Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


6. Adventue

He thought since I wanted to go back to work I would forget about vampires.  But I knew I would never forget about them.  He told me he was proud that I was back to my adventurous streak.  He was so happy as he held me in his arms.

But my love for him is the cause for my being weak.  I am off now to Egypt.  But I have to wait at least long enough to find out about Borys.  Then I could go.  I just wanted to know if he is the vampire that Damon hates so much.  If he is what happened to make Damon feel this way?  Plus I did not want this man to know that I was looking for him.

It only took me a couple of weeks to get my answers and I don't know how it happened.  But one night when I went to bed.  A hand was on my mouth.  Then a man fell on top of me.  I thought he was going to rape me,  but I saw fangs instead.  I did not know if I was full of terror or fascination.

He said,  "I know you have been looking for me,  he said in my ear." "What do you want with me"?  I want your answer and do not scream"!  I looked in his face and said are you a vampire?  He was shocked when I asked him and had no fear of him at all!  

I told him "I want to become a vampire"!  He laughed and said why would I give you the honor.  I told him "I will do anything"!  


His eyes got dark and he smiled as he said "anything"?  I said yes.  He told me give me your most precious person.  "Give that person to me and I will give you what you want"!  


So I asked him "what will happen to them"?  He said what ever I want to.....I decided I would give him my child.  But I could not do it after all.  I had more love for him than I thought I did.  But I had to make a choice and now.  I knew I had to change my mind no matter what.  Because I would never give my one true love Damon.  What did I get myself into?


When I told him I would give him my son he smiled like a snake ready to strike.  I had chills and felt so sick.  He bit into my neck and I felt the sting.  


I told myself I had made the right choice.  But I had many regrets over the years.  But would not admit to it. I am now an immortal.  I have my power and a family of vampires.  I would never be alone again.  But I was never right after that.  I knew in my heart I made a big mistake.


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