Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


29. One Moment

It only took one minute and he grabbed me and kissed me.  I went through the passages with him.  The look he gave me was yearning.  

I pulled myself together as I was stunned.  Then I gave up to my desires.  I had him in the palm of my hand.  

I could now destroy my daughter and him.  It would be easy.  I no longer matter to them.  It would destroy Aiden and I for good.  But he no longer loved me.

I had power now and it was no longer his call on what I could or would do.  As I looked into his eyes I fell into his arms.  We both smiled.

He told me he would never stop loving me.  That he couldn't.  I thought well good for you.  But I was silent.  I could not believe he said he would never stop loving me.  That is why I have to ruin him before he takes my power.

I could not get him off of my mind or out of my head.  A part of my life he will always be.  I put the memories in the back of my mind as I shed tears.  Of what I had lost.  Because I was stupid.

I took long walks in the daylight to the small town that was close to the woods.  It was beautiful and silent.  I could rest and read or watch the scene before me.  I was away from the Manor.

The Duke made me his favorite for some reason.  Yet no one envied me.  Yet I was the one he shared everything with.  Everyone pitied me and that hurt.  I had to resign myself to this fate. 

That afternoon I met the love of my life.  He was handsome and smart.  He was kind and gentle.  That was my Yuri.  As he saw me walking along he came behind me.  I don't know where he was at. Maybe by the lake.  He walked with me.

He showed me a smile and said I am Yuri.  I said pleased to meet you.  I had my dagger with me because I trusted no one.  But I knew I would use it if I had to.

I found him the most handsome man in the world.  But I stayed silent.  He was lean with a smile to die for.  A dimple so sweet.  I was glad he was not like the Duke.  The Duke was much to pain.  He caused me pain all the time.  

He told me his family had just moved here.  He said his brother is a tutor.  That he is smart and will make it own his own.  He told me he does art.  Then he told me he would like to paint me.

I wanted so much to say yes but I knew if I did the Duke would be angry.  So once again I was silent.  

Every week we would walk and talk.  It became a thing for us.  I listened and he talked.  He did not mind my not talking.  He would tell me how he was doing and his brother.  What he was working on and the friends he had made.

He had quite a spell on me and I did not even realize it until the Duke asked me why I was always smiling.  I told him it was because I was happy.

He said you are a liar.  Then he slapped me hard on my face and left his hand print on my face.  Then he told me to never lie to him again.

That night he left me bruised and bloody.  It took me a while to be able to walk again and I still had pain.  He made it clear I had to stay away from Yuri.  

I was not allowed to even go to the market for two weeks.  Finally he did let me go, but he told me walk alone.  Later on in the day Yuri saw me and his face lit up.  As he walked to me.  But I turned away from him and walked on.  I was crying it hurt me so much.

When he saw me again he asked what had he done wrong?  I did not say a word.  He was so hurt and that hurt me more.  Finally I told him you have to stay away from me so you and I will not get hurt.  He said I understand but I knew he didn't.  I could not take much more of hurting him.

If he only knew how much I wanted to be with him.  But I could not tell him.  He handed me a paper and said he wanted me to have it.  I painted you and want you to have it.  

I did not know if I should take it or not.  But today is his birthday and I wanted him to be happy so I took it.  When I looked at it he had made me look so beautiful with laughing eyes and a smile on my face.  I loved it and told him so.  I would cherish it forever.  

I tried not to cry but I did.  No one had ever did anything like this before for me.  It would never be off of my mind.

But I looked at him one last time and told him I am so sorry,  But I can't keep it.  I will remember it forever and you,  I will always love it.  

I knew if I kept it the Duke would find it and that would mean my death.  I could not take the chance.  I knew Yuri was hurt and it was killing me.  My mind would not take the pain from the Duke.

I started walking on and he followed behind me every step I took,  he was with me.  But he stayed behind me.  Maybe he understood more than I could have thought.  

This made me so proud that he kept behind me and kept me safe.  I thought since he walked behind me the Duke would not be able to do anything.  I was wrong.  He did punish me more then he ever had before.  

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