9/11 Averted - The Screenplay

The story about how cousins Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Marshall stopped the 9/11 attacks from happening is now a screenplay! Watch as the cousins attempt to change the course of American history and defeat their enemies at the same time.


3. JFK International Airport - September 11, 2001

We see Sean, Mobley, the Knights, and many people from the FBI and the NYPD gathering at the airport, preparing to find and arrest the men before they could hijack the planes. (Of course, this happened far from the public eye, as the group was meeting in the loading area.)

Sean: OK, you guys know what to do, right?

Knight 1: Yeah, but how will we know they're the bad guys?

Mobley: We don't. But all I know is that if we don't do something now, bad things could happen, like the Twin Towers being destroyed and hundreds of innocent people being killed.

Sean: We can't allow that to happen. Now everyone be on your guard; these men could have weapons and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Just then, a large group of men are seen walking four planes bound for California. They are wearing military suits and carrying an array of weapons.

Knight 2: Uh-oh, here they come!

Sean: It's go time. (the group goes towards the planes and intercepts the men)

FBI agent: (pulls out gun and aims it at the men) Don't even think about it! Get down on the ground, all of you! (the men are wrestled to the ground and handcuffed)

Sean: You are all under arrest for attempting to disturb the peace of the United States of America. Now tell me this and do not lie: Did your boss send you to do this?

Terrorist: You pathetic Canadian scum! She will destroy you and your wicked American cousins!

Sean: (punches terrorist across his face) I'm from Scotland, you bloody git! And I know for sure bin Laden was behind this, wasn't he?

Terrorist: He will destroy America!

Sean: For some odd reason, I highly doubt that.

Terrorist: What?

Sean: I kicked his arse back in 93 and I'll kick his arse again! There's nothing he can do to stop me!

Terrorist: What are you talking about?

Sean: His cause sucks. He's never going to win. Plus, he's giving Muslims everywhere a bad name with his antics. Why would you want to associate with a man so bad his own family kicked him out?

Terrorist: You're going to pay for that! I know who you are and I know who you like to hang out with!

Sean: Good. That makes things easier for us at your trial. (to Knights) Take them away.

As the NYPD and FBI take the men away and load them into armored cars and trucks, Sean lets out a huge sigh of relief. Mobley approaches him.

Mobley: We showed them, didn't we?

Sean: We sure did.

Mobley: I have one question...

Sean: What is it?

Mobley: Why do I have a feeling that you knew this was going to happen?

Sean: What? The attacks? You seriously think I'm psychic? Like I read about the attacks in a newspaper? Nah! Let's not get too carried away with the what-ifs and might-have-beens, shall we?

Mobley: OK. So, what are we going to do about Logan, Dicky, and Andrea? We can't just leave them in New York, or can we?

Sean: Nope. We can't leave them in New York, because they're not in New York.

Mobley: You're kidding, right? Logan, Dicky, and Andrea are NOT in New York?

Sean: Well...

Mobley: If they're not in New York, then where are they?

Sean: I guess we'll have to go look for them, won't we?


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