Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


7. Years Later

I was upset as I remembered saying "I'm not your wife to be and I never will be".  I knew to him it sounded as if it was the most sick thing in the world.  To me it was.  I could not stand the man he was a nasty man and would do or say anything to get his way.  

My mother had no words to say when she heard me tell him this.  She said all she saw on my face was pain and shock.  She said she wanted to wipe the tears from my eyes.  Also to give me a warm embrace.

She said she realized what a mistake she had made.  She made plans to marry me off to a man she knew I could not stand when I was nothing but a child.  She knew he raped me over and over and it started when I was three.  She never tried to stop him.

She gave me to him without looking back and now that I am old enough he thinks I am going to marry him.  No way I love Damon and I will stay with him no matter what.  I don't care what my mother told him or promised him.  He had told her that I looked like I was happy to see her. But that was a lie I don't want anything to do with either one of them.

I just said Mother and turned away.  My mother told me she hated it when he touched me,  why did she hate it when she was the one who gave me to him.  What kind of mother does that to her child.  She said she did it because she belonged to him and she had to make me his. Then she said she turned to the dark side.

Then she smiled and said yes I am your mother.  I gave you to him a long time ago.  You are his.  Whether you or Damon like it or not.  She had stood by my bed as my blood flowed from my legs and knew I was in pain.  I gave her a look of hate and contempt.  I hated my mother so much.

She stood by and watched me scream as he sank his fangs in me.  She watched him do anything he wanted with me.  But she got a shock when I was old enough and I told her he could no longer have me that I was married to Damon.


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