➖ R A V E N ➖

This isn't how I planned my life.

It was simple really. Finish school with a 4.0 GPA, find the perfect man who loves me, get a good job, and have beautiful children.

That day changed everything...


1. ❌ one ❌


17 September 

11:42 am

"Go, go! Hurry they're gaining on us!" He shouts, pushing me out the window. The gunshots echo in my ears as I laugh, the adrenaline, getting to me. "Did we lose them?" He asks looking at the window. I giggle and turn to him, tucking my gun back into its holster. I nod as he slowly moves closer to me.  I giggle at him wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. He pulls me closer to him, our chest meeting instantly. He puts his thumb on my lower lip gently. He places a soft kiss on my lips tightening his grip on me. 

"Mr. Styles.." I softly say, our noses still touching. Suddenly, I feel a terrible shock go through my body. I blink once and Mr. Styles is on the ground, his blood slowly pouring from his abdomen. I scream as loud as possible, tears endlessly flowing. I collapse to the ground beside him, sobbing. "Raven." I shake his cold body violently. "RAVEN!"

My body shoots up from the sweat-drenched mattress, shaking with fear. I look around frantically for my boss covered in blood somewhere. But, no. I look up to find my sister Victoria. Even though she's a year younger than me she acts as if she's three years older. "Are you okay? You were crying, Mr. Styles? Or....something. Who is that?"

I sigh heavily, pushing my curls out of my face. I shake my head not even believing it myself. " Mr. Styles... My soon to be boss.  Hypothetically saying, that I nail this interview." She smiles walking over to my closet. "I don't even know what the dream was about... It started with us running from these scary guys and out a window. Then, I had a gun and... I kissed my boss." 

"That's what you get for watching all those stupid action/romance movies." She looks to me, pausing her search through my closet. I roll my eyes at her and raise a questionable eyebrow. "What're you looking for Vix?" She pulls out a little black dress that's a little too short for an interview. She dismissively shakes her head at the dress, hanging it back up. "You dress like Bebe.." I giggle at her comment and scoff as if I'm affected. Bebe was a friend of ours who's taste was...well. Inviting.

"Well, it's what mom wanted at those. What did she call them?"

"They were parties. For your "potential suitors"." She pulls out a nice mid-thigh-length maroon dress I don't remember buying. I open my mouth to ask where she pulled the dress from but she interrupts. "Ah ah. Accept the help." Moments later she pulls out a blazer. Black and sleek. She turns to me obviously proud of the clothing she picked out for me. "Now, pick a nice pair of heels, makeup needs to be light, and attempt to tame your curly mane." She laughs and walks out of the room, probably to get ready for her own day.


I pull up to the building automatically feeling highly intimidated by its size. I step out the car and pull my phone out of the pocket of my blazer and sigh. "It's only 1:23. I'm on time." I nod to myself hoping it'll encourage me. I'm gonna do fine. This guy seems pretty chill from the phone. I mean he could be a complete shit boss, but the pay is worth it. I walk up to the glass double doors, struggling to pull them open. 

How heavy can a door be? I huff in annoyance and ready myself to pull with all my might when a young man opens the door with ease. His eyes a beautiful hazel brown, his lips a flushed light pink, and his jaw slender and strong, covered with his black scruff. He holds it open, our gaze strong as I walk through the doorway. "Th-thanks." He smiles and walks out the building, taking a phone call. I watch him walk away in astonishment. Wow, he was beautiful... I walk up to the front desk, my legs basically jelly. 

"Stylinson Co., how can I help?" Speaks the woman at the desk typing away on her keyboard. I open my mouth to speak but she interrupts. "Yes, three o'clock? Payne?" I realize she isn't speaking to me and look to her ear. Bluetooth... I walk to the chairs placed in front of a glass wall. I look around the lobby, twiddling my thumbs. 'Stylinson Co.' I read the words across the front desk. The woman points to me and signals me to come up. I quickly get up and shuffle over to the desk. 

She asks for my name and my appointment. "I have an interview with Mr. Styles... At 2:35." She nods typing up something on her computer. "Ah, here you are. I'll buzz Mr. Styles" I nod as she motions me to sit back down. I sigh and look at the time on my phone. It reads 2:30. I huff and lean back into my chair opening my phone. I start scrolling through Instagram liking a few posts. The glass door opens once more as a man walks in. More specifically, the beautiful hazel eyed one. As he slowly walks down the lobby, I struggle to look away. Our eyes meet once again. Neither of us speaks as he continues down to the elevator. I look down feeling my cheeks heat up. He's just so intriguing...

"Mr. Styles will see you now." The woman speaks and I quickly rise from my chair. "Third floor, frosted glass office. You won't miss it." I nod as I rush to the elevator finding the mysterious man. He looks at me and smiles sweetly. I gently smile back and feel a blush creep onto my cheeks. I quickly forward my focus to the ground. The elevator dings and we both step inside, our heads down.

I look up to find the guys eyes along with a smirk. "First day, huh?" I smile back and nod. He presses the number 3 button and stood back as the doors closed. "Don't worry. It gets easier. Mr. Styles is really cool. He doesn't even act like a businessman most times." He chuckles at his own words and looks at his watch momentarily. "I'm Zayn."

I nod and smile. Zayn... "I'm Raven." He smiles and looks up at the floor counter. I do so as well and sigh. We stop at floor 2. "Raven. Has a nice roll of the tongue." I feel my cheeks heat up and I bit my lip to keep from giggling like a school girl. A group of people floods into the elevator. As I'm forced against Zayn in the corner a squeal slips from my lips. I hear Zayn chuckle deeply, which makes me nervous. My ass is touching his...man parts. My eyes scan the elevator hoping no one noticed. The elevator reaches floor 3. I sigh heavily, relieved to be out of the elevator. 

Frosted glass... I scan the long hall for frosted glass doors. I turn a sharp corner and meet eyes with a dark-haired, emerald eyed, man. Looking very...sophisticated. He dismisses the woman he was talking to and raises a finger to me. He then gestures me to come over as he walks through the frosted doors. I take a breath and walk down the hall. I attempt to straighten out my slick back ponytail. I slowly walk through the double doors. 

Here we go..

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