Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


21. No Sleep

There were nights when I could not sleep,  no matter how tired I was.  Damon haunted me as I wondered if he was safe.  Was he thinking of me?

I had so many questions and very little answers.  I held the diamond ring drawing comfort from it.  He had told me,  " I want you to have it and remember me always as you wear it.  This is my promise to you that I will always find you and love you.

I am praying he is not hurt or worse.  He had left without a word.  But I knew he loved me.  That is what carried me through.  

Every waking moment I am the immune.  I had no answers and may never get any.  I could not let the Hunters know,  and I did not know about the humans.  How would they react if they knew I had been turned many times,  and yet I am still human.

There was only one other person who knew and I did not trust her.  But I may have to.  I finally asked to speak to her but my father said it was not a good idea.  

He asked me why would I want to talk to her when she was the one who gave me to the monster that raped me when I was a child and is still trying to run my life.  I could not and would not talk to him about it.

I told him I wanted to be alone with her without any bugs.  I did not know if he would do it or not.  He likes to listen at everything I say.

He told me I could not believe her.  I laughed and said like I can trust you!  He looked hurt but I did not care.  He told me he was on my side and that I should trust him.  Not going to happen!  He said I am your father.

I said no you are not.  You never wanted me.  You left me and stayed away and now just because your back,  I am supposed to trust you.  That is a laugh.  I was offered by my own mother to a man that was allowed to do anything he wanted with me!

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