Start Again // Narry

Niall's and Greg's childhood friend Harry comes to live with Niall and his mother.
What will happen when Niall finally comes face to face with his childhood best friend and crush after 10 years?
Will he convince his feelings?
To find that out read SA.
Love,Thelma. Xx



Hey guys,this is my first published story on here.As you may think my name is Thelma cause I posted it in the blurb.It isn't.I still won't tell my name.Basically,Thelma is my middle name and I'm only 13.


Niall's POV

I stumbled on my bed after my mother told me that one of Greg's old friends is going to live with us.

Our house is enormous but we don't have a guest room,which is really surprising.So that means someone is going to share a room with him,I bet it's gonna be me cause he obviously cannot sleep with my parents and Greg left for military and we moved in this house two years ago so he doesn't have his room.

And from all of Greg's friends,Harry had to come.I had a little crush on him when we all were little.I still remember when Harry and others came over to our house and when I couldn't come downstairs so I won't embarrass Greg.But I always came,cause I always wanted to see Harry,nobody knew the reason tho.

Harry was always really kind to me,he always told Greg to call me or to not yell at me for coming downstairs.He was so nice,even though he was only 8 and I was 5.

And he always told me I was cute and beautiful.His behavior towards me was different,he was like a br-sister to me.I don't know why but I had that feeling,so now you know.

I am gay.

I'm so nervous about him coming here,that's why I acted stressed and annoyed towards my mother.

Suddenly,my mother rushed in my room.

"Is he here?" I asked her.

"No,darling.I came here cause I want to talk about you and him.Would you do me a favor and sit up straight so we could talk?"

I sat up straight,my back was leaned on the wall where the bed was.

"So,what do you want to talk?"

"Okay,listen,sweetie.I saw Harry a couple of days ago cause we had to talk about him moving here.And,I have to admit,he is beautiful.I know beautiful isn't a word to describe a man,but it is for him.His hair is long,curly and he is just.."

"Beautiful huh"

She smirked.

"So I was thinking,since you're gay and like guys-"

"Mom you don't even know if he's gay and I don't like EVERY guy for fuck's sake"

"Baby don't swear and,I heard he's bisexual.Actually,Greg told me.He hasn't had a girlfriend since we moved from Mullingar.So please,do something.I want you to be with him,and oh just imagining you two together.And you,you little bean,haven't had a lover in so long.It's your time now.And I noticed how jealous Harry was when you had that pig of a girlfriend.Ugh,I still hate her.You were only 9 baby."

I sighed.

"Okay mum,I'll try something.And I um,I h-had a crush on Harry when we were little"

I blushed.

"And you still have"

She pinched my nose and left my room with a wink.

I thought about it a bit.Since every guy I approach immediately likes me,Harry has to too.I mean,I would be happy if he liked me,and I still am crushing on him.

Not knowing what to do,I clean up my room a bit so everything is perfect.I love pastel colors so my room is something in between créme and pink.I chose to change,I dressed my favorite black skinny jeans,that are too tight and glued to my legs and showing my ass nicely.And my thin light gray sweater with long sleeves so I have sleeve paws.

I went downstairs and saw my little mother cooking something.I smiled and hugged her.

"Harry's gonna be here in a bit"


"Hahhaha oh darling I didn't tell you I'm sorry"

"But mo-"

The bell interrupted me.

"You go" my mom winked.I glared at her and went to open the door.

I took the handle in my hand and slowly twisted it and opened it to see some girl.She smiled and extended her hand.

"Hello I'm Harry"

I couldn't believe this.That was him.

I shook his hand.

"Niall" I smiled shyly.

"Come in" I moved to the side so he could come in.

"Oh let me help you" I was about to grab his suitcases but he stopped me.

"You don't have to,I'll do it myself.Thanks,sweetie"

I smiled.Ugh that nickname.

"Harry!!" My mum squealed.

"Maura" They hugged.

"Here you met my son after so long,have you?"

Harry smiled wide and nodded.

"I have"he said looking at me and smiling.I smiled back.He already seems nice.

"Like I told you,Harry,we don't have a guest room.So you'll have to sleep wit-in Niall's room"

"Okay I hope Niall is okay with that" he looked at me hopefully.

"Of course I am" I smiled.

Wow,too much smiling.

"Hey you haven't even greeted properly huh" my mum said.

Harry laughed and turned to me.Then he came in front of me and hugged me.I hugged him back.

"Hey,I missed you." He whispered in my ear.

I hummed as a response that I missed him too.I mean,I haven't seem him in almost 10 years.

"Niall,show Harry your room"

I nodded.

"Come on"

"Hey um could you give me a tour of the house first?"

"Yeah of course"

We first went in the kitchen.

"Here,is the kitchen.Not the only one tho haha" he smiled.

We then toured the whole downstairs.

"We're going upstairs now"

When we climbed the stairs,he took my hand and intertwined our fingers.I smiled at him.

Then we toured the upstairs and came to my room.

"This is my room,we're gonna sleep here"

"Um the both of us on this bed?"

I shrugged.

"Well if you don't mind.I mean I could sleep on the flo-"

"No no no I don't mind at all" he interrupted me.

I smiled "okay then"

"So where do I put my stuff?"

"In my closet,half of the closet is yours" I smiled.


I went downstairs to help my mum with dinner while Harry was upstairs unpacking his stuff.


"Yeah sweetie?"

"You never told me why he had to move with us?"

"Oh darling well,I hope he's not bothering you.Like I told you,I would love it if the two of you were together.And his family kinda kicked him out because of their personal reasons."

"Aw,of course he doesn't bother me.I really enjoy his company"

My mum smirked and winked.

"Go call Harry,dinner's ready"

I went upstairs and without knocking rushed into my room to find shirtless Harry.

"Oh I-I'm sorry I d-didn't know you were c-changing I'm really s-sorry"

I stuttered while turning my head the other way.

"Aw Ni,you don't have to apologize and especially turn your head to the door.I bet my chest is more interesting than that wooden thing.And I sleep almost naked so"

I finally turned my head to look at him.

"I-oh okay um dinner's ready"


I went to open the door.

"Wait for me"he plead.

"Ah okay"

He finally changed and we went downstairs.

"Here you are kids.I made dinner,sit down"

"'Kids'" I mimicked her.Harry giggled.

We ate our dinner while talking about Harry,his moving here and his career so far.

"So Harry I heard that you're a singer,is that true?Here our Niall likes to sing too"

"Well yeah it is true,I kinda have a music career and an album but it isn't anything special and I would like to hear Niall sing.I bet it's amazing"

"I have to admit,his singing is really cute.Just like him" she said pinching my cheek.

"Mom!" I whined and Harry giggled.

~3 hours later~

It was time for bed,we all still were in the living room talking and it was getting late.I was really tired but I didn't want to move from my position.My head was on Harry's chest and his arms were around me while he was talking with my mother.She was smirking all the time.

"I'm calling it a day,good night" I said while getting up.

"Bye sweetie" my mum said.

"Good night babe" I turned around and pretended that I'm shocked.

I heard my mom and Harry laughing and high-five-ing from the hallway.

Then I went upstairs and changed to my loose short shorts and an undershirt.And I have to admit,I look really sexy in this shorts.Harry,we'll see who's getting a boner now.

Suddenly,I heard footsteps from the stairs and fastly went to bed.My ass was visible since I usually don't cover my whole body with the blanket.I pretended to be asleep.

Harry slowly got in the room.

"You asleep?" He whispered

I didn't answer.

He got in and looked at my ass,I was sneak peeking so I saw him,and then

he gasped and muttered 'fuck' and covered his dick with his hand.

"I'm gonna fuck that ass really soon" he whispered.

Then he got in the bed and spooned me.I felt his dick,what the fuck,it felt huge and..Naked?

I swiftly moved and 'woke up'


"I told you I sleep naked"

"You said almost naked"

"Oh that's for my socks"

"Um..You're hard"

He chuckled.

"Of course I am,your pretty little ass was on full display.And I bet your,"

He said while massaging my ass and moving to my dick.

"dick is even hotter"

He massaged my dick and I was so hard right now.

"Guess we both have to solve these problems before sleep huh"

His hand went underneath my shorts and onto my boxers.

"Aah" I moaned.

"Mmm I knew your dick was big.It was huge even when you were little.I always came to you when you were asleep in my house,took your underwear off and helped myself"

"Helped yourself?"

"Well,technically helped you.But sucking your dick was relieving me too"

"Oh my god"

"And I still remember when we all got drunk at a really young age.And when I fucked you,ugh,you were such a moaning mess.Screaming and moaning my name the whole time,while my dick was deep in your ass,while we both were cumming.How we kissed,fucked,everything."

"S-so I'm not a virgin?"I smiled.


He put his hand in my boxers.

My breath hitched.

"And now,"

He said while stroking my dick harder,

"we're gonna do it all over again"

Suddenly,he went between my legs and took my boxers and shorts off.

"M-mum's gonna hear us"

"Well she would love to hear us,wouldn't she?"

I chuckled,he's right.

He took my undershirt off.We both were full naked.

He then leaned down and we made out.

"Want me to prep you?"

"Uh um no"

"Okay ready?"


He pushed himself into me,it hurt a bit.

"Aah" I grunted.

"You okay baby? Want me to stop?"

"No no keep going"

He pushed himself into me once again and the pleasure came.

He kissed my neck.Then started biting and sucking on it.

"Mm now you're marked only mine"

He pumped in me slowly.

"Ugh faster"

"Faster who"

"Agh faster-daddy"


He pumped faster and harder.

I whimpered the whole time.

"Aaaagh" I felt his dick poke something inside me.

"Found your spot baby boy"

He pumped on it harder and faster and then I felt the familiar knot in my stomach.

"Ah ah I'm close"

He pumped even harder and grunted.

"M-me too"

He pumped so fast.

"Aaaaagh daddy!!" I moaned as I came.

"Umh aaah"

He cummed deep in me.

He didn't pull out.

Then he laid on top of me,both of us breathing fast.

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