Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


24. Immune

Aiden did not like the fact that I wanted to see Ingrid.  But he finally let it be.  She said you wanted to see me?  I asked her what is immune and what does it mean?  What does being the immune mean?  

She smiled a little as she said,  I don't know Angel.  You should be a vampire but your not!  Since Borys tasted your blood,  he is obsessed with you.  

Why would he be?  What is in my blood?  

She looked at me and said I would like to know also.  She said maybe I can have a taste and find out myself.  Then she said with such longing as she watched me.  I know you must have questions?  How are you Angel?  I heard about Damon leaving.  I said no he did not leave.  He did the disappearing act.  I did not want to talk to her about Damon.  It still hurt me he left.  Even though I know he had to. 

Just thinking of him made me long for him.  You miss him don't you?  I said yes more than you will ever know.  He means everything to me and I will love him forever.  

I asked her why she knew how I felt?  Because you feel the same about your beloved Borys now?

She got so angry when I said that.  She said no it is because of what I felt for your father the first year I met him.  When I was at the Oasis I felt as if I was missing something!

A part of me was gone and the only way I could get it back was when I saw him again.  So I told her we are nothing alike.  I did not leave Damon.  I am waiting for him to come home.  

Forget Damon!

My mother is obsessed with giving me to Borys.  But I would never forget or leave Damon for anyone.  They had to get used to it.  I asked her if that was what she did,  just forget about Aiden?  

She asked me did I really marry Damon?  I told her we are engaged but not married yet.  We are making our plans.  When I said that you could see how happy she was.  Which made me not trust her at all.  I never could and I never will.  Then she said I was told you are going to escape to be with Damon.  I told her yes I am.

No one will stop us from being together.  We love one another no matter what anyone thinks.  I knew she wanted to get back to The Shade.  Her sense has left her.  The man she loves won't take her back.  Love can do so many things to a person.

She said she wanted to help me but why?  I asked her why and she said I needed to get away.  As long as you are here Borys can't get to you.  

So you are telling me you want me gone so that Borys can abduct me?  "  You make it sound so wicked!"  You are my mother what does that mean to you?  If it were not for you,  I do not think Ingrid Maslen would exist,  Trust me!  

How do you think you can help me?  How can I trust you?  I did not know what she was talking about.  It was probably good I didn't know.

She said all she had to do was pretend that she was the witch.  Now I am thinking she has gone crazy!  How in the world did I have such parents.  One is as crazy as the other.  I can never let myself become like them.

She told me to hug her and for some reason I did.  What came over me I will never know.  She whispered she wanted the best for me and that is why she wants me to be with Borys.  If I was with him I would be strong and if I stay with Damon I will become weak.  What a load of BS.  

I tried to hold the tears back when she kissed me.  I was angry and hurt when I realized she never loved me.  They both wanted me to do things their way!  Not going to work.

Aiden walked in looking handsome for my mother not that she would care.  She treated him like dirt from the very start.  I looked at both of them.  She was wiping tears as she held my hand and it was all just a joke to her.  She said I know how hard this is for you Angel,  but believe I love you.  She has never loved me or anyone.  Why should I believe her now.  



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