Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


23. The Dome

Judicial and Military groups were all in the Great Dome.  It was a silver building with ice windows.  A beautiful sight with the sun gleaming down on it.  I really was not in the mood to go there today.  To many memories of my sister passing away.

I wasn't afraid of anything but myself.  I had to fight the opposition.  Plus the Elite would be there.

No one would be there with me to cheer me on.

Two friends showed up at the Crimson Forest where my penthouse is.  My escort was with them to take me to the Dome.  It was not my choice.  

As I climbed the tower with pointed arches I did not look down.  There were many corridors to go through.  One of the first parts of the island was the tower.  There had been many battles fought there.  

"I asked Damon,  "  what happened?  Where is Ash?  The youngest vampire at the Crimson Forest.  She is one of many in the harem.  A sick thing for someone so young.  Many was turned into slaves.  To think she chose to be turned into one of us had us all wondering!  Why would she want to?  That answer we probably won't ever know.

I asked what had been going on.  As heads was turned away.  I thought it meant there was some good news.  Maybe I am wrong.  I smiled and greeted everyone.  But as soon as I stepped in front of the Dome,  I knew something was wrong.  

There had been a fight going on,  before I got here.  As soon as I stepped in it stopped!  A silence no one spoke.  The president stood there and cleared his throat.  "  Your highness,"  he said.  He was unsure of what to say to me.  There had been much going on since I had left.  I just did not know how much.

Then another Guard said let me say something!  I told him to go ahead.  First of all Angel let me make myself clear to you!  You are the " Princess of the Shade and we can't take that from you.  But how can we serve under you when we do not know if we can trust you?  To all the Vampires and the Kingdom!  I could not believe I was hearing.  I helped them in every way I could!

"  I looked at him and said have you forgotten how much I have helped Damon build this Kingdom.  I have stood before him and beside him every step of the way.  When he is not here I take over.  I have always been loyal to him and all of you.  I will never let you down!

I will remember the prophecy and bring our kind true sanctuary.  My purpose is to save us all along with Damon!  Then he said well look at Damon and what he has done!  Will he remain true to the prophecy?  He was the ruin of the Oasis and also the Maslens!  He stepped into the Hunter territory along with you.  Also you both worked with the Hunters!  He did it all for you,  " Angel!

My temper was about to become dangerous.  To talk about Damon like that.  After all he went through for the people!  I shut my eyes for a few minutes and calmed myself down.  The darkness was around me.

We did not work with the Hunters to bring down the Oasis.  We did so because at the time Damon was trying to save me.  They had me because they kidnapped me.  I had no choice because I could not escape.  They held me against my will!  If it had not been for Damon,  I would not be alive!

Ask yourself why would the Hunters work with me?  But one said why did they let you live there and let you walk out alive?  Is it not because you are a daughter of one of the Hunters?  

I asked him and how do you know all this?

The door swung open and a figure stood there.  Silence!  There he was in all his "glory"  my father the one I was hoping never to see again.  It seemed they were as surprised as myself to see him there.  

Then my father said,  I told them everything about Damon,  and now it is my world against his!  I said,  you know full well Damon did not work for the Hunters!  

My father said "  I am not so sure of that!  Damon left the island to save  " Angel.  Damon was with the Hunters for a long time.  We deserve answers."  

It hit me and everyone else at the same time!

Damon would be on trial.  "  Because of me!"


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