Angels & Demons

She's never left the safety of her coven or the mountain they reside on. She's never seen the outisde world, but dreams of what lays beyond the rock and fog. It wasn't until the threat on her people was so substantial she finally had the courage to leave, to try and save herself and her people.


4. Chapter 4

Esai's words were ringing in my ears. Lucifer, my father...I still couldn't believe it. It did, however, explain a lot. My brown hair, my black wings, my special powers, it would make sense that I was half-demon, but demon royalty? Now that I just couldn't believe it and the fact that Caylx was Gabriel's father was simply unbelievable. Caylx was sensible and kind, to an extent, and had a level head on his shoulders. And Gabriel? Well, he wasn't. He had a short temper, was hotheaded, and was unbelievabnly rude, to me at least. My mother had fallen in love with two people and had gotten pregnant two times, by two different men. My mother was my hero and I thought I knew eveything about her, that I knew her better than anyone. Clearly, I didn't. "Raven? What's wrong, you've been really distant today." My best friend's voice brought me back to the reality of the mountain, my life as Caylx's second, and the outcast angel. "It's nothing. I don't want to talk about it." I said coldly, not turning around to face her, even though I desperately wanted to. I wanted to tell her everything, I wanted to break down, and hear her tell me that everything was going to be okay. I wanted her to tell me what to do, but what would happen if I did tell her. Would it ruin our friendship? Would she tell Luc? Would she treat me like the outcast I was? Her brother had been killed by a demon when she was human, I couldn't have her blame me for that, I couldn't have her hate me, I just couldn't. All these thoughts raced through my head, I was paranoid, completely and utterly paranoid. "Raven, whatever's on your mind, you can tell me. I'm your best friend I know when you're hiding something." Azrielle said softly, placing her hand comfortingly on my shoulder. I let out a deep sigh and turned to face her, tears already staining my face. "You're going to hate me. You're going to blame me, I don't want you to hate me. I don't think I could live with myself if you hated me." I said, my sentence breaking between sobs and sharp intakes of air. "Raven, you're my best friend, you're practically my sister. I could never hate you, I promise. Please tell me what's goign on. I'm actually starting to get worried." Her eyes searched mine and I knew she could tell I was hurting, she knew how to read me better than anyone, she knew me better than anyone. I inhaled deeply, nodding as a sign to let her know I was going to tell her. "My father, he's not the human I always thought he father, is Lucifer." I recoiled instinctivly and braced myself for the backlash from Azrielle, instead I felt her arms wrap around me and squeeze me tightly. "Oh, Raven." She sighed, combing her finegrs through my hair, instantly calming me. "Esai told me last night, I'm really worried, Azrielle. I've been having these dreams and I think something's coming, something terrible, something none of us can stop and I don't know what to do." I said shakily, hugging her back. She dropped her arms from around me and gripping my shoulders tightly. "Raven, you're the strongest person, angel, whatever I've ever met and if you think you need to leave the mountain, find your father, and stop whatever is coming for us, then by all means, go." She said giving me a small, yet encouraging smile. "What about you and Luc, and Christi, she's only seven and I'm Caylx's second I'm not allowed to leave the moutain. I have to protect our coven." "Luc and I will be fine and we can protect Christianna and Eastlyn practically raises her anyway. And Caylx can deal, he has Gabriel, to protect people." "Oh my gosh, what about Gabriel? Do you think he knows? Do you think that's why he hates me? That's why he blames me for our mother's death, because she was on her way to tell Lucifer about me when she was killed." I told her as tears began to roll down my cheeks again. "Raven, I'm sure he doesn't hate you." My best friend said softly, wiping away my tears. "No, she's right, Azrielle. I do resent her, because she did kill our mother and as far as I'm concerned, you," he said, directing his attention to me, "can rot in hell with your father, demon bitch!" Gabe spat at me, glaring at me coldly, from the doorway. I drew back, his words stung, he was always mad at me, but he had never sworn at me before, it was against our moral code. I was never aware he knew about Lucifer and our mother. "Gabriel! She's your sister! Back off!" Azrielle shouted at him, trying to defend me. "If mom had never left the mountain she'd still be alive, but she just had to leave, one child wasn't enough for her. She became a demon whore, pregnant with a bastard child!" "That's enough!" I shouted, throwing my hands out in his direction and sending him flying into the wall, "our mother was a brilliant, kind, beautiful, strong angel, who deserved better than a pompous brat like you!" I growled. I could've snapped his neck right then and there I was so mad, but I couldn't. I wouldn't be the monster he thought I was. "I earned my wings and my place in this coven, just like you and everyone else. So shut up and back off." I snapped, slamming the door shut in his face. "Well damn." Azrielle said in shock as she looked at me, before cracking a wide grin and bursting out into laughter, "you, my friend, are definetely ready to leave the mountain."

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