and picks me up in a hug spinning me around. I run my fingers through his hair and smile. I kiss him again then we head to the dressing room I sit on his lap facing him on the couch. Charlie walks in and sets out some new clothes. He wears the necklace I gave him and the shirt I got him while we were dating. His background was still us and me as his home screen. I look at a Shawn and he tells me a joke and I start to laugh he puts on some music and we start to dance. Then the song finishes and he spins me then pulls me into a kiss we fall on the couch and he starts tickling me. Charlie come hold her down. He hold me arms and Shawn sits on top of me and I gasp for air. Then he stops Charlie starts to change and then leaves he does the show. Then it's Shawn's turn. I wait by the side of the stage. Then the fans start chanting my name. I am motioned by Shawn to come up. We sing There's Nothing Holding Me Back. Then I start to talk. Are you enjoying the show. Every fan screams then one says I love you. I love you too. Charlie was amazing. Shawn you're not so bad yourself. Gee thanks. I love you. He kisses me than we get awes from the fans. Enjoy the show I'll be at the meet n greet with Shawn hope to see you there bye. I walk off and once Shawn finishes I run on stage and jump into his arms. You did it!! I kiss him and every fan starts to scream. We run backstage for the meet n greet. We take pictures then we go to the dressing room and sit on the couch Shawn lays down and I lay on top of him. 10 shows to go babe. I can't wait to go to Toronto with you. And meet your family. If they're like you then they're already perfect. Okay I was going to wait to tell you but..... But what Shawn?? He got on one knee and pulled out a promise I've never felt so on love from when I first met you I fell in love. Will you except this? I have tears come down my face of course Shawn. I kiss him and guess where we're going the day after tomorrow. Where? Disney world you me and the rest of the crew. Omg Shawn I haven't been in so long. I hug Shawn then we take a nap. The next morning we get up and get ready for sound check. I put on a black and white skater skirt with black tights and off white cropped off the shoulder top with my black knee heights boots. Shawn puts on black skinny jeans and the shirt I got him for his birthday it was thin so I could see the outline of his abs and he looked good he put on his jean jacket over it and looked like a popular hot high school dude. I kiss him and say I'm glad you're mine. I'm glad you're mine he puts his hand in my back pocket and slips something in there happy 3 week-ivesery I didn't know we were getting presents. He told me to close my eyes and put a necklace on me it said S with his birthstone on it. Awe Shawn I love it. I kiss him for a little bit then after sound check we go to the dressing room he starts softly singing and says can't wait to go to Disney World with you tomorrow. Me neither he kisses my forehead and we watch some tv until we he goes on stage and kills his performance a fan throws a rock at him and it hits then he falls off the stage. Shawn!! I run up the stage. Shawn baby are you okay?? Yeah I can't do the last song can you help me? Of course what's the last song?? The weight. I ask Charlie to come and help me I grab the guitar and speak into the mic I'm Grace and this is the last song called The Weight. The crowd erupts in excitement. Shawn is standing at the side of the stage waiting for me. Once I finish Charlie comes up kisses me I push him off then slap him and run to Shawn. I hug Shawn and make out to prove I didn't kiss Charlie on purpose. Shawn starts to yell at Charlie then you hold him back. Why did you kiss my girlfriend you prick?!!!! Come at me!! Shawn stop. Lucky your girlfriend stopped you twit. He got loose of my grip and punched Charlie he punched back then I walk up to them without warning Charlie accidentally punches me in the jaw. I start to cry this is what your fights lead to why can't you two just be friends again I wish I never laid eyes on you Charlie and then I wouldn't have met Shawn and be on this situation. Shawn and Charlie make up or I'm leaving the tour and we will never speak again. Or No more us Shawn. I whisper. I run away into the dressing room a day later they are all buddy buddy. Then I start to become friends with my ex Charlie. Me and Shawn are on good terms after what happened yesterday. Me Shawn and Charlie head to Disney it's only a 30 minute drive I sit in between the boys dressed in black shorts and Shawn and I are wearing the same Mickey shirt that say Mendes on the back. I kiss Shawn when we get to the gate then take a picture of all of us and a picture of me and a Shawn back cause it says Mendes I posted them both and said thanks @shawnmendes and @charlieputh for this amazing adventure thank you for always being there for me I love you guys. We all ride the tower of terror first I sit beside Shawn and once we drop I squeeze his hand and scream. Charlie laughed at me. Shawn kissed me once we got off and a few rides later we got some food. I sat across from Shawn we split some fries than got a Mickey Mouse milkshake we split it. Then Shawn said we would go to the lady and the trample rester-aunt and do couple pictures and have a night to ourselves and go see the fireworks. We went back to the resort I got dressed in a black long off the shoulder top. Shawn wore black skinny jeans and his Mendes jersey. He brought his camera then took a picture off me in front of the hotel resort with Mickey. Then we headed to the rester-aunt and got spaghetti and meatballs we did the lady and the tramp kiss and he took pictures. We got Mickey and Minnie ears then watched the fireworks. Shawn stood behind me and snaked an arm around my waist. I smiled so big my face started to hurt. I looked up at him and kissed him. This is like a dream and if it is I don't wanna wake up. This isn't a dream. He pulls me in and we start kissing.

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