A World of Trouble

A small incident which leads to deadly consequences for a group of four friends.


1. The Beginning Of The End

There was a rush at Freddy’s today, the local cafe in the neighborhood in which the young and hip crowd of the neighborhood is usually found, chit-chatting with their friends, on a date, or the usual one or two elderly couple sitting in the corner of the cafe enjoying their coffee. Freddy’s was very popular in the neighborhood, and the reason why there was specifically a huge rush at Freddy’s today was because it was Saturday, people enjoying and relaxing with their friends, families, and what not. A particular group of four young, brash men were sitting at a table, laughing loudly and cursing every two minutes. The men were looking intimidating, wearing leather jackets, piercings with strange haircuts and tattoos. They were having a very lively conversation about the incident which occurred outside the café of how they beat up some “chump” for parking in their spot. You see, this wasn’t just a one-time incident, as these type of incidents occurred frequently throughout the neighborhood. This wasn’t just any ordinary neighborhood, this was Brooksville, a poor neighborhood located in the outskirts of the city which was notorious for its high crime rate.

Moving onto the scene at hand, as these men were goofing around, swung open the door of Freddy’s and walked in a tall, broad young man with a scar crossing his left eye through his eyebrow, a very intimidating looking man. Following this man’s lead was the same “chump” the group was talking about, young, almost frail-seeming with a broken nose and all. The “chump” pointed over to the group of men sitting on the table who beat him. Both walked over to the table, and stood right in the center. The group of men looked over to the “chump”, and started laughing amongst themselves. “Have you brought this man to face the same fate as you did?” said one of the young men, all confident and laidback. The man with the scar started to smile, the smile leading to a big grin, and a laughter, pointing to the man who asked this question and laughing continuously, looking at the “chump” from time to time while he gave off a smile. The group of men were astonished, angry and confused. One of the men stood up to the scar-faced man, “What’re you laughing at, chump?”, to which the scar-faced man stopped laughing all of a sudden. There was a brief moment of silence, stern eye contact between the two, and finally the scar-faced man spoke, “Let’s take this outside.” said the man in a very deep voice. The group of men got up, and all proceeded outside the cafe to resolve this matter.

Outside, the weather was chilly. Sheets of snow along the sidewalk with snowfall like you see in the Christmas movies. Cars parked alongside the road, people walking by, a homeless man sitting on the corner of the road raising his cup every so often as somebody passed by asking for money. On one side of the sidewalk stood the group of men, four, with a slim to average build. On the other side stood the scarred man, stocky and heavily built, with his partner who was just as frail as the homeless man sitting in the corner. “Four to two, you sure you wanna do this, chump?” said one of the men, “More like four to one” exclaimed another, and the four of them started to laugh amongst themselves. The scarred man grinned, standing with his partner. “What’re you waiting for?” said the scarred man. One of the men came forward, ripping his jacket off and dashing towards the scarred man, with his other friends following his lead behind him. As soon as the scarred man saw this approach, he reached within his jacket, pulled out his revolver and shot the man in the lead point blank in the face.

At this moment, everything seemed to slow down. The man who was running in the lead just a second ago, lay dead with a gunshot wound straight in the center of the head. His companions froze in their steps, the people who were casually walking on the sidewalk started to run, the homeless man threw his cup in mid-air and fled from the scene, and the people who were enjoying their coffee in Freddy’s hid under their tables after hearing the gunshot. The companions were so shocked and terrified, that they didn’t even see what was going to happen to them next. After the gunshot, a group of men rushing out of a black van holding baseball bats chased down the men. Imagine for a moment, a group of competitive bodybuilders chasing you down with baseball bats in their hands and with the speed of a professional sprinter, that is exactly what these men had to face. Eventually, one of the men had gotten away while the other two had been knocked out within seconds and thrown in the van. Recalling the entire scenario after the gunshot, this took place within five minutes. After five minutes, the van was nowhere to be seen, people were terrified, two of the companions had been kidnapped, one was dead right in the middle of the sidewalk and the last one escaped. In the background, sirens were to be heard within the distance, drowning out the silence throughout the streets.

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