9/11 Averted - The Screenplay

The story about how cousins Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Marshall stopped the 9/11 attacks from happening is now a screenplay! Watch as the cousins attempt to change the course of American history and defeat their enemies at the same time.


1. Dicky's apartment, Manhattan, New York (afternoon) September 10, 2001

We see Dicky Michaelson and Andrea Marshall Élan sitting in front of the TV watching "The Matrix". Logan Dara is sitting in the dining room on his laptop.

Andrea: Go Neo, go! Kick his butt!

Dicky: Yeah!

They continue watching the movie as Logan shakes his head and lets out a huge sigh. He doesn't have time to watch the movie, as the script he's working on has a 24-hour deadline.

Logan: Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to write this script.

Dicky: Sorry, man. It's just that the action in this movie is so intense.

Logan: Please, Dicky. You've seen this movie over a hundred times.

Dicky: Yeah, I know!

A newspaper appears on the table next to Logan.

Logan: (sees newspaper) What on earth is this? (grabs newspaper and starts reading it.)

Dicky: (looks up from the TV) Logan, what's that?

Andrea: Logan, what are you reading?

Logan: It's just the news. (tosses newspaper aside) You can read it if you want.

Andrea: Why don't you read it?

Logan: Because I'm busy. I'm on a 24-hour deadline with this screenplay, which has to be handed over to Paramount by midnight. Also, I'm not about to fill my head with more crap about child abuse and whatnot. Now take this paper and go away!

Dicky: You're too paranoid, Logan. (takes the newspaper) No wonder why Homer and Treasure don't go outside to play.

Andrea: You always act like someone is going to snatch them if they set one toe outside your house. At least Roger isn't overprotective of Anastasia and Consuelo.

Logan: Oh, yeah?

Dicky: (reads the news and gasps in horror) You guys, we have a problem!

Logan: What?

Andrea: What?

Dicky: I don't know if you know this, but this is tomorrow's newspaper!

Logan: (frowns) And your point is?

Dicky: Terrorists attack New York tomorrow morning .

Logan: OK...

Dicky: And you want to know what the worst part is?

Andrea: What's the worst part?

Logan flips to the next page and reads the following headline: "Logan Dara, Andrea Marshall Élan, and Richard Michaelson Found Dead! Were They Murdered or Victims of the 9/11 Attacks?"

Logan: (yells in anger) What kind of story is this? How can they claim that we were victims of this attack when it's evident that we could have been murdered?

Dicky: Yeah. Who writes stuff like this? Tabloids?

Andrea: Maybe that headline is sending us a message. A message that says if we don't do something now, this could be our fate.

Dicky: But we don't have the means to stop these so-called terrorists from blowing up the Twin Towers! We're not cops! We're not affiliated with the Mafia! I don't have any connection to any gangs! I want to live!

Logan: (slaps Dicky) Get a hold of yourself, Dicky! Besides, there's only one person who can stop them.

Dicky: You mean, we could ask Sean for help?

Logan: Or we could call the police. But since the police won't believe us if we tell them about the attacks, I guess we'll go with telling Sean.

Andrea: Logan, you and I both know that cousin Sean doesn't want to have anything to do with America, not since last year when some gay person heckled him at the VMAs. (shakes her head with disgust at that memory)

Dicky: He will help us if he's part of our family. How dare he calls himself a Trichenberg and refuses to help his American cousins!

Andrea: We can't force him to help us, even if it is just to keep us alive. It has to be his decision and his decision alone.

Logan: Maybe we should email this article to the FBI and let them handle it.

Dicky: Yeah, we should.

Logan: And perhaps stay home tomorrow. I don't plan on dying, not when I have two small children to raise.

Andrea: Me neither.

Dicky: I only have teenagers, so this really isn't an issue for me

Andrea: It'll be an issue if you die and Lysander and Margaret are being shoved into foster homes!

Logan: What are you two worried about? (Dicky and Andrea glare at him) I'm going to be heading back to California after this. Plus, you really think Sean's just going to stand there and watch helplessly as terrorists blow up the Twin Towers?

Dicky: You're right, Logan. If we know Sean, we know that he's coming up with an idea of how to stop those terrorists from getting to those planes.

Andrea: But as a precaution, we should disappear before anyone finds us. I'll make arrangements for the kids to stay with their friends. There's no way we're going to let evil win!

Logan: I've got to finish writing this script and then I'll join you guys. It's time for us to fight back against the evils of terrorism before it has a chance to attack. Now, let's go!


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