Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


15. Exhausted

The door opened and in swept the man I could not stand.  Damon's father.  I got off the bed and went to sit in a chair.  But I really was exhausted and I knew he would keep me busy most of the day.  He wanted me to forget Damon and I never will!  

I was in deep despair just thinking of him and how I could get back to him.  I had to find a way to escape the humans and get back to The Shade.  If I could just find someone I could trust,  I might have to pay them but it would be worth it.  I could not stand this man and what he was doing to us.

How dare he act like my father now.  He is not a part of me.  He never wanted me.  I would make him and Damon's father pay.  

I went to the kitchen to fix a bite to eat.  But then they locked the door on me.  My mind was on other things,  so I did not say a word.  My room is the only place I can be happy and alone with my thoughts.  

I was asked to eat but with the maid in my room.  I did not want anything.  I thought of Dante for some reason and how after training he would eat.  But I never thought about him the way I do Damon.  He was my best friend and if I had not met Damon.  I am guessing by now we would have been married.  But when I met Damon I forgot every man but him.

This girl was asking to many questions and I was not going to answer.  But she kept on wanting to know about my mother and father.  She could not understand why my mother was still alive. 

But I never really gave it much thought.  I told her to talk to my mother if she wanted answers.  But she said how could I believe a word that comes from her mouth.  I had a thought maybe I could trust her.  But it left I would never trust her.  All at once she said I think I will talk to her.

About a week later I decided to go to her cell and see her.  She looked like she was glad to see me but with her you never know.  Her hair was flowing down her back and her eyes was misty.  Her back was against the wall.  With her feet in front of her.  I was a little scared that she might try to turn me again.  

But she jumped up and kissed my cheek and said she was happy to see me.  What a shock but I pulled away from her,  when she tried to hug me.  I asked her where Damon was?  If we could leave now by any chance?  Are we allowed to go back to The Shade now?

She said she did not know what would happen.  That all she knew was that she was not allowed to go back there.  I knew this.  This is what confused me about my mother.  Why did she need to turn me?  

She told me the only reason she turned me was because we deserved to be together.  She said she knew that is what I wanted all along.  She was right about that.  I did not know what to expect from her.  I changed the subject and asked her why she was still alive?  She told me it was because she was told if anyone could forgive her it would be me!

So you were the one who helped Dante to escape?  But why would you help him?  She said because I wanted to help you and Damon!  I found this hard to believe and I told her so.  

She ran her fingers through her curly hair and I could see she was demented.  Then she said of course " you don't believe me."  I said well you did try to ruin my life.  Also that of my friend.  

She looked sorry for what she had done but it could be an act.  She said she put us through to much.  But then I just plain asked can you help us now?  I need to get back to Damon and The Shade.  

She looked up at me with a big grin and said yes I want to go back also.  Then she asked me if she could go with me?  She also wanted to know if Yuri would take her.

Then I realized after all these years she was in love with the one vampire at The Shade that had feeling's for her.  


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