Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


31. Don't Forget About Me

"  Be Safe Angel!  I really do mean it.  Please do not forget me.

I was almost free so I thought when I felt the air but there he was waiting for me.  As I found the garden through the secret door that I was told about.

Ingrid told me you would try and escape he said as he looked at me with hate.  I wanted to tell him she was the one who showed me how to escape.  But he might not believe me.  I did not trust him.  He was up to something,  I just did not know what.

But why would she tell Aiden?  It made no sense to me.  Did she hate me also?  He dragged me by the arm and took me to my room.

I told him a piece of my mind and he said I trusted you.  I said and when did you start to trust me?  I am a prisoner here and you know I want to go back to Damon!  He pitched a fit and said as long as I live,  you two will never be together.  "  You will forget him!"  

I told him you do not understand how wrong you are.  It would be impossible to forget him.  He is in my heart and soul.  As the tears started I hated him even more.  

You do not realize what you are doing keeping us apart.  He said why did he leave?  He's not here.

He should be making a way back to you.  If he loves you the way you say he does. 

I could not believe the nerve of him.  But I would not let him get to me.  I know how much Damon loves me and what all he had done for me.  He had his reasons for not coming at this time.  But I would not tell anyone about it.  Let them think what they want.

He wanted to know what Damon did to me.  I told him he did nothing but love me.  He said did you drink his blood?  You can't be with him.  Then he said did he turn you?

I told him no he has not turned me but I am considering letting him.  Then I said I have been turned several times but he did not turn me.  I tried it with him but here I am still a human.

His eyes turned angry and dangerous as he looked at me with horror. 

I said what is the matter father,  you already knew.  I gave him my words with spite and I was sick because my mother turned me over to a beast and you did nothing to stop her.  I was raped over and over by a lot of men and only three or four.  My mother stood there and watched it all.  She said I needed him and he needed me.  What mother does that to her child.
At nine he tried to turn me but it did not work.  Then my precious mother tried to turn me and she failed.  

It was tried again by another man but he also failed.  So no I am not one of the creatures that you want to get rid of.  

I realized as he looked at me he did not know I was immune.  He wanted to know how that was possible.  I wondered what he would do now!  I said way to much. 





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