~Holding Onto You~(joshler)


2. stuff

I yawned as I awoke, to a rustling in my closet. Josh? What- he's stealing my clothes again! "Josh!" I say and he turns and darts away. Ugh, every moring! I mean once or twice is fine, but every morning?!? Ugh, my name is Tyler Joseph and rn I am sleep deprived because it is only 7 am in the morning. I love with my friend, Josh. It's pretty good, nice house, easy bills, but josh steals my clothes! Every morning! Sorry I am totally ranting rn. Anyways welcome to my diary, I know, cliche right? But all those thoughts need to go somewhere! I live in Ohio, and I play lots of instruments. I really need to vent, so this is where! I think I'm gay, but I'm not sure. It's hard to tell. Any whosies, back to Josh. He is so nice. He plays the drums. We have a band called twenty one pilots. I know, random. We haven't gotten any gigs yet. But we are getting there. I think. Oh and btw Josh is very nice. He always makes breakfast as an apology for waking me up. So there are bonus' to clothing theft.

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