Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


13. In The Cabin

I was welcome in the cabin as I poured a glass of blood.  I sat down and relaxed.  

" Damon where are you?  There are people looking for you!  Please be careful!  I thought I would be glad to hear the voice of Jade.  But I'm not.  I had my phone to my ear as her voice went on and on.  I told her I need help to get back to The Shade!  The Hunters have been following me.  I can't get them away from me.  

Where are you?  Is the sun to bright for you?  I am worried about you.  I wish I was there with you and could help you.  I was in no mood for her remarks.  I told her I needed my friend!  I do not know how I stayed alive.  

I kept up with technologies.  I worked hard and was always on time.  Jade asked me what I wanted her to do?  The Hunters are tracking me and have been for a while.  She asked if I had anything from the Hunter's Headquarters?  As she rolled her eyes and smiled.  I told her I had a passport,  keys,  wallet, money,  and credit cards.  She told me to get rid of everything I had.  She gave me a name of a place I could stay that would be safe.

I thanked her!  Now I had to run for a long time.  I could not take the SUV with me.  I had one last glass of blood and she told me she was glad I made it.  I told her I thought maybe the last day, I might have lost the Hunters.  

" What is going on Damon?"  At the shade people are worried about you.  They say they have not seen or heard from you in a long time.  They are starting to think you are taking sides with the Hunters.  Why would you do that they have been hunting me!

It is said they caught you and you were taken to Hunter Territory.  Here you are and we all thought we had lost you and would  never see you again.  What did you Do?  What did you do to escape?"  No one else has ever escaped before!  I finished my drink and put the glass down as I said I can't believe that anyone would think that I would work with the Hunters.

" Well you are coming out alive and you are the most feared Hunter alive.  You have to know why they kept me alive.  It was because of Angel.  Wow that sure shocked me.  I asked why does my opinion count?  Because I trust you!  

Well yes I believe you,  I have no reason not to.  But most of the covens won't.  Do you expect them to believe that you just walked away from the Hunters for true love.

There are many rules and I have not broke any of them but this one.  Why won't they believe it,  it is the truth.  Some do get out!  Out friends did a while back.  Why not me?

It's just you are in love with Angel!  Her father hates you and he is the infamous Hunter.  I was getting tired of all this talk.  There are some covens that suspect the Santos' loyalties.  You go to The Oasis the very same day the Hunters attacked!  


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