The fight

Grace goes to a concert for Shawn falls in love with Charlie but secretly has feelings for Shawn. Who will she end up with? How will it all end?


5. Canada Dream

Grace?! Hmm? You can fall asleep on me since you're tired. Okay. I put my head on his shoulder and look in his big beautiful brown eyes then drift off to sleep. We're here! Charlie says. I shake Shawn. Then push off of him. Me and Shawn go up to his room hand in hand then I take off my shirt change into a a white crop tank top with my blue and white galaxy joggers. Shawn puts on his grey joggers on and leaves his shirt off. As soon as my head hits his chest I fall asleep. We wake up two hours later. Then there's a knock at our door. I open it and it's Charlie. Shawn comes and stands behind me. Whatcha need? Shawn asked in his raspy tired voice. Get ready for dinner the manager has a surprise for us and where something nice. You have two hours. I take a shower and Shawn brushes his teeth then It goes the other way around. I dry my hair. Do my make up. Then watch some tv. Shawn doesn't fix his hair he just lets his cute curls fall. After an hour I decide to get dressed. So did Shawn. He put on black skinny jeans a white shirt with a distressed denim jacket and the necklace I got him in Florida. I put on black ankle length heels a black velvet skirt and a cropped off the shoulder white top. I curled my hair then we headed over to Charlie's room. Charlie opened the door without a shirt. Wow Grace you look amazing. Thanks I wish I could say the same but you're not dressed I smirk. He laughed and Shawn and I sat on the couch. I snuggle close to Shawn. Charlie put on black skinny jeans and a fancy button down long sleeved shirt. He fixed his hair then we headed out. A bunch of fans saw us and we ran towards the rester-aunt. I laughed once we got in the workers closed the curtains. Then I saw a table full of my old friends from Magcon including Cameron Taylor jack and jack Aaron Mathew Hayes Nash Carter and more. I ran and hugged them all I missed you guys so much!! I kissed them all on the cheek then stayed in Taylor's and Cameron's hug on either side of me we were best friends so it didn't bother Shawn. I also held on to Matthew. So how've you guys been?? Great you?! Well I've been on tour with them and have sang on stage a few times. Then I see Bart and remember how big our fight was last time. Since I own part of Magcon he was almost fired but I stormed out and haven't seen any of the boys but Cam Tay and Matt since. He came up to me and smiled. What's she doing here? He said bluntly. I'm Shawn's girlfriend. Of course you are. Oh I'm kidding he said pulling me into a hug which I struggled to get out of. This night ended in a big fight between me and Bart about Taylor and Cameron. I smacked him and told him he didn't deserve this job the only reason I didn't fire him was because this was the only job he could probably keep. I ran out into the street then someone pushes me out of the way the person gets hit by a car and I have scrapes and scratches and blood all over me. Bart!? Omg!! Guys dont just stand there call 911! I cried cause I was in pain. I'm sorry I didn't know this would happen. He was bleeding out. I'm sorry for everything. I couldn't believe what was happening. Shawn picked me up I started kicking and freaking out I was having a breakdown. I got one arm free and smacked Shawn. I'm so-sorry. He let got and put his hand up to his face. I just can't handle everything right now. I hug him tightly. I understand. You do? Yeah you're having a panic attack you're probably just really stressed. I still have you. At least you believed in me when nobody else did. Not even my best friends. I put my head on Shawn's shoulder. I look up and kiss where I smacked him. I'm sorry I whisper. It's okay Grace stop apologizing. I just feel terrible I'm an awful girlfriend. No you're not!! He yells. He takes my face in his hands and says. I love you you're perfect and that's the way it is. I love you too. Nobody can ever tell you different. Thanks Shawn. We go to the hospital and I refused to talk to all of the guys including Shawn I was just so upset. I didn't know how to handle this or even if I was. I saw Bart then went back to the hotel. Shawn stayed there. I rode in an uber and just cried cause for one I ruined everything and I hate bring alone. I hurt Shawn I yelled at my best friends. What's happening to me. I ran into the hotel and into the room. I went into the bathroom and sat against the wall I locked the door so Shawn couldn't get in. I grabbed on of the razors and took my white shirt off and my heels. I cut my arms and just let them bleed. I heard the door open all I did was cry. Grace?! Open the door!! Please don't do this let me in! I can't loose you! Don't do anything you'll regret. I love you. Shawn tried to open the door then he busted it down. He looked at me with tears and fear in his eyes. Grace?!! Why did you do this?! He asked holding up my arms. I honestly didn't want to speak cause I knew if I said anything Shawn would hate me I would ruin everything. I got up and walked past him the guys ran in and saw my arms. I still had a key to Charlie's room so I pushed past them and went in there I took my shirt that I left in there and put it on. I wrapped my arms in bandages. I went on my socials to see a bunch of terrible and vile things about me. I started to cry Charlie came in and say next to me. Are you okay?! I just cried and showed him my phone. He saw my one arm not wrapped then lost it. He threw my phone down and just hugged me. I left cause I didn't want to anything else to hurt them or you or Shawn. He probably hates me right now. I just talked to him and the guys they were just worried. I didn't want to be in the drama. I almost got Bart killed. I hurt Shawn. Now I'm torturing you Shawn and the guys from hurting myself I did it because I'm just a mistake to this world I don't belong here. I don't really matter. I know it's overwhelming Grace and it may seem like we don't care but we do. We all love you especially Shawn. Don't think terribly of yourself just because of jealous fans or small mistakes. We forgive you and Bart did and so did S-Shawn. You're amazing and perfect and don't you forget it. I hugged Charlie then ran to his room. He wasn't there. Do you know where Shawn is?! He went looking for you. Cameron said with a worried look. What's wrong?! Grace. Shawn got in an accident. What?! No?! This can't be happening. Where is he?! This is all my fault! If I hadn't ran away we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place!! I cry. Just thinking of the absolute worst things that could happen to Shawn. I fell to my knees. He's at the hospital we can take you there? Yeah. Taylor and Cam helped me up. Then we arrived the hospital. I ran in where's Shawn Mendes?! I asked the lady at the front desk. Floor 3 room 327. The stairs are right to left and the elevator is to the right. Thank you. I ran up the stairs crying. The guys took the elevator. I got on the 3rd floor. Room 327? Right down that hall then take a left. Thank you. I ran down the hall then to his room. The guys were surrounding him. Shawn?! I pushed past the boys and saw him. My eyes got year coated he was all cut up by glass I'm assuming and bloody. I walked beside him and put my hand on his chest. He's in a coma. One of the doctors said. I at on the chair beside the bed. Will he be okay?! Yes but he might not wake up for maybe a week or longer. Am I allowed to stay?? Who are you to Shawn? His girlfriend. Then yes you can. Two weeks had passed and Shawn wasn't waking up. It was midnight and I haven't slept in two weeks. I've been waiting for Shawn to wake up. I called his mom and told her we couldn't make it and explained everything. We cancelled the rest of tour and he and I got a lot of messages from fans. They were finally being nice to me. You know even..Though he's in a coma he can still hear you one of the boys said. Cameron and Taylor had stayed the whole time. Can I be alone with Shawn for a moment please. They got up and went to get something to drink. Shawn?! I cried. If u can hear me I just want you to know I'm sorry. For everything hurting you mentally and physically pretty much this whole time. But you're the one person that has actually stayed here for me. You know everything about me. How I don't have a family. But the one thing you don't know is how much I love you and how much more I fall in love with you everyday. Why won't you just wake up?! I cried harder putting my face on the bed. I felt a hand on my back and looked up. Shawn!! I jumped up and called the nurses and the boys in. I kissed him. I thought I lost you. I hugged him tightly. I smiled so big.

I didn't realize it until I thought Shawn was gone forever. But I actually have something to live for and that's Shawn. He can go home today. Well we didn't know you were waking up but we still have tickets to fly to Canada together in 3 hours. Me and Shawn went to our room but he was very quiet. What's wrong? I asked packing both of our bags. I heard everything you said. You did? My favorite was when you said I was your reason for living. I didn't realize you love me so much. After I finished packing both suitcases It was 1:45. We have to get to the airport. How long is the flight? 6 hours. Not bad. I'm so excited to meet your family. I texted your mom she's so excited to see you. I texted Aaliyah she's excited to meet you I've never brought anyone home. Really? Yeah. Yes I'm the first. I laughed and kissed Shawn.

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