Angels & Demons

She's never left the safety of her coven or the mountain they reside on. She's never seen the outisde world, but dreams of what lays beyond the rock and fog. It wasn't until the threat on her people was so substantial she finally had the courage to leave, to try and save herself and her people.


6. Chapter 6

I broke through the clouds and landed gently on what I percieved to be a beach. I slipped my shoes off and let my wings fuse back into my back, once again. My toes curled in the warm sand, I sighed happily to myself as the waves washed over my feet and the sea breeze blew gently through my hair. So, this is the ocean. I thought to myself. It was breathtakingly beautiful, the moon's distorted reflection moved with the inky blue waves. I couldn't believe I had never known the world was so beautiful. I closed my eyes as I laid down on the warm sand and for the first time in months nightmares didn't plauge my dreams. 

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of soaked fabric along the rim of my pants and birds chirpping in my ear, no not chirpping, squawking. I groaned as I sat up and dusted the sand off my back and shook it out of my hair. I needed a place to stay, some supplies, and food, desperatley food. I counted the money my mom had left me, it was all american money and there was a lot of it. I smiled wondering if she knew I would leave the mountain someday. I had about $4,000 in cash and the emergency credit card I had swiped from Gabriel's sock drawer while he was sleeping, he was so predictable. I walked up along the beach, figuring there should be a hotel around here somewhere. I wasn't like most other angels, I knew a lot of things about the human world, despite the fact I was never actually born one. Eastlyn taught me so much about the cities and the food and it fasinated me, most other angels didn't want to learn anything more about the world they what theyalready knew. They believed that they had lived there time in the human world and that was enough for them, but not for me. I wasn't like Azrielle or Luc, I didn't get to grow up in a human home in the human world, I was born and raised on that god-forsaken mountain. I finally found a small hotel just on the edge of the beach. I walked in and all the commotion stopped and all of a sudden, all eyes were on me. I probably looked like a hot, disheveled, homeless mess and everyone else here, well didn't. I walked over to the front desk, keeping my head low. 

"I need a room for the next three nights." I said softly to the lady at the check-in desk. 

"Thats going to be $480." She said to me, I could hear the judgement in her voice. I handed her the cash and took my room key swiftly and headed up the stairs to my room. I unlocked the door to my room and stepped in quickly, locking the door behind me. Something felt very, very wrong about this place, but I didn't have any other choice. I slipped on a loose white top and some faded jean shorts before rinsing my hair in the sink and pulling it back into a braid. I pulled out the laptop, Eastlyn had secretly gotten me for Christmas one year that I had kept hidden. Angels weren't allowed to posses any objects from the human world, including ones from their past life, but I so desperatly wanted to feel some connection to the human world. I pulled out the map Esai had given me before I left the mountain. It depicted the entrance to hell, it said it was located in somewhere called Carson City, Nevada on the edge of Lake Tahoe. My location appeared on the map and it told me I was in Long Beach, California. I recognized the mountain range not to far from where I was, Santa Ana Mountain Range. That was my mountain, my home....

I tucked the map away in the bedside drawer next to me and laid my head down on the soft pillow and I felt the feeling of sleep drift over my body.

My eyes opened and I wasn't on the mountain any more, there were no flames, no darkness consuming my friends and family, but instead I was standing back on the beach I had arrived on, the waves rolling in slowly. I turned and saw another girl who looked almost exactly like me, she was with a boy with dark colored hair and she was crying. The boy looked dangerous, his was clad in black and a leather jacket, the perfect bad boy, but his face was kind and his eyes were soft and full of hurt. He placed his hand gently on the girl's cheek and wiped her tear away with his thumb as he moved a lock of her dark brown hair behind her ear. I took a step backwards and tripped, falling backwards. The girl turned to look at me, while the boy kept his back facing me. It wasn't until my eye's met the girl's that I realized, that that girl was me.

My eyes bolted open, with a throbbing sensation in my head and my heart pounding. 

"What the hell is going on?" I breathed to myself, as I clutched my knees to my chest. The strange energy surrounding the hotel, the dreams, the constant re-appearance of the raven-haired boy, and now I was seeing a mirror image of me, what was happening to me? Was I losing my mind? My breathing quickened as I started to cry and I wished slightly that the raven-haired boy had been here to wipe my tears from my cheeks.


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