Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


11. Angel

Angel,  he's busy!  You have to call first not just come in.  She folded her arms.  Watch me.  I will go in and there is nothing you can do.  He is my father.  He needs to give me an explanation."

I knew the room was just for guests,  but I did not care.  The Hawk Head Quarters  were not for someone like me.  But I would find my father there.

She ran after me to stop me but I was already in the room.  Right inside of the control room.  This was the first time I had seen it.  It shocked me to no end!  It was decked out with advanced technology,  there were all kinds of people standing around.  They were keeping track on a network of over 100 computers.  Heaven knows what they were tracking. 

She was catching her breath from running after me.  I told her she was to late.  My father was on one of the computers.  He was angry and upset.  

She tried to grab my arm.  She said vampires were easier to catch then I was.  Before she could get to me I was standing by my father.

He finally looked up and saw me,  as I stormed to him and he saw my temper flare!  I yelled "where is he?"  What did you do with him?"  

She apologized to my father.  Said she couldn't stop me.  He just looked at her without saying a word.

He looked around the room and glared at me while bowing his head.  He told me not to make a scene!  That we should talk some place else.  

I told him I did not care who heard us or where we talked.  I want to know where Damon is?  

He said I do not know.  He left on his own,  Angel."  I said no you are lying.  Damon would not leave me!  You did something to make him leave.  

I was so angry that I was trembling.  He could not convince me that Damon had just left.  If it was true he left to save me.  He might have felt I was in danger.  That would be the only way he would leave me behind.  He is immortal and I am mortal.  But I knew he would never abandon me.

My father said,  come with me as he took a breath.  We will go to my office.  

We went and everyone followed us.  I felt this was strange but kept my mouth shut.  I could handle him by myself.  She kept looking at me.

I said "what?"  She was silent for a bit.  Then said why "what's so special about you?"  All of them are taken by you.  Damon,  Ben, Luke, and James.

I smiled and said wouldn't you like to know!  As I said I don't have a clue.  

I knew I was lying and I knew why they wanted me.  James wanted me because he is a jerk and thinks every woman wants him.  Damon wants me because he loves me.  Luke wants me because his brother is in love with me.  Ben wants me because I am his best friend.

I had loved Ben for a long time before I met Damon.  But as soon as I met Damon.  Ben was out of the picture as well as every man.  I could never love another man.  

But I don't see where this makes me special.  I am just tangled in all this mess.  

We reached his office,  where he told me to take a seat.  She closed the door.  I stood instead next to my father's chair.  He said so you are just going to stand!  

I crossed my arms over my body.  As he told me that I reminded him of my mother.  I did not expect that.  I did not even soften when I thought of his pain.  He got what he deserved!  People were being held against their will here.  Because of him.  

I asked him did you ever truly love her?  He smiled with a bitter smile.  He lit up a cigar and asked me why I was throwing a fit.

I demanded to know where Demon was!  

"He said,  probably at the Kingdom by now."

He said Damon told him that if he stayed here,  he would have to drink you dry.

How did he know he had already had my blood?  Did Damon really tell him?

My father asked me why I gave my blood to him?  Then she asked me the same!  They told me I was insane.  My father told her to stay out of this.

He acted like he owned me and I hated it!  He had no rights at all.  He left me for years,  I shook my head and told him do not act like a father now!  

He said Damon is the most powerful vampire around,  I said yes I know.  He wants your blood and I told him,  he can have it anytime he needs it.  This really made him angry!

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