Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


19. Submarine

I stepped out of the submarine and into the port.  Primary entry and exit point of The Shade.  My friend Charles met me and handed me a wooden stake.  

" Don't worry,  you will need it!"  I have had a sense of trouble through the journey to The Shade,  but nothing like this.  

The most powerful warriors the Elite were at the port to greet me.  I was told they just got the news of my coming back.  They said they tried to keep it quiet but some how it got out.  To top it off, now there is a riot outside.  

Now I was thinking maybe I would be better off not going back.  It would be safer for me to go to The Crimson Forest.  But I had to watch my back no matter what.  Mike was in love with my sister and I am sure he will help me.  Right now I can see he is worried and not looking to good.

Something big was happening.  I was ready to find out for myself.  People had been so loyal to me and I wanted the best for them.  I said let's all face this together.  If they want to fight with me bring them on. 

I heard someone say you do not know what you are walking in on! But I kept on walking.  I finally stood in front of my father's loyal Guard.  That used to be loyal to me.  You could see the surprise on his face when he saw me.  The crowd was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  

I asked him,  " what is going on?"  

" They said you were not coming back!"

" Well you see me,  I am here."  Every vampire was standing there glaring at me.  But I did not see any humans.  I asked who is watching the Naturals?  I was told they were with the witch.  In a lock down. 

" A lock down?"  I could not show what I felt.  But I was in a panic now!  I was told the Naturals was the one who put them in a lock down.  After there had been talk of a culling.  Now I was wondering if the witch could still keep the spell on!  

I stepped around the Guard and said,  everyone go to the Dome now for a meeting.  But he stood there and said not until I have answers.  " Step aside before I rip your heart out!"  He screamed,  did you hear that he gave me a threat!  Our King wants to kill me.  That has fought with him many times.

Yes I heard you.  I will find out and do something about it!  I,  Damon still your King and under your kingdom.  Now so there is no blood shed please return to your home's.  

They had all seen my dark side and knew I was dangerous.  I could destroy everything if I wanted to.  What I did not let them know was the fact I was fighting the darkness.  

As they left I thought of Angel standing beside me.  I could feel her heart beating against mine.  As I kept my temper in check.  

I miss you so much Angel!  I knew she felt the same.  She was mine forever and I am hers forever.  

The Guard stood there as everyone left.  With a look of doubt in his mind.  He did not know what to do.  He blew a whistle as he said you always have a way with a crowd.  They all love you or hate you!

I smiled and said never doubt me and what I can do!  He just said it has been crazy here.  I told him we would talk about everything at the Dome.  Then I told him let everyone know I am back!  I know things will not be better,

But at least I still had Angel to hold me together.  Her smile,  eyes, and heart.  My love and life.  I knew I could do nothing without her. 

I saw the Island that I fought for-my Kingdom-a place of light.  I had Hope!


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