Ragdan Vampire {Harry Styles}

Kellina Black, a vampire, was the bad girl at Ragdan School for Magical Creatures. She lived up to her family's expectations and then some. Harry Styles, a wizard, was the good boy. His friends tell him to stay away from her but the blood sucker keeps drawing his attention. Her silver hair, her eyes as red as blood... they couldn't stop catching his eye.

Will the wizard get over the vampire or will she get him in more trouble than he ever thought possible?

*written like Harry Potter*


1. Kellina Black

Kellina Nympha Black is a vampire. She's the stereotypical vampire with the pale skin and red eyes. She was beautiful. Her family has been alive for many generations. Her mother, Bella Black, was 153 years old. Kellina herself was only 17. Well, that's how old she looked. She was 98 years old. It's how vampire age works. Once you reach the age of the vampire that turned you, you stay that age forever.

Kellina was bitten when she was only a baby by a vampire that had broken into the manor where she lived. The boy was newly turned and must have escaped from his home. Kellina cried out when the boy bit her and her mother knew that her daughter, who she wanted to live a full life, would be exactly like her. Her daughter would never have the chance to grow old and die. She would stay 17... forever.

This year is her 6th year at Ragdan School for Magical Creatures. Her younger sister, Gabriella, would be starting this year. Kellina never had a perfect record at school. She would sneak out of the dorms and have a snack from the Kind Hall, she would fall asleep during class. The headmistress never minded as she was fond of Kellina. Next week, term would start and she'd back on the Ragdan Train on the way to the school for the year. She only had 2 more years left then she could be off. Nothing could stop her from letting her mind wander to the day she could leave this manor, this life. She couldn't wait to pack her bags and leave her room as empty as she felt. It was her dream.

A/N: Hi! So sorry that it's so short but I'm on my phone and I'm not very good at writing. Hopefully the rest of the story will have longer chapters. Please keep reading as I hope you guys will enjoy it as the story moves along :). if you love Harry Potter, you might love this story. Thank you for reading :)) •Elli

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