Angels & Demons

She's never left the safety of her coven or the mountain they reside on. She's never seen the outisde world, but dreams of what lays beyond the rock and fog. It wasn't until the threat on her people was so substantial she finally had the courage to leave, to try and save herself and her people.


7. Chapter 7

  My eyes opened and I was staring at the same ceiling I had been staring at for the past three days. Everything about this hotel felt so strange, the tennants, the management, even the staff, something was very, very off. I had to get out of here, I needed to do something, I was in the human world, I might as well enjoy it. I did some research and found some "super hip" clubs along the beach. I slipped into a tight, sparkly, dark blue dress that complemented my eyes nicely. I threw a leather jacket over it and paired it with matching leather ankle-boots. I curled and twisted my hair up, my dark makeup accented my striking features and as I looked at myslef in the mirror, I realized this was the first time I looked more like a demon than an angel, and a strange feeling of satisfaction washed over me. I had never felt fully self-accepted in all the white and pastel colors, but here I was in tight, dark clothing and I couldn't have felt more like myself. 

  I walked out of the hotel, the heels on my boots clacking on the tile floor, all eyes were on me as I walked out to take my place in the Long Beach night life. I was halfway to a club when my ears perked up at the sound of loud, girlish, sobs on the deserted street. My eyes scanned the surrounding buildings and finally landed on a bridge, not more than two hundred feet away. There was a young girl, who couldn't have been much older than Azrielle, standing on top of the bridge's metal railing. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her mid-section and her face was stained with salt lines, that even I could see, but her expression was sedate as she stared down into the inky blue waves below her. I could already tell she was going to jump, but I could also sense that she was hesitant, like she wasn't one hundred percent sure she wanted her life to end. Then, I saw it, the movement of her silhouette as she jumped, well more like a fall, as if she sacrificing her body to the ocean.

    My wings sprung out of my back as I ran and dove off the bridge into the water. My feathered wings were weighed down by the waves, and the tight material wasn't making it any easier to move.I had managed to get the young girl to shore, unconscious but alive. The weight of the water had weighed down the feathers of my wings, pulling me under the water, I tried to move, but the hell of my boot had gotten weged between two rocks and the waves, rolling in, kept knocking me down and deprived me of air. Just as I had managed to de-wedge my heel another wave rolled over me and knocked me back under, throwing my body against a large rock that collided with the side of my head, rendering me unconscious. 

    I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my mid-section and pull me from the water. Shortly after, I felt warm lips press against mine, breathing air into my lungs. My eyes shot open as I coughed up water onto the beach.

   "Hi, I'm Zane."

   My head spun in the direction of the voice and I was left staring at a tall boy who was standing there in front of me, his soaked black clothes hugging his body tightly. His leather jacket was wrapped around me, he was gorgeous...and then I saw it, I hadn't noticed it until he stepped into the moon light, his raven colored hair.

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