A World of Trouble

A small incident which leads to deadly consequences for a group of four friends.


4. What Goes Around, Comes Around

The time was nearing 8 o’clock. Ben and Steve pulled up in their rover outside of the abandoned warehouse. Ben and Steve got out of the car with Ben holding the bag, and walked along the paved entrance to the warehouse. As they were passing by, the dogs within the fenced area started barking and growling, snapping at them as they were passing by. At the end of the way, by the doors of the warehouse stood two men dressed in black. One of the men approached Ben and Steve. The man kept quiet, analyzing Ben and Steve. The man then further patted the two of them down, checking for any firearm. “Open the bag” said the man, to which Ben unzipped the bag and the man waved his flashlight in the bag, noticing the cash. “Take ‘em to the boss” said the man. The other man gestured them to follow, and lead them inside of the warehouse. The warehouse was well lit from inside, everything kept in place and tidy with not a hint of anything suspicious. The man further lead them up the steps to another door. Upon entering the door, Ben and Steve noticed a totally different setting altogether than what they were welcomed with within the warehouse. This part of the warehouse didn’t look like any warehouse, but looked like some luxury apartment, complete with posh furniture, exquisite portraits on the walls, the lighting further enhancing the royal-like ambiance of the place. The man further lead them towards another room in which Scar and Johnny were awaiting them.

There were two armed men standing on both sides of the door, and when they saw these men approach, they slid open the door. Ben and Steve were a bit puzzled seeing the scenery in front of them, as it seemed to them less that they were here to negotiate on the release of their friends, but more so that they were invited to a dinner. The room gave off a negative vibe, a complete gothic-style setting to the entire room with dark and broody paintings set on the walls, and a sculpture of the deity Baphomet at the end of the room, right in the center behind the head of the table. Scar sat at the head of the table along with Johnny on the other end of the table. Scar had that same grin that he had before. “Your guests, boss” said the man that lead them to Scar, and then left the room, closing the doors shut. Ben and Steve stood there with a grim expression on their face. Johnny sat there with a broad smile on his face, a smile so wicked that it would even put the Joker to shame. Another one of Scar’s men took his position next to Scar, and stood next to him frozen with no expression, as if he was some sort of statue. “Please” said Scar, and gestured them to take a seat.  Ben and Steve approached the dining table and took a seat, with Ben tossing the bag of money to Johnny. Johnny further opened the bag, took a glimpse at the money inside, zipped it and gestured the goon to take away the bag. Scar did not say a word, retaining eye contact with Ben. “We’ve done our part of the deal. Now, for your part?” said Ben. Johnny chuckled at the statement. Ben and Steve’s attention diverted to Johnny after hearing him chuckle, to which Steve frowned, “Something funny?” said Steve. “Yeah, your face” said Johnny cackling. Steve got up from his seat in an instant, and in response Johnny standing up at the same time, both with an aggressive stance towards each other. “Johnny” said Scar, to which Johnny made eye contact with Scar, and then sat back down in his seat. Ben also nudged Steve, and signaled him to sit down. Steve reluctantly sat back in his seat.

The doors to the room opened, and in walked what seemed to be a couple of waiters holding a number of dishes, placing them on the dining table in an instant and setting everything up, placing the proper utensils and plates in front of the guests. After setting up the table, the waiters lined up against the back wall. “What the hell is this?” said Ben. Scar finally cleared his throat, and spoke. “We will hold up our end of the deal, but before that please join me for dinner” said Scar. Ben and Steve looked at Scar as if he was crazy. “And this is not a request” said Scar. Scar gestured the waiters, and they hurriedly started serving starting with Scar, and then the others. Ben and Steve went along with it, and soon everybody started eating. It was as if somebody had invited them over for a dinner on gunpoint, making them go through the motions.

In silence, the dinner went on, and after a while everybody was done. “Bring the dessert please” said Scar. Hearing this, Ben got up from his seat in frustration and yelled at Scar, “What kind of joke is this? We’re not here to eat, we’re here to get our friends, so hand them over” said Ben. There was a long pause, and all eyes were on Scar. Scar gestured the statue-like goon that was positioned next to him, and whispered something in his ear. The goon nodded and left the room in an hurry. Scar readjusted in his seat, pushed his plate to the side and placed his hands on the table, clasped together. “Hand them over?” asked Scar. “How can I hand them over when their in your belly?” said Scar. Ben and Steve stared at Scar in confusion. The doors opened, and in walked one of the waiters with the dessert, placing two dishes on the center of the table and removing the lid off of the dishes. In one of the dishes, amongst the fruit and pretty presentation sat Jackie’s severed head, and the other was Sam’s severed head. The heads had no eyes, and were instead filled with cream. Seeing this, Ben and Steve recoiled in horror yelling profanity. Johnny and Scar, along with the waiters lined up against the wall broke into a maniacal laughter seeing their reaction. Scar put the tip of his finger in Sam’s eye sockets, curling the cream around his finger and licking it off. “Delicious” said Scar. Ben and Steve backed up against the door in shock, realizing what they had done. Jackie and Sam were their dinner.

All of a sudden the door flung open with two goons grabbing onto Steve and Ben and in an instant tossed them on the floor, pinning them to the floor with their weight, holding their hair up making them extend their necks. Scar approached Ben and stood over him. One of his men presented Scar a machete, taking it from his hand. “Not so tough now, chump?” said Scar in a mocking tone. Without hesitating, Scar raised the machete and hacked off Ben’s head in an instant, spilling blood left and right. Wiping the blood from his face with his hand, Scar looked over towards Steve. Steve looked back at Scar in horror, his life flashing before his eyes as he saw Scar come closer, and closer. Scar smiled, and raised his machete in the air.

The End

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